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"Delicious, nourishing and easy on our stomachs."

-Donald R (& his wife)., Bluebird Provisions customer

A bone broth powder that mixes perfectly, is easily digestible and has all the benefits of our original bone broth.
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✔ Skin Nourishing and Gut-Healing
✔ 100% Recyclable Packaging
✔ 1 Pouch makes 15 cups of delicious bone broth

✔ Same health benefits as liquid bone broth
✔ Convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle

When to Use



Drink with breakfast for sustained energy and hydration throughout your day.



Relax with bone broth before bed. Amino acids like glycine help you sleep.


Gut Health

Drink with your meals to aid digestion and rebuild your gut health.


Aches & Pain

Drink before you rehab to help hydrate your cartilage and decrease pain.


Before you exercise or workout for stronger joints and tendons.


Convenient Source of Bone Broth Protein

It took years to crack the code. Finally we’re able to make a powdered bone broth that mixes properly, is easily digestible and feels like real chicken bone broth! No gums, fillers or 'natural flavors' that you'll find in other

Collagen + Hydration in One

Bone Broth Powder has all the same benefits as liquid bone broth, without the hassle. It also completely replaces your collagen and electrolyte supplements. Bone broth has hydrating electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and chloride.

Builds a Healthy Gut

Decrease inflammation by nourishing your gut with bone broth. It's full of amino acids like glycine, proline and glucosamine to improve your digestion.

See why our guests love Chicken Bone Broth Powder

"First time bone brother, I ordered the powder bone broth and fell in love after my first sip! Taste delicious and satiating! I added a pinch of pink salt to it, as advised! "

Keri L.

Verified Buyer


"I really like the convenience of the packaging in powdered form. When I mix it with hot water, I add some curry powder and a tiny bit of! A real taste treat! 😊"

Mary C.
Verified Buyer


"All of the bone broth powder that I've tried to-date has been only palatable for cooking but this is something entirely different!"

Antoni K.
Olympian for Team Canada


Nutrition Facts

12 g



Chicken Bone Broth Powder (Water, Chicken Bones)

How to Use Instant Bone Broth Powder

Our chicken bone broth powder is rich and delicious.
It is perfect to sip on its own or as an addition to your favourite recipes.

For Sipping

Your convenient source of bone broth protein.

Step 1: Add 2-3 TBSP bone broth powder to a mug
Step 2: Pour a cup of boiling water over the powder
Step 3: Stir for 15 seconds until smooth
Step 4: Add your mix-ins like salt, coconut oil, etc.

For Cooking

Add bone broth to anything that you are cooking.

Chicken bone broth makes for the perfect soup base.
You can add it to pasta sauces, salad dressings use
it in stir frys or to steam vegetables.

Risk-Free Experience

You’re in control of your bone broth. Order one pouch or set up a subscription to invest now in your long-term health. Subscribers enjoy a 10% discount and automatic delivery every time you need a refill.

A subscription is the best way to build a healthy habit. Of course, you can cancel any time.


Frozen Fresh for Flavour and Nutrients

We Make it Gel

Sustainable + Recyclable Packaging

Slow Simmer

Only Bones, No Concentrates



How we Make Chicken Bone Broth Powder

Liquid to Powder

We take our chicken bone broth and gently dehydrate it to remove all the liquid. The result is a golden powder with a delicious and rich chicken taste.

Slow Simmered

Our broth is made with love in small batches through a slow simmer. This ensures all the collagen minerals and amino acids are in the bone broth.

Zero Preservatives

No junk filler ingredients, natural flavors, gums or artificial sweeteners. Naturally low in allergens and suitable for all diets.

Sold out

Don't like it after 60 days? Get a full refund. No returns, no questions.

My Journey to Make the Best Bone Broth

Born out of the kitchen of an elite ultramarathon runner, Bluebird Provisions began as I sought out unconventional ways to fix a debilitating foot injury.

I stumbled across bone broth while looking for collagen sources during rehab. I researched how to make the highest protein bone broth possible.

Ultimately, I used bone broth to heal a ruptured foot tendon and get back to winning ultra marathons. Now my mission is to make the best organic bone broth to help you move and feel better.

-Connor, Founder at Bluebird Provisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is your packaging?

Instant Bone Broth Powder (Chicken): 200 g (Makes 15 servings)

What is the shelf life?

Instant Bone Broth Powder:

Our Instant Bone Broth Powder has a 2 year shelf life if kept at room temperature in a dry location. We recommend storing in your pantry at 20 degrees celsius.

What ingredients are in your bone broth

Chicken Bone Broth

Where are your bones sourced from?

We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality local BC ingredients that money can buy. Our beef bones come from organic grass fed cattle from farms in northern BC. These cows are raised in a naturally low stress environment where they’re able to explore boundless pasture year round and graze to their hearts’ content.

All of our chicken bones come from Organic Chicken in the Fraser Valley of BC. These are no cage-bound chickens. Quite the opposite. They are raised on pasture where they have plenty of space to roam at their hearts content.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our instant bone broth packaging is 100% recyclable. It is the first and only bone broth in a recyclable zip pouch.

Our frozen bone broth pouches are the most environmentally sustainable packaging option. Less than 5% of the environmental impact of packaging is found in the final disposal stage. Over 95% of the damage is attributed to the energy used and toxins created in the manufacturing and delivery of packaging. The lightest packages produce the least environmental waste. This is where the biggest net environmental impact is.

What's your shipping cost?

We ship overnight to your home. Our shipping days are Monday and Tuesday of a given week. If you miss the cut-off, your order will ship the following Monday. Read our shipping policy for details.

Instant Bone Broth Canada wide

1 to 3 pack: $4.99
4 pack: FREE

What if I'm not satisfied with your bone broth

There’s no risk to you. That is how confident we are that you will enjoy our bone broth. If you're not happy with your experience after 60 days, we will refund your order. No questions asked and no returns necessary. Simply email

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