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Article: Introducing Our New, Innovative Beef Bone Broth Package

Introducing Bluebird Provisions new organic beef bone broth package

Introducing Our New, Innovative Beef Bone Broth Package

I’m thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of our new, innovative packaging for our Organic Beef Bone Broth!

We released the new Chicken Bone Broth packaging back in May, and our guests are loving it. It’s now time to do the same with our famous Beef Bone Broth.

beef broth package with mushrooms and onions

The resilient spout pouch design is made for your convenience in a smaller size.

This new pouch has an iron-clad triple wall construction to minimize leaks and allows you to easily open and pour using our trusty pouring spout. 

It is perfect if you have limited freezer space as they pack flat and can fit anywhere.

You can now easily shop the new Organic Beef Bone Broth! 

Packaging FAQ’s

What's the size of this new package?

420 ml.

beef broth package with pot of soup on stove

Why change your packaging in the first place?

Five reasons based on a lot of emails, phone calls and feedback from our guests. 

  1. These new pouches have triple layer construction to reduce leaks.
  2. Freezer space. The new, smaller pouches fit into any crowded freezer.
  3. The old zip pouches are hard to open and pour.
  4. We sell in bulk. The cost for 6 or 12 units of our larger size is too high for some. So I've reduced the size in order to accommodate.​
  5. Pressure from grocery stores to get our retail price below $9.99

Did you change the recipe?

No. Nothing in the recipe changed. Still the same organic chicken bone broth you know and love.

What happens to my existing subscription to the larger size?

Your existing subscription will be changed to the new size. You will get the new, low price, which gets you the best value for your money.

No action is needed by you, I’ve gone and made all the changes for you. 



Hi Martha, we have a dog bone broth powder launching march 15 that is 100% human grade. I drink it but admittedly, it is marketed toward dogs.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Do you have beef bone broth in powder for humans


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