Solid Gold Bone Broth Review: Low Protein Dog Food Topper With Added Ingredients

Solid Gold Bone Broth Review: The Dog Food Topper With Turmeric

I'm sick of biased reviews written by websites who are paid to review products and make affiliate commissions.

That is why I wrote this 100% unbiased review of Solid Gold. You'll read honest reviews from real customers and get a full breakdown of the nutrition facts and ingredients.

I know that you're looking for the highest quality bone broth meal topping at a decent price. In this article, you'll learn if this one meets the standards of my two dogs.

Why listen to me? I've made over 250,000L of bone broth in the last five years. I also feed different type of it to my dogs Nitotem (husky) and Atlas (poodle) every day.

I know which ones work for their delicate digestive systems and which do not.

One quick note before we begin: if you're looking for the absolute best broth topper for your dog in terms of sourcing, taste, collagen protein content and hydration, then just use Bluebird Provisions Dehydrated beef Bone Broth.

It ticks all the boxes, is human-grade and costs less than Solid Gold. But you are here for answers to your pressing questions, so let's begin.

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Solid Gold Company Overview

Solid Gold is a business that manufactures a variety of pet food products with a commitment to gut heath and digestion. Their lineup includes a large swath of dog and cat food. The specific things the make include the following:

  • dry food for dogs
  • wet food for cats
  • stews / meal additions
  • gravy toppings
  • treats
  • pet nutrition vitamins
  • chews
  • wellness supplements

Solid gold natural pet food products overview

You can find them at grocery stores and pet food markets in various pouch options. This article will focus on their beef, chicken and turkey broth products that come in a standup pouch.

What are the benefits of bone broth for dogs?

The benefits of bone broth for dogs are that it helps keep them hydrated, builds strong joints, gives them a shiner coat, nails, hair, teeth skin and bone strength and provide beneficial gut bacteria.

The hydration is often overlooked. Because it is so delicious to them, it will naturally increase their liquid intake. And traditionally made versions of it are full of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium for sustained energy and immunity.

It is also a great way to get picky eaters to eat their food. Pet parents have sworn by bone broth for its ability to make any pet eat their food. I have a stubborn poodle who is as picky as they come. He absolutely devours his food with 1 tbsp of bone broth on top.

Possible side effects

Possible side effects of bone broth include diarrhea, bloating, stomach issues, vomiting and allergic reactions (chewing paws) because of a histamine intolerance. You can read more about these in detail in my expose on Is Bone Broth Bad For You, some if it will surprise you.

It's important to check in with your vet to make sure this diet additionf a good idea for puppies or your adult dog. It is full of amino acids and essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals, but it's still important to make sure it's a good fit for their digestion / tummies. They can also give you special feeding instructions for mealtime.

Solid Gold Bone Broth Ingredients

The human grade ingredients in Solid Gold Bone Broth include broth, vegetables, some seed oil and different flavors and formulas like turmeric or chamomile. You can find the specific list for each product below.

Beef Bone Broth Topper Ingredient List

Beef Bone Broth, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Sesame Seed Oil, Turmeric.

Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Sesame Seed Oil, Lavender, Chamomile.

Turkey Bone Broth

Turkey Bone Broth, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Pumpkin, Ginger, Sesame Seed Oil.

It's nice to see some more turkey options!

Ingredient Analysis

They should be commended for using good ingredients, whole foods and recipes. That being said, there are a few things worth discussing.

Most liquid products use 'chicken bones' as the second ingredient and 'water' as the first. When a brand uses 'beef bone broth,' it sometimes means that they are buying a pre-made stock concentrate from big food manufacturers, then adding it to their formula.

This saves them money and time because they don't have to spend 12-24 hours simmering bones to make their own. It also means may not be making their own from scratch.

Sweet potatoes, apples and pumpkin don't make a ton of sense in a liquid product. They cook down into broth, leaving starch and not much else. I suspect they add a touch of flavor, but no nutrition. Sometimes brands add these things to create the 'health halo' effect.

The point is that the consumer thinks the product is healthy because of what's in it, but they are in such small quantities that the impacts are negligible.

Speaking of the halo effect, there is also turmeric, lavender and chamomile. These are in small quantities and it's difficult to say whether there is any benefit.

Finally we get to sesame seed oil. This adds a nutty taste that your dog may enjoy, but not much else. It has a really high omega 6 to 3 ratio, so your pet is not getting a nutrition boost from it.

Read my ultimate guide to buying bone broth for dogs.

non gmo Beef bone broth for dogs

Solid Gold Bone Broth Nutrition

The nutrition facts for Solid Gold Bone Broth are good. There's a decent amount of protein with limited fat (no grease) and carbs. Let me go into more detail with each of their flavor options below.

Turmeric Beef Product Information

The turmeric beef flavor has 3% protein. This doesn't give us a way to compare it to others so we need to do a bit of math. 3% works out to about 6.75 g per cup. This is on the low end for what you see in human products.

For example, Bluebird Provisions has 12 g per cup. Almost double.

Crude Protein (Min.)


Crude Fat (Min.)


Crude Fiber (Max.)


Moisture (Max.)


Chicken Dog Food With Turmeric

Similar to the beef, the amino acids are low at 3% or 6.75 g per cup. In order for a product to be qualified as a real bone broth, it must have at least 7 g per cup. So we are right on the border of what adult dogs need.

There is virtually no fat and limited carbs in this beverage. The carbs are from the vegetables, which I discussed above.

Crude Protein (Min.)


Crude Fat (min.)


Crude Fiber (Min)


Moisture (max.)


Turkey Nutrition Information

As you can see from the chart below, the turkey bone broth is not much different from the others. You'll get the same 3% amino acids with no fat and limited carbs.

Don't worry about the moisture content. They have to list this but it makes sense because these are liquids. Lastly, there are 22 calories per 60 ml serving size.

Crude Protein (Min.)


Crude Fat (Min.)


Crude Fiber (Max.)


Moisture (Max.)


Solid Gold Bone Broth Reviews

We can cut through the fluff of fake reviews and share real customer feedback. You see, we can't trust company websites because by definition they are self controlled.

So we look to independent websites like Chewy and Amazon. These are far from perfect, but with a few tips, we can get through the noise and spam to find some honest thoughts. Here is my criteria for trusting customer feedback:

  • Look for more than 10 words
  • Look for those between 2-4 stars
  • Find out if the product solved a specific problem
  • Look for ones with pictures
  • Prioritize ones from real names and people with badges like 'top contributor.'

There is a trend on Amazon where the customers are paying for 12 cartons but only receiving 1 pouch per box. This is giving them a lot of negative complaints and feedback. Hopefully they can fix this customer support issue soon. See below for an example.

solid gold amazon review image

This customer said that their dog 'loves it' and are happy with how it's working.

solid gold bone broth customer review

Here is some negative feedback from a top 1000 contributor on Chewy (a popular dog food websites). Their terrier mix is a picky eater and did not like it at all.

solid gold dog food broth topper review

Finally, another fantastic reviewer / happy customer. This particular dog did well with some gut issues using the dog it.

solid gold meal topper review

As you can see, the opinions range from positive to negative with everything in between. It's important to take all of these things into account before you make your final purchase decision.

Is Solid Gold bone broth the best dog food topper?

Solid Gold is a great dog food topper but it is not the best for your puppy. It works well as a topping for dry kibbles. That being said, there are other brand with more collagen, less carbs and are a fraction of the price per serving.

One brand you can try is Bluebird Provisions. We will discuss how their features stack up below.

Solid Gold vs Other Popular Products

Here are two charts comparing Solid Gold (SG) to a popular brand online called Bluebird Provisions. Bluebird is a powder form human-grade product made with one simple ingredient.

You'll notice it has double the protein compared to SG. When it comes to collagen, your pet needs all of the crucial amino acids like glycine, glucosamine, chondroitin and glutamine to provide all of potent health benefits.

Without the amino acids, your puppy is getting none of the joint building, gut health, immune system and longevity benefits.

Bluebird is also priced at quarter the price of SG. For this reason alone, you are getting way better value for a kibble topper. Also, Bluebird comes in a little 200 g pouch with 62 servings, while you only get 3.75 servings per pouch with SG. This leads to more waste per volume and unnecessary plastic in landfills.

solid gold chicken bone broth vs bluebird provisions chart

As far as what is in these products goes, Bluebird has one thing, while SG adds some fillers and vegetables to add extra carbs.

Solid Gold Bone Broth Cost

The cost of Solid Gold bone broth is $47.88 per 12 pack (pouches) for the beef and turkey versions and $45.48 for the chicken. One package has 227 g or about 3.75 60 ml (1/4 cup) servings.

This works out to $0.94 per serving for the beef and turkey and $0.99 for the chicken. This is expensive compared to all of the dehydrated versions but similar price to other liquid choices.

Does solid gold bone broth need to be refrigerated?

Solid Gold Bone Broth should be refrigerated to maintain quality, especially with leftovers after you open the packaging container. The broth will last in the fridge for up to four days once it has been opened, so don't forget about it. This is the most common customer questions and it is crucial.

Can cats have solid gold bone broth?

Yes, cats of all shapes, sizes and ages can have solid gold bone broth. Be sure to follow the transition instructions until you get the a maintenance dose and they will be in heaven!

Is bone broth with turmeric good for dogs?

Bone broth with turmeric is safe for dogs in small doses. Some studies show that it may have a positive impact while others claim it does not. Canines have sensitive stomachs, so you have to be careful.

The recommended daily dose is anywhere between 1/8 tsp - 1/4 tsp for every 10 lbs of body weight. If your pup has health concerns or is on medication, it's best to consult with a vet to see if it is right for them. Check the product description to see how much is in one serving.

Closing Thoughts

They are a good option, but there are other brands that offer double the proteins at a fraction of the cost. This is a major drawback. For example, Bluebird Provisions costs 4 times less per serving and has double the collagen and amino acids.

If you want convenience, a powder option might be a better fit. These can be stored at room temperature in your pantry and don't take up valuable refrigerator space.

Be careful when you change / start using any broths as they can cause stomach upsets. I had to gradually start Atlas and Nitotem and now their pooch coats are shiner than ever.

Do you have another bone broth product that you want my thoughts on? Leave a comment and I will get to it asap.

Has your dog tried this one? How did they like it? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

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