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Article: New Look. Same Nourishing Organic Bone Broth

Bluebird Provisions Organic Bone Broth New Packaging Rebrand

New Look. Same Nourishing Organic Bone Broth

We’ve got a new look! 

After three years, I decided to freshen things up a bit. Our new colourful branding reinforces my commitment to the highest quality organic bone broth in the world. 

I feel that the artful design tells our story and brings our nourishing broth to life. Our quality ingredients are front and centre in an effort to show you what goes into making our broth. 

Organic bone broth in bowls with ingredients

Why such a drastic change? Let me explain.

Our old packaging was great but not ideal for poorly lit freezer aisles of grocery stores. It is difficult to get noticed by customers walking the freezer aisle. Windows are foggy and half of the products are covered in frost.

It is hard enough to catch someone's eye without these constraints. Combine that with our see-through package and dark coloured bone broth in it, and you have a product that hides in the freezer.

We needed some colours in order to grow our presence to the freezer aisle.

Our high quality ingredients sit front and centre. You’ll notice beautiful photography of the certified organic vegetables and herbs in each flavour. 

I also wanted to highlight the nourishing feeling of a cup of broth. Hopefully you like it! You can still find us in the freezer section at your local health food store.

Superfood Mushroom broth rebrand Bluebird Provisions

organic beef broth rebrand Bluebird Provisions

Organic chicken broth rebrand Bluebird Provisions

Packaging overhauls are risky business.

Our new look is completely different from the old. Our customers are 95% strangers who won’t read this. How will they know?

Part of me fears that we will lose customers due to confusion. But it is a risk I need to take to move forward. 

Please tell your friends about our new look too! 

I’d hate to have anyone think we are no longer around because they can’t find us.

Also, if you shop at Whole Foods, they’ve moved us to the bottom shelf. Unfortunate timing for a shelf move and new look, but what can you do?

If you really want to help, you can ask them to move our product up a shelf:

  1. Call Whole Foods: (1-844-936-8255)
  2. Fill out the contact form here
  3. Request the product to be moved to your store manager

What do you think of our new look? 


1 comment

Hi Connar,
Thanks for letting us know. I was disappointed when I could not find your product at Nesters Whistler. Have you taken your product to the Creekside Grocery store in Whistler. It’s busier then ever, tell Gerry and Sana Marsh (owners) or Kent (manager) about Bluebird


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