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Article: Costco Bone Broth

Costco Bone Broth

Costco Bone Broth

Want to buy Costco bone broth? Our small bone broth brand is trying our best to get on the shelves at Costco.

You can help get our organic bone broth into Costco and we’ll give you an awesome gift for your help. See the details on the gift below. Here’s two easy ways you can help. 

1. Call Costco Directly

  • Costco Western Region: 604-421-8353
  • Costco Eastern Region: 613-221-2000

You can mention the following:

I notice you do not have any organic bone broth options in your freezer at Costco. There is a fantastic B.C. based brand called Bluebird Provisions that you should stock. They have the highest quality and best tasting bone broth in the world.

2. Request organic bone broth in Costco at your local warehouse

The last thing you can do to help is speak to the manager next time you are shopping at Costco. This is usually the best way to get bone broth at costco in Canada.

Managers are great at listening to feedback from customers like you.

In the meantime, we deliver direct to your door

That's right, we ship organic bone broth across Canada in one day directly to your door. Save on expensive retail prices and support small businesses by buying directly. This way, we can pass the savings on to you. 

Click here to learn more. 

Does Costco Sell Bone Broth in Canada?

Canada Costco does not currently sell bone broth. To buy bone broth in Canada, you need to order online directly from the bone broth brands. 

A gift for your efforts

If you do either of these things please email me at: order(at) replace the (at) with @ and let me know. I will send you an awesome free gift. It is the absolute best bone broth mug you've ever seen.

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