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Article: "Look 20 years younger!"

"Look 20 years younger!"

"Look 20 years younger!"

How do companies speak to you? 

“Look 20 years younger,” “heal your injury,” “get that body you’ve dreamed of...” These are all terms companies use to market their products.

They prey on our deepest insecurities, and it’s not ok. Unfortunately, the more imperfections they mention, the more we buy. 

But why does this messaging work so well? 

We seek approval from others. And we think that fixing these insecurities will finally get us ‘there.’

I run ultramarathons. It’s not until years into it that I realized why: to fuel my ego. I feel as though I am not enough, so I do extreme things because I crave validation. 

So, where does that leave you and me, as consumers? I can offer two suggestions.

First, support companies that talk about nourishment instead of perfection. Embracing your flaws can have a positive impact on you and those around you. 

Imagine the freedom you might experience from focusing on nourishment and self-care over results driven, flashy products. 

Second, pay attention to brands who use your insecurities against you. Call it out or simply opt out of them yourself. 

Do you have some companies who speak to you positively? Do me a favor and share them with me by leaving a comment.

I love supporting and sharing like-minded brands. 

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