The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Review: Are The Ingredients Safe For Your Dog?

Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Reviews

Bone broth is fantastic for dogs, but which brands can you trust? This Honest Kitchen Bone Broth review tells you whether these dog food pour overs are safe or not.

You'll learn exactly what's in it and if it can really help your pet's coat, digestion and creaky joints.

Before we get started, I have to mention that if you are looking for the absolute best bone broth for your pet, Bluebird Provisions Instant Powder is it.

They make a single ingredient bone broth with no added sodium, chemicals or fillers. All protein and no BS. Best of all, dogs absolutely love it.

Ok, on to the review.

What is the Honest Kitchen?

The Honest Kitchen is a large pet food brand owned by private equity firm Monarch Alternative Capital LP.

They sell a large range of products from kibble to ready made food to raw food and dehydrated pet food. For the sake of this review, we'll focus on their bone broth only.

Can bone broth cause diarrhea in dogs?

Yes, bone broth can cause diarrhea in dogs. Much like in humans, it can make them poop and take a few days for their delicate systems to get used to.

For this reason, you need to follow the directions on the package and start with a tiny bit in their food. From here you can see how they tolerate it and gradually increase the dose.

dog bone broth beef powder

How to Use Bone Broth For Dogs Daily

Bone broth can be used as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. They will love the healthy nutrients and minerals, and you'll notice a shiner coat and better digestion.

That being said, you need to make sure that you use it properly based on the instructions for best results. Do not rely on only bone broth as your pets food. It does not have the nutrition on its own to fuel a dog.

It is meant to be used as a supplement or addition to their regular diet. So what does this mean?

I would recommend using bone broth as a meal topper for your pet. I have two dogs and I do the following for breakfast and dinner.

  1. Add 1/2 tbsp of powder onto their regular kibble
  2. Then mix in some water and stir it all together

Nitotem and Atlas absolutely love it! They eat it up everytime. That is saying a lot, because Atlas is a picky eater at the best of times.

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Bone Broth Quality Ingredients

You'll find the following ingredients in Honest Kitchen Bone Broth:

Dehydrated beef broth, dehydrated beef, dehydrated pumpkin, dried parsley, turmeric.

Honest kitchen bone broth ingredients

Turkey Food Topper Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you'll find in their Turkey Bone Broth:

Dehydrated Turkey Broth, Dehydrated Turkey, Dehydrated Pumpkin, Dried Parsley, Turmeric.

So right off the bat you'll notice that there are five ingredients, and only one of them is bone broth.

So what are these other remaining things? You could say they are fillers or you could say they add extra nutrition. It really depends.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Beef

You usually do not see this in bone broth, so it's a bit confusing. I would guess it is used as a filler because it is cheaper than bone broth and adds a similar protein boost without a ton of fat. This brings the total cost of the product down.

Dehydrated Pumpkin

Used for digestion, nutrients and fiber in pet food supplements. It is a common natural cure for stomach problems. Maybe it is added to help these symptoms that some of them have when they begin using it.

Dried Parsley

Sometimes used to combat stinky breath in pets. I'm not sure why else this is in there.


A potent anti-inflammatory commonly found in tons of supplements. But this is likely in too small of amounts to do anything.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Broth Nutrition Product Details

You'll find the following nutrition in Honest Kitchen dog food broth:

honest kitchen dog food broth nutrition

The protein content is a bit low compared to traditional bone broths. Most traditionally made products have a minimum protein of at least 94%. This is due to the extra things they add to the formula which add carbs and fiber.

The fat content seems fine and the fiber makes sense because there is vegetables in it. You do not need to worry about moisture either.

Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Reviews

Here are 100% real customer reviews for Honest Kitchen bone broth dog food pour overs. As a reminder, we cannot trust brand owned websites because they can control the reviews.

We have to look to 3rd party websites like Amazon to get a real picture of trustworthiness. While Amazon reviews can still be manipulated, it is the best option to get some honest feedback.

I can tell you right away that they get good reviews for the most part. People seem to like how the ease of use and how it works for their furry friends.

That being said, it's not all sunshine and butterflies, there are lots of negative ones as well.

The customer below had issues with a sick pet vomiting it up and staining their carpet because of the turmeric. Remember that nothing stains quite like turmeric. It is impossible to get out, so be wary if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach.

This reviewer has one dog that did not like it, so they had to mix two different flavors to get them to eat it.

Finally, one poor dog vomited and pooped everywhere after taking this product. The poor thing :(.

The Honest Kitchen Compared to Other Brands

Here is a chart comparing them to another popular brand called Bluebird Provisions. Bluebird makes a delicious beef bone broth powder for pets. Guests love the human-grade ingredients.

As you can see, there is more protein in Bluebird, less fiber and moisture because it is a single ingredient protein source.

Honest kitchen bone broth vs other brands for dogs

What is the best bone broth for dogs?

Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth is the best bone broth for dogs because it is dehydrated and is high in protein (>94%). Most other brands are lower at around 75-85%.

Dogs need animal protein to thrive, so you should look for one that doesn't have added ingredients and is made in a human food facility using free range chicken.

How long does a package of The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth last?

One canister of Honest Kitchen bone broth contains 102 g or 3.6 ounces and will have 30 servings for a 25 lb dog or cat. This means it will last you 30 days for a small animal or 7 days for a large one.

Honest kitchen dog food pour over instructions

It is perhaps smaller than you thought. Remember to adjust your serving size accordingly to your pet's weight. The information can be found on the back of the package.

How to Use Honest Kitchen Beef

Mix the Beef Bone Broth powder with warm water and stir until it is thoroughly incorporated into a gravy.. The manufacturer says that small lumps are normal, however, this is a sign of that it has not been dehydrated properly.

Make sure you allow it to cool before you serve it in your pooches bowl.

If your dog has any health issues, check with your veterinarian before adding it to their diet.


The Price of The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is $10.77 per 102 g canister or $2.77 per ounce. This works out to approximately $0.72 to $0.36 per serving, depending on the size of your pet.

This is a bit more expensive than some other products you find on the market. For example, Bluebird Provisions $0.34 to $0.27 for the same size serving.

Closing Thoughts: Is it Worth It?

They are a good option for your dog. The fact is that there are other options that may be better, depending on your pet's specific needs.

They add in some extra ingredients that some dogs and cats may be sensitive to.

You could opt for one that is 100% bone broth like the one made by Bluebird Provisions. It's the perfect bone broth because it is low sodium, no preservatives and provides a massive protein boost with 6.5 g per tbsp.

Have you tried Honest Kitchen bone broth for your pet? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Or if you'd like me to review another brand, leave a comment and I will certainly get to it.

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L