"Delicious, nourishing and easy on our stomachs."

-Donald R (& his wife)., Bluebird Provisions customer

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When to Use



Drink with breakfast for sustained energy and hydration throughout your day.



Relax with bone broth before bed. Amino acids like glycine help you sleep.


Gut Health

Drink with your meals to aid digestion and rebuild your gut health.


Aches & Pain

Drink before you rehab to help hydrate your cartilage and decrease pain.


Before you exercise or workout for stronger joints and tendons.


Risk Free Bone Broth Sample

Now you get a chance to try our delicious and convenient Instant Bone Broth Powder. There is no risk to you with a sample. What do you have to lose?

Collagen + Hydration in One

The dirty secret is that this bone broth can completely replace your collagen supplement and electrolyte supplement. Most bone broth's have no electrolytes, this one does.

Banish Indigestion

Stop indigestion once and for all with bone broth. Drink it first thing in the morning and with your meals. The amino acids decrease gut inflammation and impove digestion.

See why our guests love Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth Powder

"First time bone brother, I ordered the powder bone broth and fell in love after my first sip! Taste delicious and satiating! I added a pinch of pink salt to it, as advised! "

Keri L.

Verified Buyer


"I really like the convenience of the packaging in powdered form. When I mix it with hot water, I add some curry powder and a tiny bit of salt...wow! A real taste treat! 😊"

Mary C.
Verified Buyer


"All of the bone broth powder that I've tried to-date has been only palatable for cooking but this is something entirely different!"

Antoni K.
Olympian for Team Canada


Nutrition Facts

12 g




How to Use Bone Broth Powder

For Sipping

Your convenient source of bone broth protein.

Step 1: Add 2-3 TBSP bone broth powder to a mug
Step 2: Pour a cup of boiling water over the powder
Step 3: Stir for 15 seconds until smooth
Step 4: Add your mix-ins like salt, coconut oil, etc.


For Cooking

Add bone broth to anything that you are cooking.

Beef bone broth makes for the perfect soup base.
You can add it to pasta sauces, salad dressings use
it in stir frys or to steam vegetables.

How we Make Bone Broth Powder

Liquid to Powder

We take our chicken bone broth and gently dehydrate it to remove all the liquid. The result is a golden powder with a delicious and rich chicken taste.

Slow Simmered

Our broth is made with love in small batches through a slow simmer. This ensures all the collagen minerals and amino acids are in the bone broth.

Zero Preservatives

No junk filler ingredients, natural flavors, gums or artificial sweeteners. Naturally low in allergens and suitable for all diets.

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My Journey to Make the Best Bone Broth

Born out of the kitchen of an elite ultramarathon runner, Bluebird Provisions began as I sought out unconventional ways to fix a debilitating foot injury.

I stumbled across bone broth while looking for collagen sources during rehab. I researched how to make the highest protein bone broth possible.

Ultimately, I used bone broth to heal a ruptured foot tendon and get back to winning ultra marathons. Now my mission is to make the best organic bone broth to help you move and feel better.

-Connor, Founder at Bluebird Provisions