Native Pet Bone Broth Review: Is There A Better Option For Your Dog or Cat?

Native Pet Bone Broth Review For Dog Food

So you're looking for bone broth's online for your pet and you stumbled upon this article. You're curious if they are legit and safe for your pet to use regularly. You've come to the right place.

When it comes to pets, you can't just use any store bought or online product. You need to research all of the ingredients and nutrition facts. Dogs of all breeds and sizes have sensitive digestive systems and need the amino acids and vitamins found in bone broth.

Many companies do not take this into account. Are you looking for a better option for your pet's health than store-bought dog and cat foods?

This Native Pet Bone Broth review will answer all of your pressing questions about them, the confusing ingredients they use and whether it's good fit for your pet.

Before we begin, I wanted to mention that the absolute best bone broth for your dog or cat is the Instant Beef Broth Powder from Bluebird Provisions. It is all protein, low sodium with no carbs or fat. No sketchy ingredients and 100% human grade... because it's made for humans.

Let's get onto the article.

Want a personalized bone broth recommendation?

What is Native Pet?

Native Pet is a dog food company based in the USA that sells different types of products from powders to chews and treats to bone broth and meal toppers. They're sold in stores like Target and on Chewy.

Native Pet Beef and chicken bone broth packages

They pride themselves on using some quality ingredients and specifically position themselves as 'keeping it clean.' The word 'clean' triggers a lot of 'us vs them' and diet culture red flags in my brain. As if all other food is dirty?

But let's move on. This review will focus exclusively on their bone broth products: dehydrated beef and chicken. They are commonly used as a change of pace kibble topper for picky eaters. Side note: these do not need to be placed in the refrigerator.

Native Pet Bone Broth Nutrition

When we look at nutrition in dog food, we want to see a few things out of a dehydrated product like their's.

  1. First is more than 92% protein to show that real, connective tissue is used to make it. Your puppy won't get the same gut healing or coat health benefits without this much collagen protein.
  2. Second is no salt bombs with limited fiber and carbs.
  3. We also want information about sourcing and where the animals come from. You must know whether the animals were subject to hormones and antibiotics.
  4. Finally, there will naturally be low moisture since it is a dehydrated food.

Let's have a look below to see.

Beef Bone Broth Powder

As with all dog food, they must show the guaranteed analysis with the following information.

  • Protein (min)......89.6%
  • Fat (min)......2.2%
  • Fiber (max)......<0.2%
  • Moisture (max)......2.2%

There is a solid but not great amount of protein. With dry bone broth, you want to see above 92%, which tells you it is all protein without any filler stuff to mess with it.

This one has some lecithin which adds carbs and some fat and brings our percentage down. Finally, you can see that there is about 27 calories per TBSP (or 6.75 grams). Read below for specific portion / serving size recommendations.

Native Pet Beef Powder Supplement Nutrition Facts

Read my review of the top 6 best bone broths for dogs this year.

Chicken Powdered Bone Broth

Now the chicken nutrition is where things get a bit disappointing. Remember when I said you want at least 92% protein? Well, this one is even less than the beef.

  • Protein (min)......64.4%
  • Fat (min)......6.4%
  • Fiber (max)......0.8%
  • Moisture (max)......6.1%

Native Pet Chicken Powder for Dogs Nutrition and Protein

Native Pet Bone Broth Ingredients

Native Pet prides themselves on using 'fewer and clean' ingredients in all of their products. Let's see if this holds up when we look at their powders.

Anything underlined in red is something you will want to know about. Don't worry, I'll address them all below.

Dehydrated Dog Beef Bone Broth

Beef bone broth, Sunflower lecithin.

Native Pet beef bone broth ingredients

Chicken Broth Dog Food Topper

Chicken broth, chicken protein, sweet potato

Native Pet Dog Bone Broth Topper Ingredient List

Some pet owners use these as a broth drink while some simply use it as a meal topper. You don't need to heat it to serve.

Confusing Ingredients Explained

So let's address some of the strange things listed on the back of the package. I'll briefly mention what each of these are, how they're made and why they found their way into these products.

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin is a naturally occurring emulsifier. It's a derivative of sunflower oil, which is extracted from seeds and has been used as food for decades. Lecithin helps to keep the fat particles in the broth from separating.

Overall, it seems to be safe for dogs. Although some studies show that side effects in some animals include vomiting, diarrhea, boating, anemia and allergic reactions.

The question of why it's in the formula is what we're after. In my research looking for manufacturers for my own beef powder, I came across one large dehydration company that sells a pre-made beef bone broth powder with lecithin already in it.

I thought that it was strange to add and it didn't taste all that great. Kind of bland and watery. They assured me that the lecithin helped it mix into water more readily than without it.

The reason I bring this up is that I think this brand is buying the ingredient from this company. Which is fine, but it means they are not making it themselves.

Chicken Protein

Chicken protein is a protein isolate powder made from animal by-products and chicken that have been ground, cooked and rendered down into a fine powder. It is used to add chicken flavors and extra protein to processed meat products.

I've never seen it. I assume they are using it to stimulate the appetite of dogs and to boost the protein level. No chicken or poultry bones are used to make it.

grass fed beef bone broth for dogs and cats

Sweet Potato Flour

A powder version of sweet potato that is made from cooking it and getting all the moisture out by dehydrating it. You see it in lots of dog and cat food products, but not in broths.

It is adding carbs to the label without any protein. I would think you are using bone broth to get extra protein and amino acids into your pet's diet. So this is another confusing thing in their formula.

I get a lot of questions about turmeric. It is not needed in these types of products and is always added to get you excited. In reality, the dose is too small to matter.

Native Pet Bone Broth Reviews

I'm going to highlight some real Native Pet bone broth reviews taken from unbiased sourced like Chewy. We have to look to third party websites and not the brand website for honest feedback. Why?

These days, brand websites are 100% controlled by the company. Meaning they can remove any bad reviews. While Chewy is not perfect, it offers us a decent snapshot into what unbiased customers think of a product like this.

Here are the last three reviews at the time of this writing.

native pet bone broth customer review

The customer feedback above took the time to write some thorough feedback. Unfortunately none of their three dogs would touch the stuff nor would their mothers dog. That is zero for four :(

native pet unbiased review

Here's a great review from a customer with a picky eater. They used the product and it got them eating!

Native Pet Amazon Review

This one is sad. This customer's dog did not do well with Native Pet. This happens sometimes as dogs have very delicate digestive systems. This doesn't mean the product is bad. Some dogs just don't respond or like bone broth. And that is okay!

I show you these three did you you a snapshot into what unbiased reviews look like. You get good, bad and everything in between.

If you want to do your own research, I would suggest you filter reviews to the 'most recent' setting first. From here you can scan them and look for 2-4 stars. These ones likely have the most honest feedback. 5 stars can still be manipulated by the brand... even on 3rd party sites.

Often times one star reviews reviews combined with one to two word statements can't be trusted either. These can be spam.

What is the cost of Native Pet bone broth?

The cost of Native Pet bone broth is $33.99 per 9.5 oz pouch for the beef. One of the pouches contain about 40 (1 table spoon) servings. So on a per serving basis the cost is $0.85. If you're more liberal with your feeding, you'll get less than 40.

As for the chicken, the pricing for the large 11.5 oz pouches are $33.99. This has about 48 servings for a price of $0.70 per 1 table spoon serving. These are a bit on the high side compared to other powders on the market.

Native Pet For Dogs vs Other Brands

Lets compare Native Pet to a popular brand online called Bluebird Provisions. Bluebird makes a delicious beef bone broth using only one simple ingredient (zero additives) and superior hydration.

Bluebird uses pasture raised and grass fed beef for their product. Native pet has broth and two other added ingredients. Chicken protein is confusing in a bone broth product.

It is not the same quality as the protein your pet gets from the real thing. So this calls into question the health benefits of using the chicken version because of the filler ingredients. You'll also notice sweet potato flour is added.

This is not seen in many similar things either. It adds carbs and takes away from the precious amino acid support your pup needs.

Bone broth for dogs ingredients chart


As for the beef version, I've also spoken at length about the second ingredient (which is strange to say the least). If you missed that part then scroll up.

Now comparing the nutrition of these two brands we see some fascinating things. Bluebird has 30% more protein. This is because of the traditional 'low and slow' simmer recipe they use to isolate the protein in the broth. You also get crucial minerals and nutrients like collagen, glycine, glucosamine and chondroitin.

These are what we need for healthy joints, skin and a shiny coat. Native Pet adds a few things and still only gets to 64%.

The other things that you'll notice is the cost. Bluebird comes in at $0.68 per tbsp serving. This is more than half the cost of Native Pet.

Native Pet vs Bluebird Provisions


Packaging Formats

Native Pet uses a standup plastic zip pouch for their packaging. This is generally the best option as it is light and creates less waste than alternatives like plastic containers.

Both options are shelf stable and do not need to be placed in the fridge. Leave them in the pantry.

Bone Broth Side Effects

There are a few common bone broth side effects or risks you should know about. These can include:

  1. Stomach cramping and bloating: This is usually caused by the high amount of salt in bone broth, which can cause water retention and lead to stomach pain or discomfort.
  2. Diarrhea: Almost always because people serve their puppy too much too soon. Start with a very small dose for the first week. If you are concerned then try 1 tsp per serving.
  3. Nausea and vomiting: The high amount of salt can also cause nausea or GI tract issues, especially in animals who are sensitive to it.
  4. Headaches and dizziness: Sometimes due to allergic reactions to histamine intolerance.

Remember that these foods are supplements and not intended to be over-used. Over-use is where these issues usually happen. Also be careful to follow the serving guidelines based on your dog weight. Moderation is always best in the long term.

Closing Thoughts

Native Pet bone broth is a good option in certain situations because there are no preservatives or grains. That being said, they suffer from a few problems in my opinion.

First they are low protein with the chicken version at 64%, which his low even among animal nutrition brands.

Second, they use confusing ingredients and flavors like lecithin, chicken protein and sweet potato powder. These things are usually never seen in other options.

If you are searching for a high protein and low sodium option to maximize canine health and longevity, consider a human-grade bone broth like Bluebird Provisions. It has 94% protein with no added ingredients, just a real, traditionally made bone broth..

Do you have a different product you want me to review? Leave a comment and let me know.


Hi Nicole ,

Unfortunately the brand does not divulge that information publicly. So I do not know.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions December 07, 2022

Hi, whats the exact sodium levels (percentage) of Native Pet Organic Chicken Bone Broth? thanks!

Nicole December 07, 2022

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

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