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Article: Certified Organic Bone Broth In Canada!

Organic Bone Broth by bluebird provisions

Certified Organic Bone Broth In Canada!

We’re pleased to announce that our beef and chicken bone broth are now Certified Organic!

We are now one of the only CFIA and Organic Certified bone broth’s available Canada wide. We are also shipping Canada wide on orders through our website. More on that below.

Organic was the goal from day one. However making delicious bone broth in large quantities requires a facility specific equipment. 

It is very expensive and difficult to make these larger facilities meet the requirements for both organic and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). 

After almost four years we’ve finally succeeded in our goal! 

organic bone broth in canada

To get the full benefit from bone broth, you need to be certain that the bones you are using come from animals that are raised in a low stress environment.

Respecting animals is the ultimate service we can pay. While organic is not the perfect system for regulating meat products, it is the best third party validation we have in Canada.

We can’t understate the value of third party validation (IE: organic certification) in the food system. Without certified organic labels on food products, you are trusting those who have misplaced incentives. 

Products may be labelled ‘organic’ but not actually be so.

In the case of meat products and bone broth: when combined with a 3rd party animal welfare certification (like the Global Animal Partnership), certified organic in Canada is fantastic.

Canada’s organic standards are higher than the USDA, so we can confidently say that if you find the ‘Canada Organic’ logo on a package, it is actually organic. 

Organic certification ensures that chickens have space to move and go outside and beef have tons of pasture to frolic on with their friends. Happy animals mean great meat and bones.

Organic also ensures that genetically modified (GMO) feed is not used and the animals are not with hormones and antibiotics.

We see a lot of farmers saying their meat is far superior to organic because it is ‘grass fed’, ‘grass finished’ or pasture raised. With regard to beef, I agree. 

We also believe that regenerative agriculture is how we are going to save our planet. But that is a discussion for another post.

The problem is that many of these same farmers do not have 3rd party validation to support these claims. There are bad actors who mislead consumers by stating their food products are from meat that is pasture raised, grass finished, when it is not.

This deception destroys trust in our food system. Consumers have no idea that these terms are meaningless. The nice thing about certified organic is that you can trust the source. 

Organic is the most important development in our history as organic is incredibly important to our values on sustainability and ethics. 

We we’ve worked tirelessly over the last two years to get this certification. We're now selling online and shipping Canada wide! If bulk orders don't interest you then head over to our store locator and find the nearest market to you.


Thanks so much for the note Kathleen!

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

congratulations, Connor!! I spoke with you at Choices at a demo at the beginning and emailed at one point. Good article, also, explaining your achievement.

Kathleen Carnegie

congratulations, Connor!! I spoke with you at Choices at a demo at the beginning and emailed at one point. Good article, also, explaining your achievement.

Kathleen Carnegie

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