Our First TV Interview: Talking Bone Broth on CBC Vancouver

I'm eternally grateful to CBC Vancouver for letting me share my personal story of how I found bone broth and why it led me to starting this brand. WATCH HERE! 

In this four minute interview with Gloria Macarenko, we discuss my health issues which stemmed from competing in ultramarathon running.

We get into why I decided to look for natural ways to heal the body as opposed to mainstream medicine. Gloria is a great sport and a true professional.

I explained to her why bone broth is growing in popularity (despite some thinking it is a fad). She even picked up chicken feet with her bare hands on TV!

We also get into our brief journey as a food startup in Vancouver and what is on the horizon for pure bone broth. Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for your question Donna. Our bone broth is sold at the Choices Market in Abbotsford. Make sure to look in the freezer section and ask the staff if you have trouble finding it. Sometimes it is hiding! That looks to be the closest to you in Fort Langley. If you have any other suggestions on where we should be near you then please let us know.


Connor at Pure Bone Broth May 15, 2017

Am looking to purchase your bone broth without having to drive into Vancouver. I live in Fort Langley. I saw on line that you sell your broth through Choices Market, yet when I search their website, the search comes up with “no results”. Please let me know the closest market I can buy your bone broth at, thanks!

Donna May 13, 2017

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L