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Product Questions

Why is your broth better than regular bone broth?

Not all bone broths are created equal. The quality of your bones and cooking methods hav the greatest effect on the quality of a ready-to-drink broth.

1. Sourcing Quality:

  • Organic, sustainable and ethical sourcing from farms who practice regenerative agriculture
  • Our farms are vetted by 3rd party organic certifications, facility audits and animal welfare audits
  • Ethical and sustainable farming is incredibly important to us.

2. Versatility and Taste

  • Our bone broths are specifically designed as ready to drink
  • They are also a great addition to any recipe you are cooking
  • Simple ingredients low in allergens

3. Vitamin and Mineral Content

  • Rich in amino acids to improve digestion and gut health (3 g glycine / serving).
  • Hydration: The highest electrolyte content of any bone broth. Up to 400 mg of potassium per cup.
  • Specifically made with the highest protein in any bone broth.
  • No concentrates, gums, fillers or preservatives in an of our products!

What if I don’t have freezer space?

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to fit at least 6 pouches into your freezer. Each pouch is 5 by 8 inches and very flat.

Once your shipment arrives. We recommend placing 2 pouches in the fridge to thaw, in a bowl to prevent condensation. These are good for up to 2 weeks when unopened. The other 4 will easily fit on the door or in little nooks within your freezer. We guarantee it.

Still not convinced? Consider trying our new shelf stable Instant Bone Broth.

How do I use bone broth?

Our bone broth is perfect for sipping or cooking. Bone broth is a canvas from which you can create nourishing meals from. Our Bone Broth is shipped frozen.

For immediate use, we recommend placing the package in water to partially thaw then reheat on a stove. Alternatively, you can leave it in the fridge to thaw overnight (in this case we recommend placing in a bowl).

Bone broth is versatile so you can add it to anything you're cooking - from a stir fry to pasta sauce to a soup or chili. For some inspiration checkout the recipe page.

Bone broth great for cooking rice, bulgur, quinoa... or any other grains you may have in your diet. Substitute water for broth in cooking.

We’d encourage you to do what our founder (Connor) does: warm it up on the stove, pour it in your chalice of choice, and drink it down the hatch. One cup a day is the perfect dose for health benefits.

What's the difference between stock, broth and bone broth?

Bone broth, broths and stocks all share the same foundation: bones, meat scraps and vegetables simmered in a pot of water. However, differences lie in the preparation, timing, and specific ingredients used. Read the full differences here.

What ingredients are in your bone broth?

We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality local ingredients that money can buy. Our beef bones come from a mix of organic grass fed cattle from farms in Canada.

These cows are raised in a naturally low stress environment where they’re able to explore boundless pasture year round and graze to their hearts’ content.

All of our frozen chicken bones come from Organic Chicken. These are no cage-bound chickens. Quite the opposite.

The balance of our Bone Broth is fresh organic herbs and vegetables and a dash of himalayan salt to taste. We're happy to say that our bone broth's are gluten, soy, nut, dairy, GMO, heavy metal, hormone and antibiotic free!

Our Instant Bone Broth Powder uses NON-GMO and pasture raised chicken.

For full ingredients, see our Instant Bone Broth, Organic Beef Bone Broth and Organic Chicken Bone Broth pages.

Why is the Instant Bone Broth Powder not organic?

The chicken powder is pasture raised and non-gmo chickens sourced from Canada and the USA. If we were to make it organic from day one, it would be too expensive for anyone to buy. It’s a decision we made for a few reasons. First is price. The number one feedback we get from consumers and grocery store managers is price. So many stores won’t carry our products because of price. And consumers typically won’t buy because of price.  

Our frozen products are not inexpensive, especially per serving. The goal of the powder is to introduce more people to bone broth. That way, more people can experience the benefits of it. But we can't help people if no one can afford our products. Our plan is to transition the powder to organic. But it will take some time. We need to prove that there are enough people who will buy it non-organic before we invest in switching it to organic.

This is also how we built up our frozen bone broth. Initially it was not certified organic. But now it is.

How do you make your organic bone broth?

We'd tell you, but then we'd have to… In all seriousness, great bone broths are all about the details. We’ve spent the last six years honing the recipe. Our beef and chicken bone broth's are simmered low and slow to ensure that all the good stuff is gently extracted from the bones. It is the highest protein organic bone broth you will find in Canada. After the simmering process we immediately strain and cool the broths, skim off excess fat, strain a second time and package it. The amount of TLC we put into each batch makes it quite labour intensive. But we truly enjoy every minute of it!

How do you make your bone broth powder?

The bone broth powder is made the same way our organic bone broth is made, but with an extra step. After we make the bone broth, we gently dehydrate the bone broth into a fine powder. This removes all the liquid and moisture, leaving you with a powder that mixes into boiling water.

Does the powder have the same health benefits as the liquid bone broth?

Our Instant Bone Broth shares the same health benefits as our liquid bone broth. They have the same protein and amino acid profile.

How come Instant Bone Broth does not gel when chilled?

 We took one extra step that separates our Instant Bone Broth from other bone broth powders.

It’s called agglomeration. We use agglomeration when we dehydrate liquid bone broth to a powder. It gently increases the particle size of a powder. Agglomeration is needed to ensure the powder mixes perfectly into liquid. If you’ve tried other bone broth powders, they do not mix well, leaving a gooey mess. That is because these brands do not agglomerate their powder.

Is your bone broth sold in any retail stores in the USA or Canada?

Canada: Yes! On the top menu of this website, click on 'Store Locator' and find the store closest to you.
USA: Unfortunately we not in any stores in the USA. In the USA you can purchase online directly from us.

What packaging do you use?

Our Bone Broth Powder uses 100% recyclable zip pouches. We are the only bone broth in the world that uses sustainable packaging.

Liquid bone broth: BPA free re-sealable plastic food pouches. Our bone broth is sold frozen. This provides a convenient, non-messy and safe way for you to reseal and use at your leisure.

Less than 5% of the environmental impact of packaging is found in the final disposal stage. Over 95% of the damage is attributed to the energy used and toxins created in the manufacturing and delivery of packaging (1).

When you take a holistic approach to the environmental footprint of your packaging, things are not as they seem. From the outside you would assume that recyclable materials like glass jars are the most environmentally friendly, however this is only the case for highly toxic materials like PVC.

The lightest packages produce the least environmental waste. This is where the biggest net environmental impact is.

What is the shelf life of your bone broth?

Bone Broth Powder: 2 years if stored in a cool, dry location. Look for the expiration date on the back of your pouch.

Liquid Bone Broth: 7 days in the fridge or 36 months when kept frozen. We use a 'Packaged On' dating format. The date you see on the package is the date is was packaged.

Shipping Questions

How do you keep your bone broth frozen while shipping across Canada?

USA: We only ship our Instant Bone Broth Powder to USA addresses at this point. The frozen bone broth is not available in the US.

Canada: The bone broth comes frozen. We use fancy insulated shipping liners and gel packs to ensure it arrives frozen to your door. As such, we can keep the bone broth frozen for 48-72 hours. Depending on the climate. Once you receive your order, you should place it in the freezer. If you bone broth is partially thawed upon arrival, do not worry. It can be refrozen.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes! We ship to the USA and Canada. For USA guests, our Instant Bone Broth Powder is the only available product. We cannot ship our frozen liquid bone broth to the USA at this time.

What are your shipping rates?

USA: Instant Bone Broth Powder

1 to 3 pack: $5.99
4 pack: FREE

Instant Bone Broth Powder Canada wide

1 to 3 pack: $5.99
4 pack: FREE

Instant Bone Broth Powder Maritime Provinces (Canada):

1 to 3 pack: $8.99
4 pack: FREE

Certified Organic Bone Broth in Canada FROZEN


2 Pack: $36.99
6 Pack: $36.99
Spend over $114: $29.99


6 Pack: $8.99
FREE Shipping over $119.99

Shipping Costs to Maritime Provinces FROZEN


I received a shipping confirmation email but my tracking number is not working.

We’re so sorry! Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the package once it leaves our hands, but we will do our best to help you.

Track your package by entering the tracking number below into the courier website above (ex: ICS, UPS, USPS, FedEx).

If your tracking number starts with 'ND,' Then visit https://www.icscourier.ca to track it.
If your tracking number starts with '1Z,' Then visit https://www.ups.com to track it.
If your tracking number starts with the number '6,' Then visit https://www.fedex.com to track it.
If your tracking number starts with the number '9,' Then visit https://www.usps.com to track it.
All other tracking numbers can be tracked by visiting: https://www.swiship.ca/track

Still can't track it? This could be due to one of the following reasons:

1. Sometimes orders are automatically marked as "shipped" once the courier generates your label. This doesn't always mean that your products were shipped out. Consider checking your Tracking Number the following morning.

2. Our system automatically red-flags any incorrect addresses, but sometimes invalid addresses slip through the cracks and become undeliverable, so be sure to email us at info@bluebirdprovisions.co ASAP if your shipping address is incorrect. We are not responsible for perished product due to you entering the wrong shipping address at checkout.

How long does it take to ship?

USA: Your order will ship within one business day of when you place your order. Keep an eye out for the shipping confirmation email for when it ships. This email will have your tracking number. Transit time depends on your shipping carrier. USPS is often 2-3 business days.

Canada: We offer 1-2 day shipping to your door. Our orders typically ship out on Tuesday of a given week. They will usually arrive to your door by Wednesday or Thursday by end of day.

Order cut-off for same week shipment is Monday at 3pm. If you after this time, your order will likely ship the following Tuesday. Consult our shipping policy for more details.

Subscription Questions

How do I edit, swap, cancel or manage my subscription

If your subscription was properly set up, you can manage it by logging in to your account in our customer portal HERE. From there you can view your active subscriptions, change your payment methods, cancel your subscription, skip shipments, see upcoming shipments and more! If you need help, you can always email us at Info@bluebirdprovisions.co

From this window, you can manage:

  • Frequency of orders
  • Edit/Cancel Ship Dates
  • Remove Product for next order
  • Change quantity of Product for next order
  • Cancel subscription

How do I add products to my existing subscription?

If you would like to add a product to your existing subscription, please send us an email to info@bluebirdprovisions.co with the following information:

  1. The Email Address associated with your Subscription account
  2. The product(s) you would like added
  3. The frequency of delivery (one time addition or every _ weeks).

How do you subscriptions work and what are the benefits?

Join our bone broth enthusiasts community by ordering a subscription to bone broth. Subscriptions are an easy and convenient way to ensure you’re getting a steady supply of bone broth at a 10% discount. This is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success, without the hassle of ordering every month.

Step 1: Go to bone broth product page you wish to purchase. Click here for USA shoppers and here for Canada shoppers.

Step 2: Click the 'Add to Cart' button.

Step 3: Choose the frequency you would like to have them delivered by clicking grey arrow drop down menu.

Can I get a refund on my subscription order payment?

According to our refund policy, you must cancel your Subscription yourself prior to your bill date to prevent funds being debited from your account. No refunds will be made after your Subscription has been billed. You can also cancel by emailing at least 3 business days before your next subscription bill date to info(at)bluebirdprovisions(dot)co. If you fail to meet this criteria, we cannot refund you as your order will likely already have shipped. In this case you must include your email addressing you made the order under and your previous order number.

Dosage, Recipes and Preparation

How much bone broth should I drink?

We recommend starting with 1 cup of bone broth per day. See how you feel and perform after 3 days. From here you can increase your intake as needed. There is no real upper limit for how much you can drink. Some of our customer fast using 4-5 cups of bone broth per day.

Gut health and digestion benefits are often noticed within one week.

Skin health benefits often take 4 weeks to notice.

Joint pain benefits often take 6 weeks to notice.

However, this is not medical advice. Please consult your primary care physician.

How do I mix your Bone Broth Powder properly?

Step 1: Add 2 TBSP bone broth powder to a mug
Step 2: Pour a cup of boiling water over the powder so it disperses into your mug
Step 3: Stir for 25 seconds until smooth
Step 4: Add your mix-ins like salt, coconut oil, etc.

Due to the unique protein in bone broth, tiny bits of powder may remain ontop of your broth after you mix it. This completely natural and is impossible to remove.

Give me some recipes!

Look for a copy of our new recipe book in your email after you place your order: Ultimate Guide to Sipping Bone Broth. This book is your one stop guide to easy bone broth recipes and ideas.

Here are some other recipes:

Easy Bone Broth Butternut Squash Soup

Low Carb Cauliflower Soup (Keto Friendly)

Superfood Bone Broth Chili

Collagen Packed Bone Broth Oatmeal Recipe

8 Quick & Easy Summer Recipes Using Bone Broth

When should I drink bone broth for maximum benefit?

Read all about bone broth timing in this article.

Certifications and Allergens

Is your bone broth Certified Organic?

Our frozen liquid bone broth is Certified Organic in Canada! Look for the Organic logo on our package.

Our bone broth powder is not certified organic. Please read the FAQ above as to why.

Does your bone broth contain FODMAPS?

We do use a bit of onion in our beef and chicken bone broths, but it only simmers for 2 hours total to ensure they do not completely break down into the broth. Many low FODMAP eaters routinely drink our broth, but you'll have to try for yourself to see if you notice any reaction.

Our Instant Chicken Bone Broth Powder does not have onions or garlic or FODMAP foods.

Is your bone broth gluten free, soy free and dairy free?

Yes! All of our bone broth is gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

Is your bone broth Non-GMO?

Yes! All of our bone broth is Non-GMO.


I'd like to sell your products. How do I become a wholesaler?

Please email us: info@bluebirdprovisions.co and we will send you our sell sheets and price lists. We can ship direct to you or service Canadian wholesale via our distributors: Horizon and Ontario Natural Food Company

Package Protection - Lost, Stolen or Perished Packages

What is package protection and what do I get when I add it to my order?

Package Protection is provided by a 3rd party premium package protection service for your online orders. When you add Package Protection at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, perished, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise by emailing us a info@bluebirdprovisions.co

This may take up to 5 business days.

Note: When refunding an item, Package Protection covers the subtotal of the order. This will be provided via store credit. Shipping costs and the Package Protection premium are not included.

Does every order have Package Protection?

No. Package Protection is optional. You have the option to opt out at checkout, should you not wish to purchase it. Just look for the little orange icon below your order items in your cart and click 'Add to my order.'

Note: We will not be responsible for any lost, perished, stolen or damaged packages if Package Protection is not purchased. We will certainly assist with filing a claim on your behalf, however if denied by the carrier, a refund will not be issued.

How do i file a claim?

If you've opted to add Package Protection to your order, and it was Lost/Perished/Stolen/Damaged you can easily file a claim with us by emailing us at info@bluebirdprovisions.co

Note: Make sure to email us with subject line "CLAIM: (ORDER #)" and our team will file the claim on your behalf. If your package arrived perished, melted or damaged, please include a photo in the email thread.

How much does Package Protection cost?

The cost of Package Protection varies depending on your order value. However, most orders will be insured for as low as $1.99 CAD or $1.50 USD

Cancellations, Returns & Refunds

Do you accept cancellations or returns?

Due to the nature of bone broth being a food product, we are not accepting cancellations, returns or refunds once orders have been fulfilled and/or shipped.

I entered the wrong shipping address or forgot to include delivery instructions, what now?

If your order has no shipped yet, simply email us and we will update it for you: info@bluebirdprovisions.co

Please note: Once your package has been fulfilled and/or shipped, we cannot make changes to the shipping address nor accept refunds or cancellations. Please reach out to the shipping carrier to remedy the incorrect address.
We do not offer any refunds, replacements or cancellations if your order perished because you provide the wrong shipping address or delivery instructions (ex: don't include a buzzer number).

My package was re-routed back to you. What now? 

Orders shipped to the wrong and/or incomplete address by fault of the guest or orders that have not been picked up by the guest and then rerouted back to our facility will not be refunded. We certainly re-ship these items if they have no perished during transport. However, the cost of shipping will be paid by you.

There is an issue with my bone broth. It either came damaged or tastes bad.

If there is an issue with your bone broth or order, we must be notified within 5 business days of receiving your bone broth. Please include images of the problem and/or the product's dating code / expiry located on the back of the package. Once reviewed, we will arrange for an appropriate compensation.

If Package Protection was not purchased, we are not responsible for any lost/perished/stolen/damaged items once your package leaves our warehouse. In this case, we will be happy to open a claim with the carrier on your behalf - claim reimbursement will be up to their discretion.

But what if I don't like your bone broth? 

There’s no risk to you. That is how confident we are that you will enjoy our bone broth. If you're not happy with your bone broth experience after 60 days, we will refund your order. Simply email info@bluebirdprovisions.co.