Peak Performance Bone Broth Review

If you’re shopping on Amazon then you saw Peak Performance Bone Broth. The truth is, this product isn’t really bone broth. 

Read the rest of this Peak Performance Bone Broth review to learn why this isn’t real bone broth and what other options you might consider.

Peak performance sells this product on Amazon. And they sell a lot of it.

I’ll explain what this product really is and easy ways to spot fake bone broths for yourself.

First a quick note on transparency; I make and sell my own chicken bone broth. You may stop reading because of that statement. I urge you to hear me out.

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My reviews assess the merit of a bone broth using strict objective criteria. This way there is no room for subjective bias.

What are the criteria I use?

  • Ingredient Lists
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Independent Review Sources
  • Using these three measures of performance, you can separate real vs. fake bone broth within seconds.

    I’ll teach you to do so below.

    First, a quick word about Peak Performance as a company.

    What is Peak Performance?

    Peak performance is a supplement brand that sells a variety of products including coffee, mushroom powders, collagen, protein, superfood powders and bone broth. 

    Their bone broth product is labeled as the following: 


    Let’s get into the ingredient list first, shall we?

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    Peak Performance Bone Broth Ingredient List

    As you’ll notice from the image above, Peak Performance contains two ingredients: collagen and bone broth protein. 

    Seems like a simple ingredient list, but let’s dive a bit deeper so you can learn about some red flags.

    Peak Performance Bone Broth Ingredient List

    Red Flag Ingredients

    Collagen Peptides

    Collagen is commonly used in products labeled as bone broth because it is a cheaper alternative. 

    Collagen adds protein to the nutrition label without the cost of using real bone broth as an ingredient. 

    The big, dirty secret about collagen that no one is talking about is the sourcing and quality concerns.


    Collagen is sourced mainly from China and South America. That is because there is not enough beef in North America to make it in a cost-effective way. 

    As a result, these suppliers cut corners and use whatever beef source they can find. Collagen is now a commodity with little differentiation between brands. 


    Collagen goes through some heavy processing in order to render it into a mixable powder. This includes high heat, solvents and sprays. You can learn the nasty process of making collagen here

    Collagen is no substitute for real bone broth. There are no electrolytes in collagen and there is a lack of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

    Bone Broth Protein

    Peak Performance bone broth has hydrolyzed bone broth protein as the bone broth source.

    Hydrolyzed bone broth protein is bone broth that is highly processed to strip the natural bone broth flavor and nutrients.  

    At this point you may want to know what hydrolyzed means? 

    This is a manufacturing process that breaks down long protein into smaller, single amino acid strains. 

    Bone broth protein is closer to collagen powder than bone broth. And this Peak Performance bone broth already has collagen in the product, you might as well just use all collagen and label it as collagen. 

    Nutrition Facts Analysis

    Peak Performance uses a 16g serving size for their bone broth. In this 16g serving you will find 60 calories, 100mg sodium, 14g protein.

    There are no carbs and no fat in Peak Performance.

    There are no electrolytes listed on the nutrition facts aside from sodium. 

    You won’t find a lot to nitpick on in terms of nutrition. This is what you’d expect from a collagen supplement, which is basically what Peak Performance is. 

    You get some protein and not much else. 

    Peak Performance Bone Broth Review

    Peak Performance Bone Broth Review from a customer on Amazon

    Reviews from brand websites are notoriously difficult to trust. Why? Because they can be tinkered with. 

    So how do you find trustworthy online reviews for bone broth? You can read articles like this one or go to Amazon for reviews.

    The tricky part about Peak Performance Amazon reviews is that these can be messed with. 

    You need some practice to spot fake reviews.

    My best advice is to ignore most 1 star reviews that have 2-5 words. These are usually spammers.

    You need to be careful with 5 star reviews as sometimes these can be messed with.

    With that said, here are three recent Peak Performance bone broth reviews from Amazon.

    Blends well after a couple of minutes of stirring 

    If you’re interested in drinking bone broth, this is not a bad choice. It tastes and smells slightly beefy. It is easy to blend after the powder has been in the hot water for a couple of minutes.

    Very disappointed! 

    Flavor was ok but it does not blend well at all. Will not buy again. Going back to Dr. Kellyann's brand. No expensive but much better product.


    I liked that it didn’t arrive clumpy.

    Amazon Review Trends 

    Looking through the Amazon reviews, it seems as though many customers enjoy Peak Performance.

    Some customers voice concerns that it is advertised as flavorless, however it appears to have a slightly beefy taste.

    This fact is throwing some customers off and causing some negative reviews.

    Other reviewers cite the mixability as the reason for a poor review. 

    Peak Performance Packaging

    Peak Performance uses a plastic canister to package their bone broth. This is typically a single-use plastic that is non-recyclable. 

    Peak Performance Bone Broth vs. Bluebird Provisions

    Peak Performance Bone Broth vs. Bluebird Provisions

    Bluebird Provisions is a craft bone broth brand that makes chicken bone broth powder. 

    The chart shows some of the key differences between Peak Performance and Bluebird Provisions.

    Bluebird Provisions has more protein and more hydration in the form of potassium (300 mg vs. 0).

    Bluebird Provisions also uses a 100% recyclable pouch so you can enjoy your bone broth with a clear conscience knowing you’re not harming the environment. 

    Closing Thoughts on Peak Performance Bone Broth

    If you are looking for collagen nutrition without the delicious bone broth taste, then Peak Performance bone broth is a good option. 

    However, if you are looking for a real bone broth, Peak Performance may not be the best option. 

    Real bone broth means protein and hydration all in one. Peak Performance does not have any hydration or electrolytes. 

    Lastly, there were a lot of negative Amazon reviews for Peak Performance. 

    If you are looking for real bone broth benefits, then stick to a high quality, single source bone broth like Bluebird Provisions.


    Thanks for sharing Margie! It’s great that this brand does third party testing for metals, yeast, etc.


    Connor at Bluebird Provisions June 22, 2022

    Labdoor verified the clean ingredients in Peak Performance Hydrolyzed Grass-Fed Bone Broth + Collagen Protein Peptides Powder

    Margie June 22, 2022

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    Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

    Adrienne L