Trustworthy Kirkland Bone Broth Review: Questionable Ingredients You Need to Know About

Kirkland Bone Broth Review: Organic Chicken

We all love Costco because of the affordable yet quality products they have. But does this extend to the bone broth? Read the potentially harmful ingredients they use in this honest Kirkland bone broth review. Then you can decide for yourself.

I was thrilled when I heard they were releasing their own signature bone broth. My thrill turned to disappointment when I looked at the list on the back of the package.

But don't worry, we'll dive into the details in this article to help you decide if this product is right for you.

Before we get started I'll mention that Bluebird Provisions makes great alternative to Kirkland if you want on without the nasty things in it and more protein plus amino acids.

It's a powder but mixed perfectly into boiling water so that you have a nourishing cup in seconds.

Try their Instant Bone Broth Powder today and let me know what you think.

On to the review.

the quiz to find out which bone broth is perfect for you

What is Kirkland bone broth?

Kirkland bone broth is one of the most popular brands on the market because... who doesn't love using their Costco membership? It is a popular choice among people because of its affordable prices. It has various pros (like a resealable carton container, gluten free) and cons that come with purchasing it that we will dive into below.

If you're not familiar, Kirkland is Costco's in-house brand name. They make hundreds of products from granola bars to peanut butter.

Is the bone broth from Costco good?

The bone broth from Costco is decent if you are desperate, but some of the ingredients make it a lower quality option compared to other brands. This is because they use natural flavors and extracts to make the broth taste good. These are potentially harmful. I will explain why in the rest of this article.

In the meantime, read my list of the top 6 bone broth's this year for some ideas of higher quality brands to try.

Kirkland Organic Chicken Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Each 240 ml serving of Kirkland Organic Chicken Bone Broth includes 45 calories. It has 0.5 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbs, and 9 grams of protein.

Kirkland organic chicken bone broth nutrition facts

There are no electrolytes in this product with zero potassium. That is a bit odd as the way to test a quality chicken bone broth is whether it has at least 200 mg potassium per cup.

The fact that this has zero is confusing and causes me to question what's in it a bit more. Potassium comes from chicken cartilage, joints, skin and bones.

With zero on the label, it means they are using a pre-made chicken stock instead of making a real bone broth from scratch. Let's check below ands see if my hunch is right.

Kirkland Sipping Bone Broth Ingredients

The Kirkland Bone Broth ingredients include organic chicken stock, organic vegetable broth (organic carrot, organic celery, organic onion), with less than 2 percent: organic natural flavor, natural flavors, salt, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic apple cider vinegar, organic rosemary extract, organic turmeric extract (color).

Costco bone broth ingredients

You can see some of the confusing things with red underlines. This warrants a whole section below. Trust me, you'll want to read it.

Red Flags

Natural Flavors

Natural flavors are a frequent addition to hyper processed beverages because of the delicious taste they give any liquid. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration as defines them as:

"anything that adds flavor to a food that is not derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root or leaf."

Translation: they are made from enzymes, yeast extracts and artificial, GMO spices and other flavors. I see them in more and more bone broth products made by big companies because it is a cheat-code to good flavor.

The FDA has not restricted the use of the word 'natural,' so anyone can use it. It is useless and carries no weight. There is nothing natural about them.

The problem is that they can be harmful. If you just have them once in a while, it's ok. But bone broth is a ritual product that you should be drinking daily.

Given the number of chemicals that can be a part of any natural flavor, bad reactions are possible. If you are sensitive to other things then you are going to have a reaction.

And there is not one but two different natural flavors in Costco Bone Broth.

Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is usually used for cooking, why is it the first thing in this product? Nowadays, manufacturers make concentrated chicken stock and sell it to companies like Costco to make bone broth.

This saves them time and money because they don't have to get bones and make the bone broth themselves.

This is why there is no potassium in their bone broth.

Vegetable Broth

I've never seen this on a bone broth label. Looks like a way to get some of the vegetable flavors without having to actually use vegetables in it. This simplifies the manufacturing process. They probably make this whole product in 1-2 hours of cook time. There is no slow simmer, I promise you that.

Lemon Juice Concentrate

A synthetic form of lemon juice. Not a huge deal but worth mentioning. The theme here and with all big food companies is finding the cheapest way to get a good tasting product with a clean nutrition facts label. It's a game or math equation for them because they know most people don't look at the back of packages.

Costco Chicken Bone Broth Taste

The broth has good flavor, according to most reviewers. Some prefer it to Pacific, while others do not. Other customers said they need to add their own herbs to spice it up.

The customer reviews below said they did not like the taste compared to other brands.

Costco Bone Broth Amazon Review

Kirkland Bone Broth Reviews

Here is a variety of real Kirkland bone broth user reviews from online and Amazon. You can't trust just any review these days because brands control their own website and can remove negative ones.

As a result, we need to look to 3rd party marketplaces to find honest feedback. So what do customer reviews say about Kirkland?

Some people believe that the broth is overpriced and does not live up to the hype. Some people say that the broth tastes good, although it may not be as high quality as other bone broths on the market.

The reviewer below did not like the chicken fat in it. Based on their review, it would be impossible for this product to have only 0.5g fat per cup.

Costco bone broth product review

Finally, this reviewer below is not all that helpful.

Kirkland Signature bone broth review

Here is 4 stars from another reviewer.

This bone broth has a nice, smooth flavor and is certainly faster than me preparing a gallon of Homemade Bone Broth. I have found getting bones is the hardest part of prepping bone broth, none of the local markets sell the bones separately.

There are other customer reviews ranging from 5 stars to 1 star and everything in between. One complained that the shipping box leaked.

Price of Costco Organic Bone Broth

The price of the Costco Organic Bone Broth is $35.99 USD for 6 cartons. Each carton is 946 ml or 32 fluid ounces. This works out to $5.99 per carton and about $1.7 to $2 per mug, depending on the size of your servings. Most people tend to drink more than the suggested 240 ml or 1 cup serving size. I'm not sure if there are additional delivery or service fees.

Kirkland Bone Broth vs Other Quality Brands

When we compare Kirkland bone broth vs other brands that make bone broth using a traditional low and slow simmer, we notice a few things.

For this comparison, let's use Bluebird Provisions, a popular chicken bone broth that is dehydrated into a powder for your convenience. This chart assumes you boil water and mix it according to the instructions to prepare one cup.

What do you notice? Bluebird Provisions has 12 g protein (and all the amino acids) while Kirkland has 9. Kirkland also has fat while Bluebird has none. But most importantly, Bluebird has 300 mg potassium while Kirkland has zero.

These electrolytes are important for stable energy levels and hydration throughout your day.

Kirkland Bone Broth vs Other Brands Protein

Now let's look at what's in these two. Bluebird has a simple list with 2 things, while Costco has a laundry list of extracts and natural flavors with no bones to speak of on the list. This affects the nutrients.

Costco Bone Broth vs Other Brands ingredient list

Who is Kirkland bone broth for?

Kirkland bone broth is for the busy membership shopper who wants an affordable option that they can get while shopping for groceries in one stop. It is a decent way to get some bone broth protein, but you may not get high amounts of important amino acids like glycine, proline, glutamine and glucosamine.

That being said, it is not for the route bone broth sipper or someone trying to heal their gut or for joint health. You need a traditionally made bone broth to get the real health benefits.

Does Costco bone broth have collagen?

Yes, Kirkland Bone Broth does have collagen but they do not list it on their packaging. Based on 9 g of protein per serving, we can estimate that it has around 6 g collagen per cup or serving. Keep in mind this is an estimate based on my expertise and not an official statement from them.

Does Costco have a beef bone broth?

No, Costco does not offer a beef bone broth at the moment. They have a chicken one but that is it. You will need to try another brand for the time being if you want beef. They do not have turkey broth either.

Closing Thoughts

Kirkland bone broth is a convenient option if you're a Costco shopper and want to make chicken noodle soup. But as you learn more about bone broth, you'll realize it's not the real thing.

Big companies like the capitalize on these food trends to offer it to their members and make some money. The issue is that they cut a few corners to make this product. It is progress but not quality yet.

The ingredients are confusing and potentially harmful. There are other brands like Bluebird Provisions that you can trust because of their sourcing and ethics around manufacturing.

Find them on Amazon or online and let me know what you think.

Have you tried Costco bone broth? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Or if you have another brand you would like my thoughts on, leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.


Hi Brenda,

Yes at Bluebird we have a certified organic chicken broth you can find here:

The chickens are all sourced in the BC fraser valley.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions January 26, 2023

Whoa now, the Canadian bone broth for Bluebird… is NOT from organic chickens? After the hours I just spent looking at Bluebird Provisions….. I THINK I did read that the chickens were free range (is that the same as cage free), so can you tell me what Bluebirds chickens eat and how they live?

Brenda January 26, 2023

Hi Mark,

I haven’t tried FOND yet, but hear they are growing and doing a good job. Maybe I’ll try some and do a review soon.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions December 01, 2022

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for your note and I agree. Bluebird Provisions uses non-gmo and pasture raised chickens (USA only) for the bone broth powder. Not organic yet. Maybe in the future once we can afford it.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions December 01, 2022

Thanks for the great review! Very helpful. I just bought a box of it. With salt snd pepper added, I like it. However, I did wonder how long they simmered those bones for since it was not mentioned on the carton. The natural flavor. And the tip off about the potassium and the fact that they were using chicken and vegetable stocks.. Have you tried Fond bone broth?

Mark Holmes December 01, 2022

Thank you for the info on Kirkland bone broth. It is very helpful. I will be looking for a new bone broth,..
However, I personally want ORGANIC bone broth made from organic chickens . Factory farmed chickens eat yucky stuff therefore a healthy bone broth cannot be made from their bones.
I wish bluebird bone broth was made from organic chickens :-(

Margaret December 01, 2022

Hi Michelle ,

Glad you found my article. And you are most welcome. There are some better options out there.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions September 30, 2022

I just started the Whole30 program, I thought it would n
Help with joint pain and an overall refresh.
I bought Costco’s organic Bone broth, I made a big pot of it, seasoned it, added zucchini noodles and mushrooms, it tasted good. I have made it 3 days in a row accompanied by a steak filet.
I decided to look up the benefits of bone broth only to find this article and others mentioning the same thing… I have been had… I’m so bummed of the counterfeit bone broth, glad I learned early on. Dump the Costco Kirkland lame bone broth( is it really bone broth, no) and find a true bone broth. FYI, I am/ was eating it right now reading all this. So lame.
Thanks for the article..

Michelle September 30, 2022

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L