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Bluebird Provisions Founder Story

Connor Meakin Founder of bluebird provisions organic bone broth

Born out of the kitchen of broken down ultramarathon runner, Bluebird Provisions began as I desperately sought out unconventional ways to heal my ailing body.

It may sound corny, but I started Bluebird Provisions to share the gift of health with you. This soothing liquid has given me so much that I feel it’s my duty to pass it forward. 

Here is the short version of the story.

2014 was meant to be a banner year of running for me. 

I enjoyed early success, winning races and feeling amazing in the process, which motivated me to want more and push even harder. Things completely derailed soon after as I got blasted with the bitter truth that none of us are invincible.

Injuries and other health issues threw my life completely off track starting in August 2014. My body was broken. 

A disfigured foot a mangled endocrine system and a severely shaken psyche, left me unsure how to proceed. 

I tried the standard rehab approach, but never got any real answers or results. These were some serious doldrums. Depression hit. 

After being in so much pain for so long, I finally gave up on the idea of running and focused my energy on fixing my body as a whole.

This meant delving into a more functional medicine-based approach to rehab. If you’re unaware, the basic premise in functional medicine is that you investigate and treat the root cause of an issue (illness, injury, etc) not the symptoms.

I experimented with different methods of healing, including lifestyle and natural dietary approaches: herbs, spices, balms, strange protocols,... you name it.

Devoting significant time and energy into self-experimentation allows one to personally see what works for you instead of relying on the dogma of others. 

One experiment centred around the regular consumption of bone broths, a supposedly magic elixir made from simmering beef bones to extract the minerals, collagen and marrow. I read all I could about concocting the best bone broth available. 

The more I learned, the more I was amazed. Used by just about every ancient culture and civilization, bone broth's track record alone makes it worthy of your attention.

The health claims of bone broth zealots were so outrageous that I thought it was a joke… or that these snake oil salesmen were crafty marketers.

Cooking weekly batches, I drank bone broth like water. I couldn’t get enough of it.

After a month, I noticed some positive changes in my body. 

Keep in mind this is anecdotal. It's difficult to isolate one factor in improving health. Our beliefs play a huge role in this as well. If you think it will work, it may work. Suffice it to say, I was on to something. Placebo? Who cares, I'll take it. 

Fast forward to now, my foot is fully healed, and I am back to running and racing ultra marathons in B.C, Montana, Washington, California and more.

While I know that I can't give all the credit to bone broth, it has played a significant role in helping my body heal.

Now I want to help you. I started Bluebird Provisions to share my passion for health with as many of you as possible.

I’ll accomplish this by providing a convenient way to consume delicious bone broth based beverages and foods.

In the process, my goal is to inspire you to take your health into your own hands.

 Which broth did I use most?



ps if you want the long-drawn out version of my struggles and the story above, click here.

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Update Sept 2019

I returned to racing mountain ultra marathons at the top level. In 2019 I was able to race four ultramarathons through remote mountain ranges in BC and Washington. I even won one of them.