Zoup Bone Broth Reviews: Yeast Extract and Sketchy Ingredients

Zoup Bone Broth Reviews: Chicken and Beef

Zoup makes products with 1/3rd the protein content and double the sodium of competitors. Read these honest Zoup bone broth reviews to learn about the strange ingredients they use.

Can you trust a bone broth that uses yeast extract and natural flavors as its main ingredients? You'll be shocked at what else is in this product.

This review will show you whether Zoup is a good fit for your hard earned dollars. You'll get all the information you need to make a smart purchasing decision. Plus, learn what some of the surprising ingredients they use do to your body.

Before we get started, I will say this. If you are looking for a higher quality alternative to Zoup, then look at Bluebird Provisions Instant Bone Broth Powder.

Their chicken powder is low sodium (only 130 mg per serving) with 4 times the protein of Zoup.

Let's get into it!

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What is Zoup Bone Broth?

Zoup is a soup and broth company started by Chef Phil. They have over 100 retail soup concept restaurant locations throughout the USA and Canada. They also sell a range of products on grocery store shelves. These products include:

  • Soups
  • Spices
  • Bases
  • Premium Broths

They package their products in glass jars and have the following bone broth flavors: beef, chicken and spicy chicken.

Does Zoup really sell bone broth? Or is it merely mislabeled broth and stocks. This article gives you a detailed look at what they are really selling beyond the fancy packaging and marketing.

You won't find this info in review sites because it takes an experienced eye to see the games that bone broth brands play with food labels.

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Zoup Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

Zoup's bone broth comes in three different flavors: chicken, beef and spicy chicken. We'll focus on these flavors which are fat free but low in protein with lots of added salt. There are no carbs and no electrolytes in these products as well.

Zoup Beef Bone Broth Protein Content

Zoup beef bone broth is a shelf stable and ready to drink option that you can pour into a mug and heat in the microwave.

It has 3 g protein per cup. This is about a quarter the amount you'll find in other options. Protein this low leads to some confusion as to why this product is marketed as bone broth.

There is 21% of your daily recommended intake of sodium at 470 mg per cup. This is plenty and 200% more that what you see in other bone broth brands. Finally, there is no fat or carbs in this one.

Zoup beef bone broth nutrition facts

Zoup Chicken Bone Broth

Zoup chicken bone broth gives you 480 mg of sodium which is 21% of your daily intake. The label states that It contains 4 g protein with 15 total calories. This is confusing because 1 g of protein is 4 calories. If there are 4 grams total then it should be 20 calories not 15.

You'll find no fat and no carbs in this product according to the product information. You also won't find much potassium at a pedestrian 110 mg. This is compared to 300 mg in Bluebird Provisions chicken product.

Potassium is really the hallmark of the best traditionally made chicken bone broths. Without at least 250 mg per serving the you know the ingredient list of cooking methods are strange.

Zoup Chicken Bone Broth nutrition facts

Spicy Chicken Drinking Broth

There is not much different about the spicy chicken except that it has even more added salt than the other two at 560 mg per cup.

Zoup Spicy Chicken Drinking Broth nutrition facts

Key Ingredients in Zoup Bone Broth Products

The key ingredients in Zoup bone broth are bone extracts, natural flavors, yeast and sea salt. They use a limited ingredient list with some things you typically don't see in similar products.

There are no chicken bones or beef bones in any of their products. Sometimes, this is a concern because it means they are using pre-made broth or stock concentrates or extracts as the main ingredient. This is what dietary supplements use.

This is instead of making the real thing from scratch themselves. Many bone broth brands will buy extracts from ingredient suppliers to keep costs down and making manufacturing easy.

Best Beef Bone Broth Ingredient List

Here are the ingredients you'll find in Zoup's Beef Bone Broth:

Water, Beef Bone Extract, Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract, Sea Salt.

There's definitely some question marks here that requires a deep dive. Scroll down for detailed info on these things that you've probably never heard of.

zoup beef bone broth ingredients

Chicken Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that you will find in Zoup's chicken bone broth:

Water, chicken bone broth, natural flavor, yeast, sea salt.

zoup chicken bone broth ingredients

Again, we see the same strange flavor enhancers: yeast and 'natural flavors.' I'll dig into what these are below. There are no poultry bones.

Spicy Chicken Ingredients

Finally, here are the food ingredients in Zoup spicy chicken:

Ingredients: Water, Chicken Bone Broth, Yeast, Salt, Roasted Peppers (Red Bell Pepper, Ancho Pepper, Chili Pepper, Chipotle Pepper, Cayenne Pepper), Onion Powder, Natural Flavor, Oregano, Dried Garlic, Cumin.

zoup spicy chicken bone broth ingredients

Lots more ingredients to spice this one up. It must be really spicy given all of these peppers. Again, there are no poultry bones.

Red Flag Ingredients

Zoup uses some ingredients that raise a lot of eyebrows and leave you with more questions than answers. This is not meant to be a criticism, but merely an explanation of what these things are and why they are in your quality broths instead of traditional food ingredients.

Some of these things are common in processed foods.

Yeast Extract

Yeast extract is a common ingredient in mass marketed soups and sauces. It is often used to add a savory taste that enhances the flavor of other things.

It can be found under many names including autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, and sodium caseinate. They're used to mimic MSG flavors and that umami taste.

They usually add a ton of salt and some people have allergies to them. If you are sensitive to foods, then be sure to check before you try anything with it.

Natural Flavor

Natural flavors are a common ingredient in highly processed foods and beverages. It is a food additive that is defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as:

"anything that adds flavor to a food that is not derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root or leaf."

From a practical perspective, they are usually yeast derived blends of artificial, GMO spices. You see them a lot in processed meat and fake meat foods because of their ability to simulate meat seasoning.

It's an oxymoron because there is nothing inherently natural about these flavors. Another product I've seen that uses this is Dr. Kellyann bone broth.

Beef Bones Extract

Beef bone extract is a concentrated form of the nutrients found in beef bone broth, made by boiling down the bones and cartilage with water to extract as much goodness from them as possible.

Beef bone extracts are used in place of making actual bone broth on its own. This is a way to simplify the cooking methods and save money. A common issue is that you do not know where the animals come from.

Usually, these products are made on a massive scale in factories that source from overseas because it's cheaper than the USA. That is not necessarily the case here, but it warrants asking if you are concerned about it.

Bone broth powder that is naturally low in sodium

Is Zoup real bone broth?

Zoup is not real bone broth if you judge it by the criteria of the average competitors product. Real ones have at least 7 g protein per cup, while Zoup has about half that with 3 to 4 grams per cup. This mean they lack glycine, proline and glutamine content to heal your gut.

What's missing from these products are real poultry and beef bones and food ingredients like vegetables and herbs. They use additives and filler ingredients instead of real foods that you can see and pronounce.

Other bone broth brands in health food stores use real food ingredients like onions, celery, carrots, thyme, parsley and bay leaves to make their version of this. Also, With this little protein, it will not gel at fridge temperature.

Zoup Bone Both Reviews

Here are recent customer reviews of Zoup bone broth for you to see for yourself. Some are positive and some are negative.

It is important to note that the trustworthiness of all reviews are not equal. Amazon is a common place for brands to pay for both 5 stars and 1 star (competitors do this) reviews.

Take them with a grain of salt to steer through any biases.

The first reviewer mentioned that most people use it for their dog. They found it works less well on humans because of the flavor enhancers not working.


Dobbins found that the product as bitter and not up to their favorite taste standards. Two stars.

Zoup product reviews

Finally, here is thumbs-up stating that it's a great alternative to bouillon. 5 stars!

Zoup reviews

Does ZOUP bone broth have collagen?

Zoup bone broth has 2-3 grams of collagen per cup, based on the total protein levels. This is about a quarter or 1/5th of what you need from a traditionally made bone broths to get the health benefits of collagen. Most research shows that you need 10-15 g per day to get positive results.

Comparing Zoup Bone Broth to Others

There are other brands that do not use natural flavors, yeast and bone extracts as flavor enhancers in place of bones (poultry and beef). You can also find many with half to one third the added salt of these ones.

Here is a chart comparing them to Bluebird Provisions, a popular brand on Amazon and online. It comes in a powder format, so this chart assumes you've already mixed it with 1 cup of water.

zoup bone broth vs bluebird provisions chart

From a quick scan at the chart above, you can see that Bluebird Provisions has 4x the protein of Zoup with almost 4 times LESS salt.

Both has no carbs and no fat, making them a great fit for keto, low carb or intermittent fasting people.

What about ingredients and protein content?

Zoup uses ingredients that are not common in these types of products. They also have low protein content compared to others.

Let's look at the chart below to get a comparison.

Zoup ingredients vs bluebird provisions

Bluebird Bone Broth Protein Powder Highlights

This product uses one simple ingredient aside from water: chicken bones from non-gmo and pasture raised chickens. You won't find any added salt, yeast or natural flavors.

The single source of protein gives you the unique amino acids like glycine and glutamine content that are responsible for the skin healing benefits of bone broth.

Packaging Liability

Glass jars are a packaging liability from an environmental perspective for a few reasons.

  1. There is frequent breakage during transport. The cleanup, wasted product and disposal of this waste needs to be factored in to the cost and environmental footprint.
  2. Glass jars with liquid products are heavy. This uses a lot of fuel and environmental resources to transport.

While glass seems like an eco friendly option, when you dig deeper it is not. The lightest package will yield the most positive environmental benefits

Bluebird Provisions uses a 100% recyclable plastic pouch for their powder. It is lightweight and convenient to take with you to work, on vacation or to the gym.

Is Zoup bone broth clean?

Zoup bone broth likely does not meat the definition of clean because of the added artificial flavor enhancers including natural flavors, yeast and bone extract.

These are ingredients that almost no other real bone broth brands use today, which raises question marks about the cleanliness of this product. It should have real food ingredients instead of what they use.

Closing Thoughts

Zoup's product line is confusing. They are labelled and marketed as bone broth but do not have enough protein to be called such a term.

All other popular bone broth brands have at least 7 g protein content per cup, while Zoup has 3 to 4. It is impossible the get the unique health benefits without more protein, unless you want to drink 4 cups per day.

It also has 560 mg salt per cup. That is a lot.

Bluebird Provisions makes the best traditionally made bone broth powder that is keto friendly and has plenty of protein at 12 grams with incredibly low sodium.

They're a better fit if you are after a quality product that won't break the bank, whether you're making chicken soup or sipping it.

Ave you tried Zoup? Leave and comment and let me know what you think of it.

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

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