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Article: How to Sleep Better in 2 Minutes a Day

Sleep better in 2 minutes per day

How to Sleep Better in 2 Minutes a Day

I struggle with sleep, but this 'sleep better' strategy is a game changer.

I get tremendous sleep without changing anything. Aside from the 2 minutes per day.

So what did I do? 

I started anchoring my sleep or circadian clock by getting direct sunlight into my eyes right when I wake up. 

How to Sleep Better in 2 Minutes a Day

You can do this by going outside for 2-10 minutes upon waking. 

How does this work?

Your central circadian clock (or body clock) responds best to sunlight. These cells crave sunlight in the morning hours (close to sunrise), when the sun is at a low solar angle. 

Morning sunlight has the perfect balance of blue and yellow light to set your circadian clock. 

Doing this strategy in the morning starts two clocks in your body. 

One for wakefulness during your day and one for sleepiness that starts later in the day as you try to sleep. 

It’s counterintuitive, but the morning light signals your body to wind down when it’s time to sleep at night.

A couple of additional thoughts from my experience.

 -It works best if you are doing this consistently. 

-Even through cloud cover, you still get enough bright light to set your clock.

-You don’t get these benefits through windows or sunglasses. 

-Never gaze at the sun or do anything that causes any pain to your eyes. 

Hope this tip helps you sleep better! 

Do you have a sleep tip for me? Leave a comment and let me know.

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