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Article: Pure Bone Broth Now at

Pure Bone Broth Now at

Pure Bone Broth Now at

We're pleased to announce that Pure Bone Broth is now available at Partnering with SPUD is a huge step for us. 

We've admired SPUD's approach to food and they share similar values to us in terms of building a food business based on sustainability and geography.

Checkout our product listing HERE.

We work hard to ensure that all the ingredients in our broths are local to British Columbia. Our bones come from small-scale farms where the animals are raised in naturally low stress environments.

We talk at great length with our farmers to ensure the animals are sustainably raised. The same goes with our produce, herbs and spices.

SPUD gives you a convenient means for ordering our broth. As a small business trying our best to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, deliveries are not feasible outside of Vancouver.

SPUD allows us to serve you better because they deliver amazing groceries straight to your door!

ps we are also available at Be Fresh Market which is an awesome market on 1st and Cypress in Kitsilano owned by SPUD. 

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