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Article: We Launched the First 100% Recyclable Bone Broth Package in the USA

Connor MEakin with bone broth package in a forest

We Launched the First 100% Recyclable Bone Broth Package in the USA

Today I’m thrilled to announce the biggest news in Bluebird Provisions history. We are launching in the USA! 

As of today, you can find our bone broth in our online store and on Amazon USA or Amazon Canada.

Through 4+ years of operating in Canada, it’s time to expand. So which bone broths can you find in the USA?

Right now it’s all about the Instant Bone Broth Powder. 

Our Instant Bone Broth Powder is the first and only bone broth using 100% recyclable packaging. 

man holding bone broth in the forest

Why Launch The Instant Bone Broth Powder in the USA? 

The US is too large of an opportunity to ignore. I realize expanding is risky, but not expanding is even riskier. 

I’ve invested a ton of time and money into content marketing, and it’s working. It works so well that we have tons of organic search traffic coming from the USA.

Daily, I get notes and phone calls from guests in the US who want our bone broth. Sadly, I never had a way to ship to them… until now. 

Legally, we could not ship to the USA. 

Our approach to expansion is not how traditional legacy brands operate. We are 100% focused on online, direct-to-consumer sales in the US.

This mitigates our risk of paying exorbitant retail listing fees, distributors, brokers and trade spend for a new brand in the US.

Ecommerce allows us to bootstrap our way to the US market.

Here’s why I decided to launch with our Instant Bone Broth:

  • It’s shelf stable, lightweight and easier to ship
  • It’s a convenient powder format for busy consumers who lack freezer space
  • It’s our most environmentally sustainable bone broth

Recyclable Packaging is Crucial to our Mission 

Here are a few reasons why:

INSTANT BONE BROTH powder in bowl with package

  1. Regular plastic packaging creates waste (thanks, captain obvious).
  2. Our bone broth is upcycled from bones destined for landfills. Packaging is historically the missing piece in our road to go 100% carbon neutral.
  3. We hope other brands will follow our footsteps to use recyclable packaging. 

What is your recyclable packaging made of?

We’ve worked with our vendor to develop a flexible pouch sourced from a single sustainable material, with no lamination. The pouch is 100% recyclable. 

Conventional flexible packaging has 3+ layers of material. This makes it nearly impossible to recycle as it requires separating these layers. They end up in landfills. 

Since we are using a single material, our recyclable pouch produces 75% less waste than conventional pouches during production. 

Finally, I want to provide a blueprint for how independent, bootstrapped food brands can expand to new markets. It is possible.

I’d love to hear from you! 

Email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.



Hi Cindy,

The link in this article is for US only. IT will show as unavailable if you are in Canada. I will go ahead and add a Canadian link beside it now.

thanks for letting me know.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hi Connor, it says its unavailable on Amazon

Cindy Louise Burns

Hi Connor, it says its unavailable on Amazon

Cindy Louise Burns

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