Brutus Bone Broth Review: Low Protein, High Carb, Yeast Ingredients

Brutus Bone Broth Reviews For Dogs

When you're looking for an addition to your pet's diet, you must get the highest quality you can find. In fact, many bone broths for dogs are human grade. What about Brutus?

Well, your search is over. Because you are finally going to read an honest Brutus Bone Broth review.

Learn about the ingredients they use and just how much protein is in it. 

Why care what I think? Well, I've made over 250,000L of bone broth in the last 6 years. I know exactly how to make it, how much protein it must have and what brands do to take shortcuts.

I'll tell you exactly what to look out for on the ingredients list and nutrition facts. With this information, you'll be able to cut through marketing hype and find out for yourself if any product is worthy of you or you furry friends routine.

Before we dive in, I'll mention that if you are looking for a product recommendation, look no further than Bluebird Provisions new Beef Bone Broth for Dogs

As you'll read below, Bluebird is over double the protein with no confusing ingredients. Just honest bone broth nourishment, and nothing else. Especially great for picky eaters.

Brutus Broth Overview

Brutus bone broth is a dog food business that started in 2016. They make a variety of dog food biscuits, powder and liquid bone broth products. You can keep the products in your pantry because they are shelf stable. The liquid one should be placed in the fridge after opening.

You can find them in store or online. The new 'on the go' products are positioned as single serve for your convenience, ease of use and preference. The problem with single serve is the waste issues.

Which bone broth is perfect for you? Take the quiz.

Bone Broth for Dogs Health Benefits

Bone broth benefits for dogs include building stronger joints, teeth, nails, coat health and skin plus a host of immune system boosting and longevity benefits. The benefits are because of the naturally occurring collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and other minerals found within it.

These potent nutrients help keep healthy joints (hip protection), skin and hair. Their coat will be shinning like you've never seen it before. It also helps reduce inflammation and strengthen their bone density to prevent age-related ailments. Fun fact: there is not a lot of calcium in it, contrary to popular belief.

If you are not familiar, it is a rich and beneficial liquid from simmering chicken or beef bones. It is a great way to provide your dog with extra protein, hydration (potassium, magnesium) and rare amino acids (for detoxification) they do not get from their regular food.

The catch is that you must be using a real, traditionally made bone broth made from raw bones. Or else your puppy will not get any superfood benefits.

Is Brutus good for dogs?

Brutus is a decent option for dogs, but there are some ingredients that may not be a fit for all dog's diet. These include ingredients like yeast extract and natural flavors.

These are commonly used in hyper processed foods. 

Bone broth should be human grade to avoid risk of dog's health. Most bone broth you find from dog food brands tend to be low protein contain additives, corn, grains and are high sodium.

Read my report on the 6 absolute best bone broths for dogs this year.

How do you use Brutus bone broth?

Brutus recommends that you use it as a supplement to your dogs dry food. You can serve 2 tbsp to 1/4 cup (per 25 lb) of broth on top of or mixed into their regular meal plan.

It can be used warm or cold. If you warm it up, be careful to cool it to comfort before serving. Some pet owners use it to reconstitute dehydrated food in one container.

Be careful not to use too much too soon as this causes diarrhea. They have delicate systems that require a gradual transition to get used to new remedies. If you notice low energy, try using less or stopping.

Brutus Dog Bone Broth Nutrition

Brutus has a growing product portfolio from liquid to treats to powder. For the sake of this review, we'll stick to their liquid and dehydrated products.

Let's start with the liquid. Note that these require refrigeration after opening.

Brutus Beef Bone Broth

Brutus Beef is 1.25% protein which is very low for a bone broth. If you calculated this to grams per cup, you would get 2.9 grams.

This is about 1/3rd the amount you see in other top bone broths (read the review).

In fact, real bone broth must have at least 7 g protein per cup. Otherwise you are or your pet are not getting any real benefits.

You'll also get 0.5% fat and 0.5% fiber. Nothing wrong with that.

Brutus Chicken Bone Broth

The chicken version has the same low crude protein as the beef at 1.25% and also similar fat (0%) and fiber (0.5%).

Brutus Chicken Bone Broth nutrition

Brutus Pork Bone Broth

The pork has even lower protein than the other two with similar fat and fiber.

Brutus Pork Bone Broth nutrition

Dehydrated Beef Packets

Brutus on the go Beef is 38% protein. Why is this number so different from the liquid? Seems high right? Wrong.

Since this is a dehydrated powder, almost all of the moisture is removed. This leaves just the solid components, aka the powder itself to make up a higher percentage of the total.

The rule of thumb for powder is above 90% protein. This one is less than half of that. Meaning there are lots of extras put into the formula.

They don't have to list the carbohydrates but that is exactly what is in this product.

Brutus on the go beef powder nutrition

Chicken Packets

The chicken is the same as the beef. Fat and fiber make up 1% with moisture at around 7%. What makes up the missing 53%? Carbs. Let's look at the ingredients below to figure out what is actually in this thing.

Brutus chicken on the go powder nutrition and protein

Brutus Bone Broth Ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients in Brutus bone broth. Both the liquid and powder versions use natural flavors, yeast extract and a few other inputs to enhance the taste. Some canines have allergies to them, but not all. So you must do your research. 

Let's go through each one by one. Anything with a red underline is something that I'd recommend that you pay attention to and I'll explain further below. You'll want to read it, trust me.


Beef ingredients include vegetable broth, salt, beef flavor, yeast, potato starch, natural flavors.

Brutus beef bone broth ingredients


Chicken ingredients are:

Chicken Bone Broth, Natural Flavor (contains Torula Yeast), Organic Potato Starch, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Salt, Sweet Potato Powder, Yeast Extract, Carrot Powder, Organic Chicken Flavor, Chondroitin Sulfate, Turmeric.

Brutus chicken bone broth ingredients

These include powder from vegetables and stuff to increase the shelf life.

Pork Ingredients:

Pork Bone Broth, Natural Flavor (Contains Torula Yeast), Salt, Sweet Potato Powder, Carrot Powder, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Yeast Extract, Tomato Powder, Chondroitin Sulfate, Turmeric.

Brutus pork bone broth ingredients

Beef On The Go

This one includes natural flavors, potato starch, salt, yeast, beef flavor and more powders.

Brutus on the go beef ingredients

Chicken On The Go

As you can see from the list, not much different from what we've seen above. I will mention that these are convenient for travel.

Brutus on the go chicken powder ingredients

Underlined Ingredients Explained

As I said above, unfortunately there are a lot of underlined ngredients in Brutus bone broth. These are not banned or unsafe by the FDA, but they are what experienced shoppers care about.

I'm going to guess that if you are reading this you know about broth and the healing properties. Added ingredients may destroy some of these benefits. Let's go through each.

Natural Flavor

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration as defines natural flavors as:

"anything that adds flavor to a food that is not derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root or leaf."

Well if they aren't made from those listed above, then what are they made from? Enzymes, chemicals, yeast and synthesized spices. They add a delicious taste to any food while hiding behind the 'natural' name.

Here are the FDA guidelines for using the term 'natural flavors' when it comes to dog food:

The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. Natural flavors include the natural essence or extractives obtained from plants listed in 182.10, 182.20, 182.40, and 182.50 and part 184 of this chapter, and the substances listed in 172.510 of this chapter.

If your dog is sensitive to grains, corn and others, they might be sensitive to these. 

Torula Yeast

Torula is a deactivated yeast called C utilis, used in the paper mill industry to convert wood products into paper. Though its edible, it taste very good and is mostly used in dog food and as a smoky flavor in cooking.

Potato Starch

A thickener used in many food products. This is used as a filler to help bind stuff together and simply adds carbs to the nutrition without providing any benefits.

Yeast Extract

Another form of yeast that is commonly used in processed foods like meat and fake meat products. It helps improve the taste and get that umami meat flavor.

Chicken / Beef Flavor

Made in similar ways to the ingredients above. They are used in place of real poultry and cow products because they are available at a fraction of the cost. I received corraspondance from the brand to explain this further.

"Our "Natural Beef Flavoring" is a natural product that comes in a powdered form derived from beef."

Vegetable Broth

Another confusing ingredient. 

Sick of reading these and want to try making it yourself? Checkout my simple bone broth recipe.

What are the customer reviews for Brutus bone broth?

Some customers were disappointed with the broth's ingredient quality. Other's reported that their dogs liked the taste while others found they did not care for it.

Brutus Bone Broth Reviews

Let's dig into some honest Brutus bone broth reviews from real customers. Now we can't just look at any review from their website. Why? Brand have 100% control over their own website, they can remove bad feedback.

I'm not saying this is the case here, but we are looking for unbiased information. And the only place for that online is 3rd party websites like Amazon and Chewy.

Let's look at Amazon first. Now it has it's downsides like strange customer complaints, but it gives us a good overview.

One reviewer loved the product and their pet did too!

Brutus bone broth featured customer review

Another customer review mentioned that their pup didn't drink or eat their food with the broth on it. They tried other dog food brand with success.

Brutus bone broth dogs review

Finally we have L. Hunter who was a big confused as to why their dog didn't like it. What a shame!

Photo of Brutus Amazon review

Other reviews were good and bad. Keep in mind, these give you but a snapshot of what is really going on. But it is good to see some positives.

Now let's turn to Chewy for more feedback

Chewy is an online market specializing in pet food. Like Amazon but for only pets. Typically these shoppers are a bit more friendly in terms of reviews and feedback than Amazon.

One reviewer left 5 stars and said the following:

My rescue dog wasn’t drinking much water so I bought this product to add to her nutritional diet and liquid intake. I pour it over her food add a touch of water and Tah Dah. She loves it. Just what we wanted.

Another reviewer left 2 stars with this feedback:

I was surprised...

I was really excited to try this product. Unfortunately, my dog did not like this broth. I tried adding it to her kibble a couple of times and even heated it up once. I ended up having to throw the food out. So I tried it with my daughter's dog and he wouldn't eat it either. I really wasn't expecting them not to like it.

Brutus Bone Broth Cost

Brutus bone broth costs $20.99 per two pack on Amazon for the liquid carton. This works out to $5.25 per pound or about $0.4 per 1/4 cup serving. One pack is two pounds of 907 grams, so in a two pack you will get about 30 servings.

The 'On The Go' version works out to $1.70 per 6 gram serving. This is pricey if you are planning on giving it to your dog or cat daily.

Brutus vs Other Brands

How does Brutus stack up against traditional brands? We'll compare the 'on the go chicken' version to Bluebird Provisions' Beef powder.

Bluebird is a popular brand online and Amazon known for their simple recipe and high quality ingredients for canine health.

As you can see from the first chart below, Bluebird has over double the protein than Brutus. This is because it is a single ingredient source. Only protein and nothing else.

Fat and fiber are similar. The other thing that jumps out is the price at the bottom. Bluebird costs almost 7 times less.

The missing thing here is sodium. Bluebird has 60 mg and Brutus has 50 mg per serving.

Brutus On The Go Compared to Bluebird Provisions Protein

Now if we turn to the what is in these two products you will see the following. Many of the inputs I already talked at length about above.

Check out Bluebird and notice there is one thing in it: animal bones, a dog diet staple.

I have one rescue dog and another pure-bred. Both of them absolutely love Bluebird in their meals. The poodle is the pickiest eater. It's the one thing that got him consistently eating and his body weight up.

The husky / shepherd mix eats anything and he loves it too :).

Brutus bone broth vs Bluebird Provisions Chart

The other thing is the waste associated with single use plastics. Bluebird gives you about 62 servings per package. 

Can puppies have Brutus bone broth?

According to the manufacturer, puppies can have Brutus bone broth. Always be careful with dosage and start with a low amount like 2 tbsp (this is what they recommend). You can consult your vet before trying it.

Closing Thoughts

Brutus has product labelled as bone broth, but when you really look into them, there is confusing stuff in it that you don't typically find in other broths.

There are lots of things that add carbs and take away from protein and a few things that pets with food sensitivities may take issue with.

If you are looking for a quality product with one ingredient that you can trust, try Bluebird Provisions

Do you have any questions or another pet food product you want me to test and review? Leave a comment and let me know.


Hi Tim, it could but this is beyond my area of expertise.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions January 06, 2023

I’ve been using it, but wanted to check into it more. Could the yeast in it cause an ear infection of yeast bacteria ?

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