How a Devastating Injury lead to Bluebird Provisions (Podcast Interview With Our Founder)

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2014 was meant to be a banner year of running for Connor Meakin, not (maybe) his last as a runner.

He enjoyed early success, winning races and feeling amazing in the process, which motivated him to want more and push even harder. Things completely derailed soon after as he got blasted with devastating prognosis for an injury that didn't initially seem too serious.

Connor had developed a serious foot injury that prompted his doctor to him that he may never run again.

For two years Connor tried everything from the conventional to the other end of the spectrum. Soon his mental and emotional health were also in need of rehabilitation.

Through it all, Connor kept pushing to find answers to get back to something he loved. In the process he not only rebuilt his body but created a new life for himself.

Listen in on how our founder, Connor, launched Bluebird Provisions from a devastating foot injury. 

Thanks to Rambling Runner for the interview! 

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