Pacific Bone Broth Reviews: The Secret Ingredient In Unsalted Chicken They Don't Want You To Know

Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth Reviews

Pacific makes one of the most popular products on the market but they use unlisted ingredients that you won't find on their website, only the package.

Many reviewers complain that the ingredients on their package they receive does not match what is on the listing or on their website.

This confusing and deceptive practise has customers concerned. Find out what is actually in these products and whether they are good for your health by reading this entire article.

As of the time of this writing, they have updated their Amazon food ingredients to reflect this ingredient, but not their own website. This is because they made them update it.

I promise, you'll learn a ton and be able to make more informed purchasing decisions.

One quick note before we get started. If you're looking for the best unsalted chicken bone broths you can find, try Bluebird Provisions instant powder. This will save you having to read this entire article for a recommendation.

It is a dehydrated version that mixes perfectly into hot water with only 130 mg sodium per cup, along with 12 g collagen protein.

Are you ready to have your mind blow? Let's get started.

Find the perfect bone broth for you

Unsalted Bone Broth Primer

Bone broth is a popular culinary-supplement hybrid that has many health benefits from sleep to immune system benefits, weight loss, gut health and skin health.

It is made from boiling animal bones bones like a roast chicken for 12-48 hours. The low and slow cook technique harvests all the collagen, gelatin and amino acids (glycine, profile, glutamine, glucosamine) from the bones, joints and tendons.

The end result is a powerful healing beverage full of nutrition, protein and hydration. It is a delicious and satisfying addition to your everyday routine.

You can use it as a base for many different recipes or you can simply sip it on its own. Learn how to make any bone broth taste better.

Pacific Foods Products Overview

Pacific Foods is a company owned by Campbell's that makes a huge lineup of soups, broths, stock and now bone broth. They make one of the most popular shelf stable bone broths on the market to complement their extensive line of other products.

You can find the following products in stores across the USA and Canada.

  • Broth
  • Milk
  • Nut Milk
  • Soups
  • Stews

They're known for their trademark tetra pak cartons and long shelf life in your pantry.

Pacific Foods Bone Broth Nutrition

Pacific Foods is a bone broth made from organic chicken. The nutrition profile is solid with 9 grams protein and 40 calories per serving. Most of their products are GMO free and gluten free.

For the sake of this review, I'll stick to their top three products which are beef and chicken (salted and unsalted).

They have other products like chicken with rosemary and ginger, turmeric and black pepper. These are very similar to the other, so I left them out to save you some time.

Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Size: 1 cup (240 ml)

Energy: 40 kcal

Sodium: 125 mg

Fat: 0 grams 

Carbohydrates: <1 grams 

Sugar: <1 grams 

Protein: 9 grams 

Potassium: 150 mg

Pacific chicken bone broth has 9 grams of protein and 125 mg sodium per cup. This is a good macronutrient profile. Some products have more collagen protein, but not many. Minimal carbs and no fat make this a low calorie option.

This thing we want to look at is the 150 mg potassium per cup. This is low for a chicken product meaning that the parts of the chicken they use don't have naturally occurring electrolytes. More on that below. Most chicken cartilage, skin and bones have lots of potassium.

So much so that most traditionally made chicken bone broth's have 300-400 mg potassium per cup. That is double what you see in this one.

Pacific unsalted chicken bone broth nutrition facts

Pacific Organic Beef Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Size: 1 cup (240 ml)

Energy: 40 kcal

Sodium: 360 mg

Fat: 0 grams 

Carbohydrates: 0 grams 

Protein: 9 grams 

The Organic Beef Bone Broth is similar to the chicken but with about double the sodium. You see 9 grams protein and 360 mg sodium or 16% of your daily recommended intake.

This is more salt than you see in some other top bone broth companies but it is ok for a beef product as they tend to have more than chicken.

Pacific Beef Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Pacific Organic Chicken Bone Broth With Sea Salt

Size: 1 cup (240 ml)

Energy: 40 kcal

Sodium: 360 mg

Fat: 0 grams 

Carbohydrates: 0 grams 

Protein: 9 grams 

The sea salt version has double the salt as the unsalted one. This brings the total to 360 mg or 13% of your recommended daily intake. The rest of it is the same, so not worth mentioning.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth With Sea Salt Nutrition Facts

What are the ingredients in Pacific Bone Broth?

The main ingredients in Pacific bone broth are organic bone broth, organic vegetables, organic spices and organic dextrose. A quick scan shows nothing strange... until you hit dextrose.

Dextrose is a real shocker for everyone who sees it. It causes confusion and for good reason. I'll tell you exactly why they use it below.

Low Sodium Chicken Ingredients

Water, chicken, onions, spices, carrots, celery, rosemary extract, dextrose, apple cider vinegar.**

** all Organic

Pacific unsalted chicken bone broth ingredients

At the time of publishing, Pacific has not added Dextrose to the ingredients on the Amazon product page. It is disingenuous to not include this as they are misleading consumers. Here is an image below.

Pacific Foods Chicken bone broth amazon listing ingredients

Chicken with Sea Salt Ingredient List



Beef Bone Broth

Water, beef stock, beef, onions, sea salt, celery, balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic, mushrooms, garlic, spices**

**All Organic.

Pacific Beef Bone Broth Ingredients

Ingredients to be Aware of


Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn, much like the high fructose corn syrup that is used to sweeten soda. It is simple because it has a single molecule, which is why they call it dextrose (dextro- meaning right and 'se' meaning sugar).

It has been used in the health industry for a long time. For example, it is used in hospitals as an intravenous drip to help patients who are malnourished or suffering from dehydration get the nutrition they need. It is also used in sports drinks to help replenish energy quickly.

Most people don't know that it is in this bone broth. But why? I suspect they are using it as an artificial sweetener and a preservative.It smooths out the taste and makes their products more addictive because it's... well... sugar.

It will spike your blood-sugar the exact same way HFCS does. Your body does not know the difference.

Beef Stock

Beef stock is a concentrated form of beef broth that big companies used instead of making their own bone broth from scratch. It is cheaper than making their own and allows them to label something as bone broth.


This can be any part of the cow that is usually rendered down into a liquid or powder. It likely balances out the flavor of the stock and adds some protein.


Strange right? Why don't they just list the individual spices used instead of using a blanket term? Usually because there is something in the proprietary mix that is not clean product label friendly. Otherwise, what are they trying to hide?

Sea Salt

Not problems here. But it's worth mentioning that this is the 4th ingredient out of water in the beef broth. This means there is more salt than any other ingredient, except for the first four.

What are the reviews of Pacific Chicken Bone Broth?

Pacific chicken bone broth has received mixed customer reviews online. This is because they changed their recipe and ingredients in early 2022 to include Dextrose.

Expert reviewers are not happy with the change, saying that is changed the taste and texture for the worse. One reviewer said that it:

"It tastes terrible and the consistency is thick, it's just impossible to get down. Tried diluting with water and it didn't help with anything. If you can get it down then maybe it'll help but it's just so terrible."

It's not all bad news, some people love the broth while others find it bland, especially compared to others.

Pacific Bone Broth Reviews

The reviews of Pacific Chicken Bone Broth are split, with some people loving it and others hating it and voicing complaints.

Some people have found that the broth is great for making keto ramen, while other customer reviews have not been as impressed since the big ingredient swap.

The first two reviewers feel betrayed that Pacific did not disclose the real ingredients on their product description. I don't blame them. They got 1 stars from these people.

Pacific bone broth customer review

Pacific chicken broth contains dextrose review

It seems as though adding dextrose made the consistency thicker, added a flavoring of sweetness and changed the flavor to the point where regular customers can't drink it anymore.

There is a great positive customer reviews for one customer who has experience giving it to their dog.

Bone broth review for dogs

The last reviewer offers their recommendations of Kirkland bone broth to that made by Pacific. Seems as though Pacific's is the color and feel of apple cider vinegar while Costco's is creamy with lemon notes.

Pacific chicken bone broth expert review

What are the top alternatives to Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth?

Homemade bone broth is a great alternative to Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth. If you can't make it on your own, the bone broth powder from Bluebird Provisions is the best one you can find online.

It has more protein content and double the potassium per serving and about the same sodium as you can see from the chart below.

Find them online or on Amazon. It also has less additives because of it's a single ingredient source: non-gmo chicken bones.

Pacific vs Bluebird bone broth protein powder

Where can I buy Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth?

You can buy Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth online or in grocery stores across the USA and Canada.

Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth Cost

The price is $27.50 for a 12-pack of Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth online. This works out to $0.29 per fluid ounce.

Pacific Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth vs Others

There are many alternative brands to choose from when looking for a bone broth.

Most of the alternative brands have their own strengths and weaknesses that should be considered before making a final decision. You want a product that is high protein with low salt and no foreign inputs or things that mess with your blood sugar.

As you can see from the chart above. Bluebird Provisions makes a quality product that has an irresistibly delicious umami chicken flavor. The powder format just needs 1 cup of boiling water to make a ready to drink cup in seconds.

Try some today and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Final Thoughts

Pacific bone broth is a great product in terms of the nutrition profile. It really looks great! The potential issues are the strange ingredients including dextrose (aka sugar), spices and beef stock.

If you don't want sugar in your beverage, then there are other alternatives including Bluebird Provisions.

Are you a fan of this product? Did you know they use sugar in it? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L