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Bluebird beef bone broth for dogs

Beef Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

"Got our picky eater (Atlas) devouring his food again"

-Shelby T., Bluebird Provisions customer

Made to help picky eaters get the nutrition they need for gut health, proper digestion, shiny coats and supple joints.

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✔ Guaranteed to get picky eaters eating!
✔ Improves gut health
✔ Builds that shiny coat they deserve
✔ Made and sourced from grass fed beef
✔ Ships in 1 business day for USA orders (2-4 day transit time)
✔ Canada orders ship every Tuesday

Use bone broth daily for

Picky eaters


Digestive issues

Joint health

Shiny coat and skin

Boosting energy


Even the pickiest eaters will devour this irresistibly delicious dog bone broth powder. No more stress at meal time trying to entice your pet to eat.


94% protein (other brands have 60-80%) so your pet can thrive at any stage of life. Simply add ½ tbsp to their kibble and see for yourself.


Decrease inflammation by nourishing their gut with collagen, glycine (3g per cup), proline and glucosamine to improve their digestion, coat, teeth and nails.

148+ 5 Star Reviews

"My dog got bored with his kibble so I bought this as a topper. A small amount mixed with water is plenty to provide flavor and I foresee this bag lasting quite awhile. My dog is always excited now for his meal."

Michelle  -  July 13, 2023

"I've been mixing about 1/2 a Tbs with some warm water and it smells nice, like a beef broth. I started adding this about a week ago. My 10 month old lab had a stomach bug recently and since then he hasn't wanted to eat. Now he's back to licking the bowl clean."

Ms Morghan  - July 12, 2023

"After extensive research I came across this product as the best-in-class. I have ordered 2x and have seen great improvement in his mobility. Will keep reordering."

Sylma S  - Nov 21, 2023

Nutrition Facts

Crude Protein
Min. 94%

Crude Fat
Min. 1%

Crude Fiber
Max. 1%

Max. 6%

25 mg per 1/2 tbsp

Water, Grass Fed Beef Bones

Calorie Content
3990 kcal ME/KG 26 kcal ME/tbsp

62 Servings Per Pouch
100% Grass Fed Beef

How to Use Bone Broth For Your Dog

Our dog bone broth works great as a meal topper for wet and dry food.
It can also be made up for your dog or cat to sip on it's own.

As a Meal Topper

dog eating kibble with bone broth in it

Add 1/2 tbsp powder to wet or dry dog food with a splash of water to mix it up. Stir until incorporated. It'll make a delicious gravy like flavor for them to enjoy.

As a Beverage

dog drinking bone broth from a mug


Pour 1 cup boiling water on top of 1-2 tbsp bone broth in a bowl. Stir until incorporated. Let cool before serving. Recommended to only serve 30-60 ml at a time.

Risk-Free Experience

You’re in control of your bone broth. Order one pouch or set up a subscription to invest now in your pet's long-term health. Subscribers enjoy a 10% discount and automatic delivery every time you need a refill..

Of course, you can cancel any time.

More Protein Than Any Other Bone Broth

No Filler Ingredients

Gut Healing Amino Acids Glycine and Proline

Will Get Picky Eaters Hungry Again

Only Bones, No Concentrates

Sold out

Don't like it after 60 days? Get a full refund.

My Journey to Make the Best Bone Broth

Born out of the kitchen of an elite ultramarathon runner, Bluebird Provisions began as I sought out unconventional ways to fix a debilitating foot injury.

I stumbled across bone broth while looking for collagen sources during rehab. I researched how to make the highest protein bone broth possible.

Ultimately, I used bone broth to heal a ruptured foot tendon and get back to winning ultra marathons.  

In 2019, I started giving it to my two dogs: Atlas and Nitotem (pictured).

Atlas went from being the pickiest eater imaginable to devouring his food with recklas abandon. Nitotem no longer has diarrhea and food intolerances that plagued him from parvo. Maybe it can help your pet too?

-Connor, Founder at Bluebird Provisions

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it ship? When will I receive it?

USA orders ship in 1 business day. Ship transit time is between 2-4 days.

What size is your packaging?

Bone Broth For Dogs, Powder, Beef: 200 g (Makes 62 x 1/2 tbsp servings). Pouch is 6x8 inches.

How long does shipping take?

Your order will ship within one business day. Transit time is 1-4 business days. You will receive a tracking number so that you can keep track of when it will arrive.

What is the shelf life?

Our Bone Broth Powder has a 1.5 year shelf life if kept at room temperature in a dry location. We recommend storing in your pantry at 20 degrees celsius. You can find the best before date on the back of your pouch.

What ingredients are in your bone broth

Dehydrated Beef Bone Broth (Water, Grass Fed Beef Bones).

Where are your bones sourced from?

Our beef bones come from cattle farms in the USA and Canada. These cows are raised in a naturally low stress environment where they’re able to explore boundless pasture, eat grass and graze to their hearts’ content.

What's your shipping cost?


Order 1 to 3 pouches: $5.99
Order 4 pouches or more: FREE


Order 1 to 3 pouches: $6.99
Order 4 pouches or more: FREE

What if I'm not satisfied with your bone broth?

There’s no risk to you. That is how confident we are that your dog or cat will enjoy our bone broth powder. If you're not happy with your experience after 60 days, we will refund your order. Please refer to our 60 day dog happiness guarantee for full details and instructions.

How long does the prepared (liquid) bone broth last?

The best before date for the powder is located on the back of the pouch. You will receive dog bone broth with at least one year of shelf life remaining.

If you prepare liquid bone broth via the instructions on the back of the pouch, you must store it in the fridge for up to 3 days. This way you can conveniently serve a bit to your dog or cat at a time.

When will this product be available in Canada?

If you'd like to see this dog bone broth in Canada, please email info(at)

What is the Amino Acid Profile?


Alanine - 8.1

Arginine - 6.9

Aspartic Acid - 5.8

Cystine/Cysteine - 0.1

Glutamic Acid - 10.5

Glycine - 19.4

Histidine** - 1.1

Isoleucine** - 1.6

Leucine** - 3.6

Lysine** - 4.0

Methionine ** - 0.9

Phenylalanine** - 2.2

Proline - 10.1

Serine - 3.1

Threonine** - 2.1

Tryptophan** - 0.2

Tyrosine - 1.0

Valine** - 2.8

Hydroxyproline - 9.0

Total Collagen - 72.00