Australian Bone Broth Powder Review

You wouldn’t believe the amount of sodium in Australian Bone Broth. Why is sodium levels in bone broth important?

Read this Australian Bone Broth Powder review to see why this matters for your health. 

Make sure you read to the end as I’ll share some surprising facts about this bone broth. 

If you’re searching for bone broth on Amazon, you may come across Australian Bone Broth company. 

This brand is gaining popularity in the USA with a range of products. But why?

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I will explain to you what Australian Bone Broth is, how it’s different or similar to other bone broth powders and if I’d recommend it to you. 

First a quick aside. To be transparent with you, I sell my own bone broth on Amazon and online. The brand is called Bluebird Provisions

You may stop reading and laugh at my obvious biases.

However, I urge you to keep reading. Why? My reviews stick to the most strict objective criteria. 

This leaves little room for bias. So… what is this objective criteria that keeps away personal bias?

Good question.

  • Ingredient lists
  • Macronutrients and nutrition facts panels
  • Objective reviews from independent websites like Amazon 
  • You can spot any fake bone broth using these three measures. More on that below. 

    What is Australian Bone Broth?

    Australian Bone Broth company is a brand of bone broth from, you guessed it, Australia. They make a variety of bone broth products from bone broth concentrates, pet food products and good fats to dehydrated bone broth powders and vegetable powders.

    This review will focus on Australian Bone Broth Dehydrated Bone Broths.

    Australian Bone Broth Ingredient List

    Australian Bone Broth Ingredient List


    Beef Bone Broth (88%), Sea Salt.

    This is a solid ingredient list. There are no gums, fillers or artificial sweeteners in Australian Bone Broth powder.

    The only ingredient to nitpick is the added salt. You might think since it’s sea salt that it’s ok and somehow this makes it ‘healthy.’

    While sea salt may be slightly higher quality than table salt, sea salt is still salt.

    Too much salt can lead to deleterious health consequences including high blood pressure, heart disease and many other chronic diseases.

    I bring this up because of the sodium bomb that is the nutrition facts panel below. 

    Red Flag Ingredients

    There are no true red flag ingredients in Australian Bone Broth powder. 

    Nutrition Facts Analysis

    Australian Bone Broth Powder nutrition facts image

    Here’s where things go off the rails. Luckily, I’ve done some math for you to figure approximate values for each since the serving size on the label is 3 g.

    I don’t think anyone will ever be consuming just 3 g of bone broth in a serving. So it’s a bit confusing why 3 g is the suggested serving size.

    Nonetheless, here are some conversions to a 13 g serving size:

    Calories: 60

    Protein: 7 g

    Fat: 3 g

    Carbs: 1 g

    Sodium: 1100 mg

    Potassium: 0 mg

    Do you see the sodium? That is the most sodium I’ve seen for any bone broth powder on Amazon, and I’ve personally reviewed 15 of them

    The other interesting things are the relatively low protein level vs. other bone broth powders and the high fat.

    3 g of fat per serving is a bit of an outlier for bone broth powders. There is almost half as much fat as there is protein.

    There is around 1 g of carbs per 13 g serving in Australian Bone Broth powder. This is not a cause for concern.

    Finally, there are no electrolytes listed on the nutrition facts or their website. Without electrolytes, you are missing out on some crucial health benefits of bone broth.  

    Australian Bone Broth Powder Review

    Australian Bone Broth Powder Amazon Rating 4 stars

    You can’t trust website reviews from the brand's own website. Why? These can be tampered with and brands can remove negative reviews.

    You can find some legit reviews if you search through Amazon reviews and look for the right things.

    What are these things?

    You can generally avoid 1 star reviews that are less than 5 words. These are usually spam reviews.

    Generally speaking, it’s best to look at 3 and 4 star reviews on Amazon to see the middle ground and the real value of a bone broth.

    With that said, here are some recent reviews for Australian Bone Broth concentrated powder.

    Australian Bone Broth Powder one star Amazon Review

    Australian Bone Broth Powder Review from amazon customer

    Negative review of Australian Bone Broth Powder

    Amazon Review Summary 

    As you can see from the reviews above, some reviewers did not like the taste while some really enjoyed it.

    For the most part, customers seem to enjoy Australian Bone Broth concentrate. 

    Some reviewers noted the amount of sodium per serving. 

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    Australian Bone Broth Packaging

    Australian Bone Broth freeze-dried powder is packaged in a 100 g pouch. This is a nice change from the typical plastic jars you see most bone broth products packaged in. 

    Australian Bone Broth Powder vs. Bluebird Provisions

    Australian Bone Broth Powder vs. Bluebird Provisions comparison chart

    Bluebird Provisions is a small bone broth brand you can find on Amazon that makes organic bone broth and bone broth powder. 

    You can check the graph above which outlines differences between Australian Bone Broth freeze-dried powder and Bluebird Provisions.

    You’ll note that Bluebird Provisions has almost double the protein as Australian Bone Broth. 

    Bluebird Provisions has better hydration in the form of potassium (300 mg vs. 0).

    Bluebird has way less sodium at 130 mg per serving compared to 1100 mg in Australian Bone Broth.

    Australian Bone Broth Company has 3 g fat while Bluebird Provisions has 0 g. 

    Finally, Bluebird Provisions also uses a 100% recyclable pouch so you can enjoy your bone broth with a clear conscience knowing you’re not harming the environment. 

    Bottom Line: Should You Use Australian Bone Broth Powder?

    Australian Bone Broth powder is a decent bone broth with a solid ingredient list. The issue is that amount of sodium per serving. 

    It’s the highest I’ve ever seen in bone broth powder.

    Also, this product has low protein and way more fat compared to other bone broth powders on the market.

    Lastly, there are no electrolytes in Australian Bone Broth. For these reasons, you would be best to stick to a bone broth with protein and electrolytes like Bluebird Provisions.

    You can find Bluebird Provisions online or on Amazon. 

    Do you have a bone broth you’d like me to review? Leave a comment and I will review it.

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    Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

    Adrienne L