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Article: Pure Bone Broth on Sale at Choices (and tastings)!

Pure Bone Broth on Sale at Choices (and tastings)!

Pure Bone Broth on Sale at Choices (and tastings)!

You're invited to try our pasture raised, grass-fed beef and free run chicken bone broths at Choices Markets this month at no cost to you. No way!

That's right, we're hosting Pure Bone Broth tastings throughout the Greater Vancouver Choices locations and would love to meet you!

You'll have a chance to try our nourishing bone broth and learn about how to use it throughout your day with delightful recipes and cooking tips from yours truly. 

We're also on sale at Choices throughout June. You can grab our bone broth (freezer section) at 10% off! 

If you don't see us in your local Choices Market, please do us a huge favour and mention to the store manager that you'd like to see it stocked.

This would help us greatly in serving you better! 

Pure Bone Broth Tasting Schedule


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your comment! We are going to be adding more retail partners on Vancouver Island very soon in the next few weeks! I will definitely reach out and see about JK’s Local Meat Cave.

I’m glad you came across our TV spot on Our Vancouver. We had a ton of fun sharing bone broth with Gloria and everyone watching CBC.

Connor at Pure Bone Broth

Any thoughts on Pure Bone Broth coming to the Island. I have made chicken bone broth on my own. I worry about the length of time in a slow cooker. Any chance of the broth coming to Campbell River. We have a brand new butcher shop here now. The butcher shop is called JK’s Local Meat Cave. I would buy from the store. I have quite a few problems with digestive health and looking for a solution to the problem. You can contact me via my email. I saw you briefly on Our Vancouver this a.m. (2017-03-04).

Barbara Smith

Hi Marion, unfortunately that particular Choices location does not currently carry our bone broth. You could do us a huge favour and politely ask that they bring it in next time you are shopping. It would help us out a ton!


Connor at Pure Bone Broth

Asking particularly about Richard & Davie Choices store!!

Marion Allaart

I tried to get bone broth at Choices but they were out of stock and the sales lady thought they’d get more this week & that I should check back Wed/Thurs this week. Will Choices be carrying it regularly??

Marion Allaart

Hi Kerri, yes our bone broth is available at all the Choices locations mentioned above. You just have to check the freezer section, and if you can’t find it, ask one of the staff members as they’re always helpful.

Thanks for reading the SAINT article!



Can I still buy your bone broth at choices? I just read your article in the Saint magazine and I am excited to start enjoying using your product.


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