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Article: 7 Best Bone Broths to Buy for 2024: Complete Buyers Guide

Best Bone Broths to Buy

7 Best Bone Broths to Buy for 2024: Complete Buyers Guide

Best Bone Broth to Buy

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious bone broth for cooking and sipping? Do you suffer from poor digestion or joint pain? Are you looking for youthful skin?

When you’re busy and want a nourishing beverage that won’t spike your blood sugar or cause the dreaded caffeine crash, consider bone broth.

But you can't just grab any broth you find in store or online. The product must meet specific criteria in order to give you the results you deserve.

Lucky for you, I've done the research and tested all of the supposed top bone broths on the market. All of the products you see in most review articles have not been tested by people who know what they are talking about.

With that, I am sharing with you with a review of the 7 best bone broths for 2024.

First a quick note: this website is reader-supported. I spend a lot of time personally evaluating, testing and reviewing each product on this list. When you buy through links on our site, I may earn an affiliate commission.

Best Bone Broths To Buy For 2024

Healthy Bone Broth Brands

Healthy bone broth brands include Bluebird Provisions, Kettle and Fire, Brodo, Fond, Bonafide Provisions and Epic. Here is the full breakdown!

1. Best Overall: Bluebird Provisions Chicken Bone Both Powder

If you're looking for the most delicious bone broth powder on the market, look no further than Bluebird Provisions.

This convenient bone broth has a delicious, natural chicken taste. But the best part is the 12 grams of protein per prepared cup with zero fat and zero carbs.

Bluebird Provisions Chicken Bone Both Powder

In a world with hyper processed foods, I find it refreshing that there are no filler ingredients, gums or flavor additives in this product. Check the back of the package and you'll find just two simple ingredients.

When it came to my taste test, I found that it mixed really well with boiling water. It tastes like a yummy chicken soup broth I ate as a kid.

As an added bonus, I appreciate the brands' commitment to environmental sustainability by using a 100% recyclable pouch. 

The other big thing you'll want to know is that Bluebird has the lowest sodium on the list with only 130 mg per serving.

Ingredients: Water, pasture raised chicken bones (non-gmo)

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup (2 TBSP Powder) | Protein: 12 g | Carbs: 0 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 50 | Sodium: 130 mg | Potassium: 300 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes

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2. Best Frozen Bone Broth: Bonafide Provisions Organic Chicken Bone Broth

Bonafide Provisions makes their products using a bone broth recipe you would use at home. They flash freeze their bone broth to preserve freshness and nutrition.

They are makers of the original frozen bone broth that you'd find in grocery stores. I believe that there's a reason why they are still around today when many other have failed: their determination to keep quality high.

You can find Bonafide Provisions in many grocery store freezer sections in the USA. They've been around forever and have never cut corners or changed their recipe to cut costs.

Bonafide Provisions Organic Chicken Bone Broth

In an economy with supply chain issues, rising ingredient costs and manufacturing costs, I commend them to sticking to quality.

As far as the broth goes, it tastes smooth and delicious, like a warm hug. I first tried this back in 2018, and it tastes the exact same this year.

Lastly, I need to point out that Bonafide is Certified Organic and uses a traditional and simple ingredient list. This makes it easily the top frozen option on the whole list.

While some people might complain at the price, Organic costs a lot to make and maintain.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Chicken Broth, Organic Onion, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Garlic, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Parsley.

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 10 g | Carbs: 0 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 45 | Sodium: 280 mg | Potassium: 39 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: No (Frozen)

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3. Best Bold Flavor: Kettle & Fire Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire has a massive lineup of bone broth that you’ll find just about everywhere. But in my experience, what sets Kettle & Fire apart from the rest is the bold flavor combinations they offer. If you are after a shelf stable turmeric and ginger bone broth, then look no further.

This turmeric ginger bone broth has 9.5 g protein and 465 mg sodium per cup. Kettle and Fire bone broth is also Whole 30 approved, keto and paleo friendly. As far as shelf stable tetra pak options, you can't do any better than K and F. Just make sure you refrigerate it after you open it.

Kettle & Fire Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth nutrition facts

As far as the taste and overall experience goes, it is a good broth, not too salty, not to bland, does well alone. But it works best as the base for something spicy or savory like a pho or ramen broth.

They are the biggest brand out there for a reason. Quality and consistency. I'll note that this product is also Certified Organic by the USDA, which is awesome!

You can find this in lots of stores from Target and Wal-mart to Kroger and Whole Foods. You can also get it online, of course.

Ingredients: Chicken Bone Broth* (Water, Chicken Bones*, Onions*, Carrots*, Fennel*, Leeks*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Thyme*,shiitake Mushrooms*, Tamarind Paste*, Bay Leaves*), Ginger Puree*, Sea Salt, Coconut Aminos* (Coconut Nectar*, Water, Salt), Turmeric Puree*. *Organic

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 9.5 g | Carbs: 1.5 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 40 | Sodium: 465 mg | Potassium: 265 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes (Refrigerate After Opening)

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4. Best Grass Fed Beef: Fond Regenerative Beef Bone Broth - Unflavored

Fond regenerative beef bone broth is a grass fed beef product with limited ingredients -- great if you are AIP or following an anti inflammatory diet.

This bone broth has 11 grams of protein per cup with 50 calories and 580 mg of sodium. There is a simple list of ingredients.

Fond Regenerative Beef Bone Broth - Unflavored

It is great to see brands keeping it simple with ingredient lists. I'm sure some people might complain about the lack of flavor, but this is a great option with no fillers or added ingredients to mess with your gut health.

You can always add things to it to bring out the bone broth flavor notes. As for the sourcing, Fond uses regenerative grass fed beef.

In terms of price, you are looking at $47 USD to a 4 pack of 710 ml jars.

Please note that this product does come in a glyphosate free glass jar. If you are getting it shipped to you, be sure to take care when handling the box. Give this one a try if you want to support regenerative farming and a quality brand.

This is also a great product if you are carnivore or following an animal based nutrition plan.

Ingredients: Water, beef bones, sea salt

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 11 g | Carbs: 0 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 50 | Sodium: 580 mg | Potassium: 6% DV | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes (Refrigerate After Opening)

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5. Best Ready-To-Drink: Epic Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Epic Provisions savory chicken bone broth is a great choice if you are looking for a ready-to-drink bone broth. They use a relatively straightforward ingredient list.

This product has 600 mg sodium per container or 353 per 1 cup serving.

Epic Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Epic Bone Broth is Whole 30 approved, gluten free, keto and paleo friendly. This bone broth has 9 g protein per serving and comes in a convenient, ready-to-drink jar. 

In my experience, Epic tastes great, is AIP compliant and nightshade free. I find the flavor a touch herby. But overall it is a solid bone broth that is worthy of your attention.

What I love most:

  • Ready-to-drink packaging format
  • Whole 30 approved 
  • 9 g protein per cup 

Ingredients: Water, organic chicken bones, onions, celery, carrots, sea salt, garlic, organic apple cider vinegar, lactic acid, rosemary, turmeric.

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 9 g | Carbs: 0 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 35 | Sodium: 353 mg | Potassium: 188 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes (Refrigerate After Opening)

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6. Healthiest Bone Broth: Kettle and Fire Grass Fed & Finished Beef Bone Broth

I couldn't make a list without adding one of the first really popular bone broths on the market. Kettle and Fire lead the charge when it comes to independent bone broth brands growing the category.

And what is not to like about their beef bone broth? It is high in protein, has decent sodium (for a beef broth), no carbs and no fat. This means that it fits squarely into just about any diet type.

Kettle and Fire Grass Fed & Finished Beef Bone Broth

Of the 9.5 grams protein, you are getting 7 grams of joint building collagen.

But what really stands apart with K and F are the sourcing and quality manufacturing practices. They use 100% grass fed and finished beef (although there is no information about which country they source the bones from).

They also use a traditional 'low and slow' 20 hour simmer to cook the broth. This ensures you get all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the bone broth.

I find the taste to be mild and not overly seasoned. This makes it the perfect blank canvas to add delicious mix ins like coconut oil or ghee.

Ingredients: Water, Beef Marrow Bones, Organic Vegetables, Spices, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Parsley, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 9.5 g | Carbs: 0 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 40 | Sodium: 370 mg | Potassium: 95 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes

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7. Best Tasting: Brodo Signature Hearth Bone Broth

Brodo Hearth Bone Broth is made by famous chef Marco Canora. This bone broth is a blend of chicken, turkey and beef bone broth that packs some serious flavor.

Brodo uses grass fed and pasture raised sourcing and a traditional low and slow simmer technique with open kettles to encourage a natural reduction during the cook.

This one has 10 g protein per cup with 375 mg sodium and 1 g carbs. 

Brodo Signature Hearth Bone Broth nutrition facts

If you’re ever in New York, you can visit their shops to buy it by the cup. This is where you'll get the best tasting bone broth. Seriously, give it a try if you are in New York.

The cool thing about Brodo is that they are continuously innovating. They went from a frozen product to a new, shelf stable product in 2024. The new product tastes almost as good as the previous, frozen one.

They've managed to package it in a zip pouch without adding any phthalates or BPAs to the pouch.

The product is paleo and keto certified and suitable for just about any diet under the sun. It is also Whole 30 Approved.

Ingredients: Water, Beef Bones, Organic Chicken Feet And Drumsticks, Organic Turkey Necks, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Tomato Paste, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Black Peppercorns, Organic Bay Leaves

Nutrition Facts: Serving: 1 Cup | Protein: 10 g | Carbs: 1 g | Fat: 0 g | Calories: 45 | Sodium: 375 mg | Potassium: 200 mg | Gluten Free: Yes | Shelf Stable: Yes

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How do I know which bone broth to buy?

Finding which bone broth to buy is easy, but you must read the nutrition facts and ingredients panel to find out whether it is real bone broth (or fake) based on the following criteria:

  • Protein per serving
  • Real bones vs concentrate
  • Filler ingredients
  • Sodium
  • Electrolytes
  • Carbs

Bone broth brands invest a lot of money in marketing their products as ‘clean’ and healthy. This means slick websites and packaging. 

Don’t worry, there are ways to detect their b.s, to find out if a particular brand is a fit for you.

The Most Important Step

Find the nutrition facts and ingredient list of your bone broth. These two pieces of information are the only objective data points we have at our disposal to figure out if the product is quality or junk. 

Here are 9 things to look for on the nutrition panel/ingredients list:

1. Does it Use Real Bone Broth?

Any product should have either ‘bones’ or ‘bone broth’ as the first ingredienton the ingredient list. You will notice that some do not.

Some top brands list ingredients like collagen, bone broth protein or concentrates.

Bone broths with these ingredients are not real.They are cheap, filler ingredients to increase protein.

Pro tip: Look for ingredients like: ‘chicken bones’ or ‘chicken bone broth.’ 

2. How Much Protein Per Serving?

Any reputable brand should have at least 8 g of protein per cup or 250ml serving. Anything less on the ingredient list and I would not call it bone broth.

Many brands mis-label broths that have only 2-5 grams of protein or they add fillers to give it more protein (more on that below).

3. Does It Have Cheap Filler Stock Sources?

Many top bone broth brands don’t even use real bone broth (see #1 above). You’ll want to scan the ingredient list for any of the following cheap filler protein sources. 

Sadly there are no laws to stop these brands from misleading you. 

Many sketchy ingredients have innocent names. Be wary of any bone broth that uses the following ingredients:

  1. Gelatin
  2. Collagen
  3. Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is highly processed starch, usually made from corn. It’s used as a thickener and a way to extend shelf life.

Gelatin and collagen are used to trick you.Brands use it to add more protein and to make their bone broth ‘gel’ at fridge temperature.

fake ingredients in bone broth

Bone Broth Protein

A processed supplemental form of bone broth. It is bone broth powder that has been stripped of its flavor and natural electrolytes.

Read more about bone broth protein in my deep dive article.

4. Is There Processed Ingredients / Fake Bone Broth Flavors?

Here are a few ingredients you’ll find in many popular bone broths.

  • Natural flavors: Most“natural” flavors contain chemicals and preservatives. They’re used in processed meat or faux meat products as they mimic meat flavor. If you see them on the ingredients list of your bone broth, ask the brand why?
  • Chicory Root: Chicory root is a plant fiber made mostly of inulin. Chicory allows food brands to add fiber to processed foods.
  • Yeast Extract: Similar to ‘natural flavors,’ yeast extracts are used to stimulate savory, meaty flavors. Yeast extract is also used in place of MSG.
  • Potassium Chloride: Potassium chloride is used to mimic the taste of salt without adding sodium to a nutrition label. It is also used as a flavor enhancer, stabilizer or thickener in processed foods.
  • Spices, Herbs or Vegetable Powders: This could be anything. We will assume it is a blend of spices to enhance flavor.
  • Guar / Xanthan Gum: These are thickening agents used to help powder products disperse in water.
  • Sunflower Lecithin: An emulsifier that is used to make liquids and oils combine and mix together.
  • Citric Acid / Lactic Acid: Used to extend shelf life of bone broth and other products.

5. How Much Salt / Sodium Is There?

Here’s the secret with the supposed best bone broths: many are salt bombs that are bad for your blood pressure. 

Why? Because many of the ingredients listed above are full of salt. Moreover, brands add salt to mask poor taste. 

Look for no more than 250 mg of sodium per 250ml serving. I personally like to stay below 220 mg. But some people can handle more if they are sweating a lot or very active. 

For example, avoid a nutrition label like the one below.

natural flavors in bone broth

6. Does it Have Nutrients For Hydration? 

Traditionally simmered bone broth will contain electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, chloride and phosphorus.Naturally made products will have these electrolytes in perfect balance, this includes a small amount of sodium.

My famous ‘Electrolyte Test’ is the easiest way to test if a chicken bone broth is made properly or if it is sketchy. 

If there is no potassium (or less than 250 mg per 250ml)? Then you know something sketchy is going on with processing or the bone broth recipe.

We’ve tested godly amounts of chicken bone broth, and it always has 300-400 mg of potassium per 250ml.

7. Are There Carbs In Your Bone Broth?

There should be no carbs in your bone broth.If there are, then the bone broth brand likely has sugar or other ingredients (perhaps too heavy on the vegetables) that make up the carbs. This makes for starchy broth, which doesn't taste great.

Fat has its place in some bone broth products. Some prefer to leave the fat in the bone broth, while others do not.

8. Are There Bone Broth Recipes Available?

Closely guarded secrets among top bone broth makers. Why? Truth be told, they don’t actually know how their products are made because they outsource it to larger factories.

Look for a bone broth that is simmered for at least 12 hours. Some prefer longer, but if you know what you are doing, you can get your simmer time down to 12 hours. 

Man cooking soup using organic beef bone broth

9. What Packaging Containers Are Used?

Look for bone broth in recyclable packaging. Bluebird Provisions is the only bone broth using a 100% recyclable pouch. 

If you cannot find recyclable packaging, then opt for the lightest and smallest package. This causes the least amount of waste in production, shipping and final disposal. 

What is the healthiest bone broth on the market?

The healthiest bone broth on the market is the Organic bone broth made by Bluebird Provisions because it is the highest protein with 12 grams with 300 mg potassium and no added filler ingredients. It is also low in sodium and tastes absolutely delicious.

What is the best bone broth for weight loss?

The top bone broth for losing weight is the chicken from Bluebird Provisions because it has the highest protein, lowest calories and sodium and has naturally occuring electrolytes like 300 mg potassium to keep you hydrated while you are dieting.

What is the best bone broth for gut health?

The best bone broth for digestion and your gut is kettle and fire beef bone broth because of the nourishing amino acids from the grass fed beef bones and natural collagen to heal and seal your intestinal tract.

Most Bone Broth Reviews Are Not Trustworthy

Most of the top bone broth reviews for 2024 are controlled by the brand selling you products. 

Even on Amazon, brands have found ways to game the system to pay customers for leaving 5 stars. 

Why? The competition is crazy on Amazon. Amazon is a winner take all, so brands feel like they must buy 5 star reviews to be competitive.

What About Cooking Blog or Review Websites?

These are difficult to trust because publications make money off of affiliate links and sales. 

Anytime a product is linked in a review article you can be sure they are getting a slice (10-25%) of the final sale if you purchase. 

99% of these ‘best bone broth in 2024’ review articles are a source of revenue for these blogs. 

As a bone broth enthusiast, it is on you to review the nutrition facts, ingredients, company background and cooking techniques. 

Closing Thoughts

If you value ingredients, nutrition and taste, my criteria for finding the best bone broth for you in 2024 is simple:

  1. Look for ingredients that you are familiar withthat do not contain any fillers listed above.
  2. Find out the protein and sodium per serving. These are the lowest hanging fruit to decide which of the top bone broths you should consider.

If you’re looking for the best bone broth, then try Bluebird Provisions Chicken Bone Broth.

It is convenient, shelf stable and tastes delicious. You’ll find a low sodium and high protein bone broth that mixes well and is the most environmentally sustainable bone broth on the market.  

If you prefer a liquid bone broth, then try something like the Bonafide Provisions organic chicken.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Have a bone broth you want my thoughts on? Leave a comment or read the FAQs below.


What happened to Osso Good Bone Broth?

As far as I can tell Osso Good Bone Broth went out of business and is no longer making or selling product.

There is no official announcement but from a quick search, I found that their website is down and they have not posted on social media since November 2022.

There are lots of comments on their last post asking if they went out of business and when they will be back in stock. It is strange that there is no announcement but sad nonetheless.

They made some great AIP compliant bone broth and other products that used to be included in my list above. They were great if you have autoimmune conditions of food sensitivities.

Is store bought bone broth good for you?

Most grocery store bone broth is bad for you because they usually have preservatives, cheap filler proteins, artificial sweeteners, natural flavors and yeast extracts. Make sure you read the checklist in this article so that know what to look for in a quality product. I've also recommended my top picks above.

What is the best bone broth protein powder

The best bone broth protein powder is the chicken from Bluebird Provisions. It is minimally processed compared to other protein powders and has 12 grams protein with 10 grams collagen per cup. Many people drink two servings at once, which brings the total protein to 24 grams.

What kind of bone broth is healthy to drink?

Non-gmo beef or chicken bone broth is the healthiest option to drink. Beef and chicken are both great options because they are high in protein, collagen, gelatin and amino acids for gut health and skin hydration. You must look for non-gmo products be cause they are not fed hormones or antibiotics which mess with your digestion.

Why is bone broth so expensive?

High quality bone broth is expensive because of long cook times and high quality bones. Cook times for traditionally made bone broth is 12-24 hours.

This means that the brand has to have a team of workers watching the broth simmer at all times, they also need to keep their facility open for 24 hours per day. This adds a lot of labor cost to the production.

Also bone quality really matters and adds to the cost of bone broth. Most concentrated broths use about 1 lb of bones per 2 lb of liquid. This means that brands go through a ton of bones just to make one batch of bone broth.

But with bone broth, you really get what you pay for. It is not worth sacrificing quality to get something cheap.

What is the best bone broth for health?

The best bone broth for health comes from non-gmo and pasture raised sources and has at least 12 g protein per serving with no added preservatives, fillers, gums or artificial sweeteners. A perfect bone broth that fits this bill is Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth Powder.

How long does bone broth last in the fridge?

Most bone broth will last in your fridge for 7 days once opened. If you do not open it, sometimes it can last for up to 10 days. Keep it in an airtight contain to preserve freshness and nutrition in your fridge.

What is the tastiest bone broth?

The tastiest bone broth comes down to personal preference. If you prefer light taste and enjoy chicken soup then chicken is a tasty option for you. If you prefer bolder flavors then you may prefer beef instead.

What is the best bone broth protein powder?

The best bone broth protein powder is Bluebird Provisions Chicken. It has 12 g protein, 300 mg potassium with no carbs or fat per serving. This product uses a traditional simmer technique to preserve all the nutrition. Most proteins remove crucial nutrients during manufacturing.

Does Swanson bone broth have collagen?

Swanson bone broth has collagen but not enough to reap the health benefits. You need a real product that is made using a recipe you would at home. Sadly, Swanson is not a brand you can trust due to the manufacturing methods and sourcing quality.

Why is Bare Bones Chicken Bone Broth not on the list?

Bare Bones Chicken Bone Broth is not on the list because there are a lot of other great products out there and I only had space for 7. This article is already long and it would be a novel if I included everyone. 

Bluebird Provisions is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


Hi Kristen,

Best I can tell from looking at their Facebook page is that they went out of business and closed down.

It is a real shame as they were making some great quality products.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

First, your article is very informative and appreciated. I do have a question. Any idea what happened to OssoGood bone broth? I used to drink bone broth religiously for years. I’d drink it instead of coffee in the mornings on the way to work. I’d pack it for lunch also. But in 2019 stopped drinking and ordering it a lot. I ordered but not much and haven’t since like 2021 I think. I want to start again after having my kids and health issues/ sickness. I went to look them up, bc they had the best tasting, in My opinion at the time, and my fav was the spicy pork broth… well, now I can’t find them anywhere! You listed some I want to try, that I haven’t before. But wondering if you know why I can’t find their broth online anymore. Thank you in advance!


Hi Brent,

I would try a powdered bone broth. The one from Bluebird Provisions is good because you can control how strong or weak you want by adjusting the amount of powder. You can start with just 1 tsp per cup of boiling water to see how you find the taste.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hello, I’ve been researching bone broth – remembering how much my mom would use bone for chicken, pork chops, etc to make homemade soup when we were young. I am what might be called a super-taster (so my son says). I’m not a fan of too much flavour. It took me years to get used to putting garlic on foods. I prefer light salt, low flavour and maybe butter. Rice and quinoa for me is great with just a little butter. Is there a brand of bone broth you recommend that would suit my tastes?


Hi Sara,

I am generally not a fan or anything that uses or says ‘concentrate’ because it signals that the product is made from concentrate and not a traditionally slow simmered bone broth.

Hope this helps

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

New to bone broth—are the ones that are concentrated any good? My local grocery store had Sam’s Choice Concentrated bone broth in both beef and chicken flavor. How do they stack up?

Sara Meyer

Good question Sharon. I circled it because it is something that you typically do not find in traditionally made bone broth.

To be honest, I am a bit confused as to why brand would add it when it just adds some fiber, which is not really what bone broth is typically used as a source of.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

You have chicory root circled in the ingredient list as a reason you cannot recommend. I thought chicory root was healthy. Can you explain? Thank you.


Hi is bone broth from Broya a great choice? I have seen some people drink a cup on its own. Is this a good one to take on its own?


Glad you found the article useful Alice. Unfortunately I am no familiar with the bone broths available in the UK. Sorry!

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I found your article really interesting. I have started including bone broth into my diet as I have lots of gastro problems and have found it genuinely keeps me regular! So, I’m wondering if you know what would be the best brand for the UK please? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Rebecca,

I would go for any on the list. Obviously I am biased toward the Bluebird Provisions chicken bone broth powder though. It tastes delicious. In terms of making them all taste great, read my article here:

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hi sheila ,

Sorry but I do not know the bone broth market in Australia and can’t help you with that unfortunately.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hello! Thanks for all the info. I’m researching bone broth bc I am looking to improve my gut health and reduce my gastrointestinal health issues. I need a source of liquid nutrition not as the sole source of daily nutrition but as the daily main source of protein & healthy nutrients. Seems like bone broth might be what I’m looking for. Do you have any advice or recommendations for using bone broth for this purpose? I need a tasty one, or a method of supplementing flavor that will keep me on the nutrition. I’m a slave to my taste buds & willpower may not keep me on it if it doesn’t taste good. Thank you!

Rebecca Margiotta

Can you recommend any bone broths that I can get in Australia.
Not chicken, as I do not like chicken and everyone wants you to eat it.
Has to be gluten free.


Hi Roann,

Sure! There is a great recipe in this article:

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Thank you for this article. Can you recommend a recipe to make bone broth at home?
Also, most seem to be chicken broth. Is that better than beef bone broth? Thank you.


Whirling from all the info on bone broth.
Why not eat healthy fruits and vegetables and protien?
Walking, riding a bike or staying active away from the kktchen.
Healthy snacks like apples with cheese or banana with peanut butter. Even a glass of milk is filling and healthy.
A couple of extra lbs is ok.
Enjoy life! Can end without notice.


Hi Mary,

Kirkland has some issues. I have written about it here:

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hi someone asked you about Kirkland and I did not see and answer
Would you recommend it

Mary Carro

Thanks for your comment Kevin. I do have a full review article of Pacific you can find here:

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Your article was indeed informative. Researching a product before using it or consuming it has always been my first step. I was wondering what your thoughts are about Pacific brand organic chicken bone broth, unsalted. It meets most of the requirements you stated above. It’s under $6.00 for 32 ounces and the first ingredient is organic chicken bone broth. Thanks.


Hi Hal,

I’ve written an entire review article on Kirkland. If you search this website or enter the phrase ‘kirkland bone broth review’ into your search engine you’ll find it.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hi Karen

Bone broth powders are a fantastic source of collagen. The Bluebird one has 10 g per serving, so I would stick with that if you want a broth.

As for collagen powders. I don’t have expertise with that market so I can’t really recommend anything. Marine ones in my experience taste awful though.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions



If bone broth is not a good source of collagen what is?
There are many collagen powders on the market ….what should i look for?

Karen OBryan

Hi Nona,

I’m glad you found the article useful! All the best and let me know if you ever have any question I can help you with.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Incredibly helpful article. Thank you for putting so much time and attention into this. Just started my bone broth journey and, as you pointed out, there are so many options it’s difficult to know which is best. I love that Bluebird Provisions has a powder form so I can take it with me, as I travel quite a bit.


Hi Roger,

Frozen is simply a means of preservation. As long as shelf stable products do not add preservatives then they are ok. The problem is that most of them do add preservatives in order to extend the shelf life. Or they add a lot of acid / vinegar to naturally do it. This changes the taste quite a bit.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I use Osso, pretty expensive, but I’m ok with that. They claim real bone broth needs to be frozen and broth like kettle and fire that have long shelf lives and are liquid aren’t near as good for you. Any truth to that ? Thanks

Roger Moes

What is your opinion on LonoLife bone broth?


Hi Connor,
What is your opinion on Prairie Naturals bone broth powder? BlueBird is our favourite bone broth and we certainly plan to continue drinking it, but I’ve been curious about this brand for a while!
I’d really appreciate your take on them.
Thank you!


Hi:) Thank you for the BB info. Do you know anything about Bare Bones bone broth? I have been drinking it now for a few years but not crazy about the smell and flavor. Do all BB have a unusual smell or taste?!?!

Thanking you in advance


Melinda Whelan

Thanks Jake! I’m jealous that you are skiing! Hoping to get our this weekend.

Let me know if you have any other bone broth questions.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I don’t usually leave messages but found your information on bone broth very informative. A newbie to bone broth, I am looking to maximize the healthy input from the scratch soups and stews I make. living in Canada, we live on these meals especially in the half of the years that is cold … it’s minus 18 here today so off for a ski! So Thanks!


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