Now Bone Broth Review

Now Foods is one of the bigger supplement brands to dabble into the bone broth space with this Now Bone Broth Powder. 

This is not the worst bone broth you’ll find on the market and there are actually some things I like about this bone broth. 

In this review, I’m going to analyse Bone Broth Powder on the basis of their ingredients, nutrition labels and product reviews.

I prefer to focus on objective measures of performance in my reviews. The three criteria above are the only objective measures we can use to see if Now Foods Bone Broth is worth your money.

First a Disclaimer: This review is my personal opinion and you might find it hypocritical given that I offer my own bone broth for sale. 

Now Bone Broth Powder Review

Now Foods sells two bone broth powders: chicken and beef. They have an impressive lineup of supplements including: pet food, essential oils and children's health care products. 

While Now Foods is a well capitalised and popular brand, I am suspicious that their bone broth powder is merely a white label bone broth product. 

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Now Foods Nutrition and Ingredient Facts 

First, here’s a look at the nutrition facts panels and ingredient lists for Now Sports Nutrition Bone Broth. 

Now Beef Bone Broth Nutrition Label

now foods bone broth nutrition label

Now Chicken Bone Broth Nutrition Label 

Now SPorts nutrition bone broth nutrition label

Are there any red flags ingredients in Now Foods Bone Broth?

The answer is it depends. We don’t know exactly where the bone broth concentrate is sourced from but concentrates generally mean a higher level of processing than a standard bone broth powder

Concentrates are made by taking bone broth powder and processing it further to isolate the protein. The problem is that this processing can remove some nutrients.

The single ingredient concentrate and nature of the packaging leads me to believe this is a while label bone broth product.

White label means that this brand pays a supplement manufacturer to simply package this bone broth with their label on it.

There is nothing unique or proprietary about white label products. You can find many similar bone broths on Amazon. 

Nutrition Facts of Now Sports Nutrition Bone Broth

Now’s two bone broths have a similar nutrition profile that is about what you’d expect from a single ingredient bone broth made from concentrate. 

You’ll see that there is lots of protein and not much else. This is generally a good thing.

The interesting thing is the serving size at 32 g. Most bone broth powders recommend a serving size of 10-20g. 32g is a sales strategy straight out of the old-school supplement company playbook.

List a massive serving size to get you to use more of it quickly. Anyways, here is what you’ll find in a 32 g scoop. 

Calories: 110

Protein: 28 g

Sodium: 330 mg

Potassium: 157 mg 

Fat: 0 g

Carbs: 0 g

Amazon Feedback for Now Bone Broth

Can you trust reviews online anymore? Not really. But Amazon gives you a snapshot into what consumers think of a certain brand. 

While brands do pay Amazon reviewers to list favorable reviews, it is the best feedback we have to assess a product’s quality. 

You can read some recent Amazon reviews below:

The taste of the Bottom of a birdcage. I have never tasted anything so bad in my life. It was neutral, it was nauseating.

Tastes gross. Disgusting tasting I had to mix with knorrs chicken boullion just to drink.

Good product with a taste you need to learn to like. While the “label” of ingredients is solid, I find the taste bitter. I am used to other bone broth products with better taste. I also find the ability mix the powder more difficult. It tends to clump.

Does Now Foods Stack Up to Real Bone Broth?

Here is a comparison between Now Foods and Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth.

Now Foods bone broth compared to real bone broth powder

As you can see, the nutrition profile is similar. 

Now Foods have a lack of hydration because there is relatively little potassium on the nutrition facts label.

Lastly, Now Foods uses a single use plastic tub for the packaging. This is incredibly costly to the environment -- especially when there are sustainable options on the market. 

Review Summary: Can You Trust Now Sports Nutrition Bone Broth?

There are some things to like about Now Sports Nutrition. They use a single ingredient without added sweeteners, gums or filler ingredients. 

On the other hand, the source they use is bone broth concentrate: which is a commodity product at this point. 

A single google or Amazon search will show dozens of bone broth protein powders using concentrates. 

There is nothing unique about this product, but it works well if you are looking for protein.

The reviews are mixed and it does not use recyclable packaging. 

I would recommend using your dollars on a real bone broth that you know the sourcing of.

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L