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Article: Guide to Chicken Broth Powder: Benefits, Nutrition, Protein, Collagen

Guide to Chicken Broth Powder: Benefits, Nutrition, Protein, Collagen

Guide to Chicken Broth Powder: Benefits, Nutrition, Protein, Collagen

Guide to Chicken Broth Powder

Chicken broth powder is your secret ingredient in cooking, but you must be careful where you get it from.

Unlike most other stock or broth powders, chicken broth has a neutral taste and strong nutrition profile, making it a delicious and versatile culinary staple.  

Chicken broth powder can be used in place of chicken broth or chicken stock in any dish you are cooking. 

Chicken broth powder also has some health benefits for your skin, digestion, joints and immune system. 

But what is chicken broth powder and how is it made? Should you really be drinking it?

The absolute best and highest quality one you can try is made by Bluebird Provisions

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This article explains everything you need to know about chicken broth powder.

What is Chicken Broth Powder?

Chicken broth powder is a ready-made twist on traditional, liquid chicken broth. If it is properly made, it offers the same delicious taste and culinary applications as regular chicken broth, but without the hassle.

Chicken stock or chicken broth is a delicious soup base or beverage made from simmering meaty bones in water under a low heat.

Most chefs will simmer their chicken broth for 2-6 hours. If you do a longer simmer time, you might be making chicken bone broth

Chicken broth powder vs. Bone Broth Powder

The good news is that chicken broth is now available in powder form, allowing for a host of applications and recipes in your kitchen. Currently you can find powdered beef or powdered chicken broth.

I would recommend trying Bluebird Provisions' Chicken Broth Powder. It is the highest quality and delicious tasting chicken broth you will find.  

You can use powdered chicken broth as you would liquid broth or stock. Simply mix the chicken broth powder with warm water with a whisk. 

Some people love drinking chicken broth on its own. It is a delicious soothing, healing and hydrating beverage. 

You can also use chicken broth powder for your cooking. I’ll get into more uses for chicken broth below.

Powdered chicken broth is usually cheaper compared to liquid chicken broth. There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Chicken broth powder usually uses lower quality bones to make the broth.
  2. It is made in massive processing factories, which helps to lower the cost. 

How Chicken Broth Powder is Made

How Chicken Broth Powder is Made

Chicken broth powder is made by dehydrating or drying liquid chicken broth into powder. This dehydration technique removes the liquid, leaving you with a fine, powder product. 

There are 2 main techniques used to turn a chicken broth liquid to a chicken broth powder.

1.Spray drying


However, after this initial technique is used, another step is needed called agglomeration. Agglomeration makes the powder more easily mixable into liquids by increasing the particle size of the powder. 

Skipping this step leaves you with chicken broth powder that does not readily mix into liquids. 

In that same vein, I do not recommend mixing any broth powder into cold water. They usually have poor solubility, so boiling water is needed for it to mix properly. 

If you’ve tried a lot of chicken broth powders, then you know that they do not mix all that well. Some of them even leave a goopy mess when mixed in water. 

You even have to go so far as to blend some powder to mix them. 

What Does Powdered Chicken Broth Taste Like?

Most chicken broth powder tastes like a rich and salty chicken soup. That is because many of the top chicken broth brands use flavor enhancers to make it taste delicious.

These broth products run the gamut. There are one or two that taste decent. But you are paying the price when you read the ingredient list. 

What Ingredients are in Chicken Broth Powder? 

ingredients list and nutrition facts in chicken broth powder

Unfortunately, most chicken broth powders are not made from chicken at all. They use many of the ingredients below to mimic the taste of chicken.

Why do big food brands use these ingredients? They are cheaper than chicken.

These ingredients are incredibly harmful to you. Be sure to check your nutrition labels before purchasing any chicken broth powder. 

Some common hyper-processed flavor enhancers to look out for are:

  • ‘Natural Flavors:’ Found in processed meat products (or popular vegan burgers) as they simulate the taste of meat. Natural Flavors are also used in place of MSG in many processed foods. 
  • Baker’s Yeast Extract: Used in plant-based foods  to mimic meat flavor. These extracts add flavor and a ton of salt. They are also used to make MSG clones. 
  • Salt: Adds sodium to the nutrition label.
  • Maltodextrin: A white powder made from wheat, corn, rice or potato starch. Even though it comes from plants, it's highly processed.
  • Chicory Root Fiber: Chicory root is a plant fiber made mostly of inulin. It is ground up and used as a coffee alternative. Nowadays, it is used as a food additive to add fiber to processed foods. Inulin that you find in packaged foods is sometimes chemically changed to make it sweeter (1, 2). 
  • Guar: an incredibly common gum-like powder found in many food products. Guar gum has been associated with negative side effects and even banned for use in some products. It’s used in processed food products because of its ability to absorb water to thicken and bind products (3). 
  • Rice Concentrate: This is a trade name for synthetic anti-caking agents or fillers that are commonly used in nutritional supplements. It is used as an anti-caking agent to replace the synthetic "silicon dioxide.”
  • Spices: This could be anything. We will assume it is a blend of spices to enhance flavor. 

Chicken Broth Powder Health Benefits

Health benefits of chicken broth powder infographic

Believe it or not, there are many fascinating health benefits of chicken broth powder. The health benefits depend on if the chicken broth is truly a chicken broth, or if it is a hyper-processed powder masquerading as chicken broth. 

If any of the ingredients above are in your chicken broth powder, then it will not have any health benefits. 

Properly made chicken broth has collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, potassium and magnesium. 

What are the health benefits?

1. Skin Rebuilding Properties 

The collagen protein found in chicken broth helps your body produce healthy skin, hair, teeth and nails. It does this by hydrating your skin and helping it produce new collagen

2. Gut Health

Glycine (the main protein) in chicken broth helps to decrease inflammation in your digestive system. This improves your digestion and gut health. 

3. Joint Pain Relief

In chicken broth you will find collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin. These potent compounds work together to increase connective tissue around your joints.

4. Control Inflammation to Increase Immunity

Two relatively under-the-radar amino acids in chicken broth are anti-inflammatories. Glycine and glutamine trigger positive immune responses in your body following inflammation (4, 5). 

4. Hydrating Electrolytes

Chicken broth powder is the ultimate hydrating beverage. It is full of potassium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium and natural sodium.

Be careful of the sodium level in your chicken broth powder. 

5. Collagen Protein

Chicken broth powder has some collagen, but this depends on the total amount of protein. You are best to check the nutrition label of your chicken broth for protein. 

Learn the surprising differences between collagen and broth powder.

6. Appetite Suppression for Weight Loss

Chicken broth should be mostly protein. Check the nutrition label of your product to be certain.

High protein diets are shown to reduce your appetite. This is because protein will decrease hunger hormones like ghrelin and increase fullness hormones like PYY and GLP-1 (6, 7).

7. Allergen Free

Properly made chicken broth powder could also appeal to people who can’t tolerate most other culinary powders because it is naturally dairy-free, soy-free, nut free and gluten-free.

It is also keto and paleo diet friendly.

Be sure to check your ingredient list to ensure there are no common allergens. Check the list of ingredients above to be wary of. 

Cons of Chicken Broth Powder

High Heat Can Remove Nutrients

Some powder products are produced under high heat. The heat is used to remove the natural flavor of the chicken broth. 

The important thing to know is that high heat can damage protein and remove nutrients. 

You should always check brands’ ingredient labels and nutrition facts. These powders should have potassium and at least 2-4 g of protein per serving. 

Powders Contain Additives and Preservatives

These nasty ingredients are added to broth powders in place of real chicken broth for a few reasons:

  1. To simulate the taste of chicken. 
  2. To reduce clumping and help with mixability. 
  3. To extend shelf life. 

Your chicken broth powder should have the first of second ingredient as: ‘chicken broth’ or ‘chicken bones’ 

If any other ingredients are listed first, then you should not consume this product. 

Sourcing is the Wild West

Sometimes, it is hard to assess what you are consuming with chicken broth powders. These large food brands are crafty with their packaging and claims.

The bottom line is that you need to trust who you are purchasing from.

Most broth powders are sourced from factory-farmed animals who are kept in awful living conditions. 

Stressed out animals make for low quality chicken broth which is bad for your health. These broth powder products are likely to be full of GMO’s hormones and antibiotics. Here is a report on choosing the right broth powder or scroll down for a summary. 

They Taste Salty

Most chicken broth powders are full of preservatives, additives and salt. The result is a salty chicken broth that doesn't quite taste right.

I would stick to powders that use real chicken. 

Does Chicken Broth Powder Have Collagen Benefits? 

chicken broth powder vs. collagen

Collagen powder and chicken broth powder are very different. You’ll find electrolytes for hydration in chicken broth powder, while collagen has zero.

Traditionally made Chicken broth powder is less processed compared to collagen powder. Collagen processing involves many steps including enzymolysis, decolourizing, deodorizing, filtering and degerming. 

How Collagen Powder is Made

Choosing a Chicken Broth Powder

There are a few important things to consider when choosing your chicken broth powder. 

1. What do you need chicken broth powder for?

Liquid chicken broth is typically safer and higher quality than powder. There are more brands making sketchy powders than there are liquid. 

2. Check for at least 2-3 g of protein per tbsp. 

  • You’ll want to take note of serving sizes. Some brands list 4 tbsp per serving size to increase the perceived protein level. 
  • Look for a powder that is concentrated enough so that you need 2 tbsp per 250 ml hot water. 

3. Check the ingredient list

  • The first ingredient should be something like: ‘chicken broth’ or ‘chicken bones’
  • If it is ‘Yeast Extract’ or ‘Natural Flavors’ the run for the hills! 
  • Check to make sure there are no other filler ingredients. I listed most of these above.
    • Avoid these junk fillers: guar gum, xanthan gum, chicory root, spices, salt, potassium chloride, collagen.

    4.Check country of origin

    • Check the country of origin of your chicken broth powder. Some products will be packaged in the USA, but the ingredients come from elsewhere. 

    Chicken bone broth powder from Bluebird Provisions

    Chicken Broth Powder Risks

    Real Chicken broth powder has no health risks. The risks are with any hyper-processed product that is mislabelled as broth powder. This is why you must read your nutrition labels.  

    How to Use Chicken Broth Powder 

    Powder is a fantastic choice if you are in need of a convenient chicken broth or chicken stock. It can be easily used in your soups, stews or recipes.

    You can also drink or sip your chicken broth on it’s own. 

    For Drinking

    Add 1-3 tbsp of powdered chicken broth to boiling water. Stir with a spoon and enjoy.

    Want to spice things up? You’ll find endless inspiration for flavors to add. Check our master guide to sipping broth for easy recipes. 

    Broth powders go great with fat sources:

    • I recommend adding in 1 tsp of the following to your cup of broth:
    • Coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed butter. 

    Herbs and Spices.

    • Try ½ tsp of one of the following or mix and match:
    • Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Cinnamon, Rosemary.

    Want some acid? Add apple cider vinegar or a lemon slice for a twist to your cup of broth.

    For Cooking

    The number one place to start with chicken broth in your cooking is to cook your rice or grains in it. 

    Simply prepare your broth powder first, then substitute this broth for water in any grain recipe. You’ll thank me later. 

    Adding broth to stir frys and sauces or sauteing with it. Broth is a great way to add some flavor to any sauteed vegetables without adding too much cooking oil. 

    It goes without saying, but chicken broth powder is fantastic for soup and stew. 

    Experiment with making savory oatmeal, adding broth in your smoothies and salad dressings.

    You will not taste it in oatmeal, smoothies or salad dressing. 

    Powdered chicken broth is great for travelling or on-the-go use. Simply scoop some into a ziploc and take it with you.

    How Much Chicken Broth Can You Drink?

    A good starting place is to drink one cup of chicken broth per day. Take note of how you feel and look after one week. 

    Once you get acquainted with chicken broth, you can drink more or less. Please note, this is not medical advise. Consult your primary care physician if you have any other questions about this. 

    Closing Thoughts: Should You Try Chicken Broth Powder?

    The take home point is that chicken broth powder will not have all the same health benefits as liquid chicken broth. However, it is more convenient and likely cheaper.

    Chicken broth powder can save you time in the kitchen compared to liquid broth. The best one is Bluebird Provisions chicken, which you can find on Amazon prime

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