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#1 Bone Broth Manufacturers: Private Label, Bulk, Protein or Supplement

Bone Broth Manufacturers for your Private Label or Copacking Project

Custom Bone Broth Manufacturers

Looking for a private label or sourcing partner? Get in touch with us today to find the highest quality liquid, powder or the best bone broth supplements in the world.

We make the process easy for you. Leave the sourcing and manufacturing to us. Most suppliers are large supplement makers. We do one thing and do it incredibly well: make bone broth.

I've overseen the manufacturing of more than 700,000L of it over the last 7 years.

You can choose from powder / protein (non-gmo and USA sourced) and frozen liquid (Certified Organic, Canada only). Read below for more details.

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woman on a couch drinking organic chicken bone broth

Custom Bone Broth Manufacturing

We offer beef, chicken and pork bone broth powder. We have a couple of different options for beef from stronger flavored to unflavored options. The chicken and pork bone broth taste absolutely delicious as is.

We also offer frozen organic liquid bone broth, learn more about our options below.

Chicken Bone Broth Powder

The most popular product. Mixes perfectly and feels like a rich and delicious chicken soup broth. 12g protein with 300 mg potassium. The gold standard for any powder you'll find. Sourced from the USA. Non-GMO and pasture raised, learn more here.

Our facility is BRC certified (GFSI), which is the highest level 3rd party food safety rating available. 

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Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder

Finally a bulk grass fed beef bone broth powder that mixes properly in hot water. This product has 12 g protein / 3 g glycine per serving and is suitable as an ingredient in your formula or great on its own.

This is a rare product with limited quantities, so check in with us on if we have enough. Note: we have two different skus here. 1 has a natural beef flavor, while the other is less flavored.

Bone Broth for Pet Food, Dogs, Cats and More

Looking to add meat protein and gut healing nutrition to your recipe or dog food product? We private label bone broth for dogs and cats for many brands. We can help you too.

We have beef, pork and chicken options. You can also get it packaged and ready to go (large or single serve) or purchase in bulk 50 lb boxes for your own production line.

Pork Bone Broth Powder

Get ahead of your competitors with a delicious pork bone broth powder. This delicious broth is full of protein with 12 grams per serving -- not to mention it tastes absolutely delicious.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth (Frozen liquid)

Hydrate your skin, hair, teeth and nails with a delicious Organic chicken bone broth. 11 g of joint building collagen per serving.

11 g protein per cup, this is more than any other traditionally made chicken version. Sourced and made in Canada. We can customize and export with volume commitments. Note: this frozen liquid product is only available for private label in Canada at the moment.

Organic Beef Bone Broths (Frozen liquid)

Rich and delicious Organic beef bone broth full of collagen proteins to improve your gut health, joint pain and skin health. Currently available in Canada.

But large brands can inquire about export opportunities. To get an idea of what it looks like, go to our beef product page. Note: this frozen liquid product is only available for private label in Canada at the moment.

Export Opportunities for High Volume Brands

We currently export to Asia and can do the same for you if you meet our order quantities. We can develop a custom formula, ingredients list, flavor for your needs or use our stock recipes.

Private Label Bone Broth Sourcing

Our Bone Broth is made in the USA and Canada. They are non-gmo, pasture raised and grass fed.

We have Certified Organic Bone Broth (frozen liquid) available if you are in Canada. If you're elsewhere, get in touch and we can make it for you / export if the volumes are high enough.

All of our bone broth is sourced from USA and Canada animals that are held to strict animal welfare standards.

All of our farms are Certified Humane -- meaning that they treat their animals with respect and raise them in a low stress environment with unlimited access to pasture and grass.

Happy animals make for better meat and products.

Bone Broth in Bulk

Our bone broth in bulk is made in the USA and Canada. We have manufacturing in both countries to make it convenient for you.

Depending where you are located and your project needs, we can find the right value of sourcing and manufacturing production line for your convenience. Unfortunately we do not offer fish or pork bone broth powder at the moment.

bluebird provisions private label bone broth powder

Common Issues With Bone Broth Manufacturing

Where do I begin? The issues with bone broth manufacturing are serious.

Issue #1: Fraud in Sourcing

Many companies are simply mislabelling collagen as bone broth and supplying it to supplement brands. This means the market is flooded with fake products.

Large suppliers get their products from overseas (Asia / South America / Europe) without telling you.

They import the materials from overseas but package it on their production line in the USA to hide this fact. Make sure you find out where the raw ingredients and animals are sourced from.

Issue #2: Hidden Ingredient Combinations With No Animal Bones

Shady operators use gums, junk fillers, preservatives and sweeteners to mask the flavor of a terrible product. In some cases, these do not need to appear on the ingredient list if they are in small enough quantities.

Here is an example below. Avoid an ingredient list like this at all costs.

beef bone broth ingredient list with gums, fillers and natural flavors

Issue #3: They Taste Awful

Speaking of which, most do not taste good on their own. For this reason, most bulk suppliers remove the natural beef or chicken flavor and leave it flavorless or add in sweeteners like chocolate or vanilla.

Bone broth should feel like the animal it came from as this preserves the nutrients. Our chicken broth has a deliciously rich flavor. Most guests find it tastes like a chicken soup broth they had when they were a kid.

Issue #4: Mixability Issues

Mixability is the last concern with typical private labels. Be sure to get a sample of the product from the company that you're wanting to try first.

Many of them do not mix properly because they have not been agglomerated on a proper production line (more on that below).

How do I choose the right bone broth manufacturer for my needs?

To make the right decision, your bone broth manufacturer should have the following:

  1. The correct food safety certifications (GFSI, BRC, Organic)
  2. Ability to provide you with spec sheets, COA documents, certificates, ingredients, sourcing (country of raw ingredient origin) and where its made / packaged
  3. Amino acid profiles for their products
  4. High protein (>8g protein for liquid per cup and >10g protein per 11g serving for dried)
  5. They should NOT use gums, fillers, collagen, gelatin, natural flavors, sweeteners, citric acid or preservatives
  6. Do they use real bones? Ask for pictures.
  7. Is it low sodium? Check the salt.

Here's how we do it.

Cooking Process For How to Make Bone Broth Power

We make dried bone broth powder by dehydrating a traditional, liquid version. This technique removes moisture.

An extra step is needed after the moisture is removed in order for it to mix properly into hot water.

bone broth protein manufacturing steps chart

This step is called agglomeration -- and it helps it mix into liquid by making the particles larger. This way, there is more surface area for it to disperse into water. No gooey or clumpy messes! We've all been there.

Production Process For Liquid Bone Broth (Frozen)

Bone broth is minimally processed compared to collagen. It needs to be boiled in water in order to get a high protein product that gels in your fridge. This is the hallmark of a quality product.

bone broth private label steps to make it chart

It cooks 'low and slow' for 12-24 hours at a low heat. Then you remove the solids with a strainer, remove the fat and package it. 

What Certifications Do You Have?

  1. Certified Organic (COR)
  2. BRC and GFSI
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Made in Canada
  5. SQF
  6. GMP and FDA registered

Steps to Get Your Project Started Today

Follow these simple steps to get a quote today.

1. Choose Your Variety / Format

  1. Are you looking for dehydrated, protein or a frozen liquid bone broth?
  2. Do you want chicken or beef or pork?
  3. Are you looking for a pet food specific solution?

Once you decide the questions above, click the button below to fill out our  form in 1 minute.

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We'll send you info on our production lines along with COA, specs, MOQ information and certificates you need.

man pouring bone broth into large pot

2. Choose Packaging For Your End Product

All of our products are packaged in standup pouches. The dehydrated / protein is in a zip pouch (100% recyclable options available). We can accommodate plastic jars as well.

The frozen liquid products are packaged in standup pouches with spouts on the side. We can accommodate zip pouches with no spout as well.

For bulk unpackaged or foodservice we can offer 50 lb boxes for the dried and 2L bags for the liquid.

Here are more services offered.

Foodservice / Food Production

We do offer foodservice packaging formats for all of our products. Inquire below. We can also customize any of our flavors, protein content or flavor to meet you specific needs. Simply need a chicken broth? We can do that too.

Bone Broth Copacking / Labelling

Do you have specific ingredients or a formula you'd like us to use? We have the production line to copack your bone broth from start to finish.

We can also work with your to develop your own custom recipe. Get in touch about custom solutions below.

Pet Food Ingredient Sources

Bluebird Provisions supplies a number of top pet food makers with low sodium versions. Our products are naturally low in allergens and suitable for dogs of all shapes, sizes and dietary preferences.

Wholesale Bone Broth

Looking for wholesale bone broth? You can carry our drinks in your store. Or we can do a private label or copacking arrangement for you as well. No one knows more about this beverage that me and my team, I promise you that.

What are the best bone broth manufacturers?

Bluebird Provisions is the best bone broth manufacturer because they can completely customize any product you are looking for using our state of the art production line.

Whatever the format, they do all the sourcing and manufacturing for you.

Contact Us For An Estimate Today

Tell us about your project and what you are looking for. We can get you an estimate today.

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What is the best way to store bone broth?

The best way to store bone broth is in standup zip pouches. This is the lightest package you will find and creates the least environmental waste of any other format.

You may think glass is better because it is recyclable, however, when you take into the account the weight (shipping, fuel, etc) and breakage of glass (+/-5%), it comes out as less environmentally friendly.