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Article: Bone Broth Fast: Foolproof Guide For Health And Longevity

Bone Broth Fast

Bone Broth Fast: Foolproof Guide For Health And Longevity

Guide to a Bone Broth Fast

You want to know if a bone broth fast is going to help you lose weight, get better blood markers, feel better and live longer. That is a tall order, but still possible, my friend.

If you're not sure how intermittent fasting can help you or what it entails, this guide is for you. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started with intermittent fasting with bone broth, including why it can be beneficial and how to do it correctly.

If you’ve tried an intermittent fast or keto, I’m going to guess you probably felt like garbage. We’ve all been there. 

Did you get permanent results? Was it something you could do for the rest of your life? These are the questions you should be asking before you fast. 

A fast for the first time will be difficult, no matter how you prepare. That being said, there are certain things that help.

Can You do a Bone Broth Fast?

You can do a bone broth fast... anyone can do it. Just find a quality product that will actually hydrate you and replace electrolytes, do your research and start. This article will explain how to do it.

Also, Mark Wahlberg seems to think so. The famous actor lost 10 pounds in five days with it.

"I was eating so much protein, I was storing it and using it other than building lean muscle, so I was getting a leaky gut, so I just literally just fasted.

I just did a fast and a cleanse and I literally lost 10 pounds in five days. I lost five percent body fat and I lost 20 points of visceral fat literally in five days.”

nourishing bone broth drink in a glass jar

One common issue among those who regularly fast is a lack of electrolytes. Much like the ketogenic diet, your body requires more electrolytes. This is because you are not getting crucial electrolytes from food. 

It is a great natural source of electrolytes. You can drink it while on a fast to be certain that you’re not risking dehydration.

Bluebird Provisions makes the absolute perfect bone broth for your fastIt will curb your hunger and nourish your body with hydration and protein to make your fast as enjoyable as possible. Much better than coffee or teas.

It is naturally diet and keto friendly with zero fat and zero carbs to ensure that you do not break your fast.

Fasting with Bone Broth Infographic

What is a Bone Broth Fast

A bone broth fast is a modified fast where you consume warm mugs full of it in place of food throughout your day. Drinking it gives you vitamins, minerals and amino acids -- all while giving your digestive system the reset it needs.

Without the added burden of digesting food, your body can begin the repair process that a fast promotes.

How does adding it help digestion?

Bone broth nourishes your gut with gelatin, glycine and proline, to decrease inflammation and allow your gut to heal (1). 

Click here for our review of the best 6 bone broths for this year.

Benefits of Bone Broth

You probably know the many health benefits of bone broth. I’ll briefly summarize what it is good for: 

  1. Weight Loss - high protein and gelatin content is shown to help you feel full and thus eat less during the day.
  2. Skin Health - provides building blocks for skin, hair, teeth and nails. Increases hydration in skin cells.
  3. Digestion - amino acids that decrease inflammation (from flare ups) and build new tissue function in your gut. Learn about bone broth for gut health.
  4. Joint Pain - full of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to build cartilage and strength around your joints. 
  5. Immune System - contains an amino acid called glycine, that is one of the most important anti-inflammatory mediators and immunity boosters in your body.
  6. Sleep, Mood and Energy - glycine increases calmness and decreases your core body temperature in preparation for sleeping.
  7. Blood Sugar Stability - glycine taken with meals helps with lowering blood sugar response. 
  8. Brain Health - bone marrow and amino acids to fuel hormonal and brain development.
  9. Detoxification - allows your liver to naturally detoxify itself by providing glycine.

bone broth protein quiz image

As you’ll see below, this nourishing beverage complements many of the benefits of fasting. 

Important Types of Fasting

There are different types of fasting. Which one you choose is up to you. The different groups seem to be at odds with one another over which method is superior.

1. Intermittent Fasting With Bone Broth

Simply put: this is reducing the food you eat over a given period of time. Popular renditions of this type of fasts involve:

  1. 16/8: You fast for 16 hours per day and eating all of your daily calories in the remaining 8.
  2. Eat Stop Eat or 5:2 - Fast for 24 hours once or twice per week. Then eating normally the other days.

2. Periodic Fasting

Hardcore fasters will fast for three to five days at a time. This prompts your body to deplete all of your energy and glycogen stores to begin ketosis. The thought is that the benefits do not occur until at least three days into the fast. These are done while medically supported to ensure you are not stressing your vital organs too much.

3. Time-Restricted Feeding

Involves limiting your calories to specific times of the day around your sleep cycles and body clock (aka circadian rhythm). 

In practice, most will eat all of their meals between 10 am-6 pm window or a similar 8-12 hour window during the day. It's an easy way to regulate your daily calories without messing with hormones too much.

4. Fasting Mimicking Diets

A popular program where you are calorie controlled (~1000 calories per day) for five days. The process mimics a fast without completely depleting your nutrients. 

Fasting mimicking diets are thought to be safer than long ones. They are also easier to comply with for some people, and limit the additional systemic stress.

Bone broth is a popular item on these diet meal plans. 

Why Do People Fast?

Fasting specialists claim all sorts of health benefits, these include:

  1. Increase cognitive performance
  2. Protect from obesity and associated chronic diseases
  3. Decrease inflammation
  4. Weight loss 
  5. Lower the risk of metabolic diseases
  6. Improve overall health
  7. Stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels
  8. Promote autophagy: your bodies’ cellular cleanup process 
  9. Activation of NK cells which eliminates dead cells

In practise, you (and everybody else) are probably only interested in it for weight loss and controlling caloric intake. Let’s be honest. 

You can lose weight while on an intermittent fast, keeping the weight off, however, requires permanent lifestyle changes.  It is not a substitute for exercise.

woman doing yoga

Why Fast With Bone Broth?

As you can see, the benefits are extensive. The issue with longer fasts are hunger pangs and you generally feel like crap. More on that below.

Using bone broth while you fast ensures that you’re topped up on electrolytes, vitamins and minerals without breaking your fast. 

Here are a few reasons you might want to fast with it.

  1. Fasts help stabilize your blood sugar. If you are struggling to manage your blood sugar and insulin, then adding it might be worth considering.
  2. If you’re having major digestive issues like IBS, heartburn, gas or bloating, a bone broth fast may help to alleviate your symptoms. It is also an opportunity to reset your gut by replenishing much-needed nutrients to rebuild your digestive system lining.
  3. The biggest mistake those who fast or on low carbers make is not getting enough electrolytes. Your body flushes out its electrolytes when you restrict food or carbohydrates in any way. This puts you in the dreaded 'keto flu' state.
  4. Chicken in particular is full of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride and natural sodium. You should be careful with your hydration when you're not eating. Broth is great insurance against this.
  5. It provides vitamins and minerals to fight inflammation and help your liver and kidneys reset (2). You get great nutritional mileage from it without many calories. So if you’re time restricted eating or trying to reduce your calories, consider adding it.
  6. It is satiating and keeps your nourished. According to the evidence, gelatinous bone broth satisfies hunger and helps you feel full (3). This will make your experience more enjoyable.

bone broth powder for fasting

How Long Can You Fast With Bone Broth?

You can do a bone broth fast for as long as you want, provided that you are under the supervision of a doctor. 

Some people commonly fast for up to 72 hours. Others prefer to do it just in the morning, then eat their calories in the afternoon (16/8 approach). 

Finally, some will consume it only on their fast days of the week. I’ve heard of people fasting with it for two, then eating regularly the other five. This is one of the easiest ways for people to eat at maintenance without stressing over it.

This is a restriction based eating plan referred to as the Bone Broth Diet.

Make Sure To Take Care of Your Electrolytes

If you’re considering this approach then be sure to pay special attention to your electrolytes.

Symptoms of low electrolytes include: 

  1. Headache
  2. Fatigue 
  3. Thirst
  4. Fast or irregular heartbeat
  5. Muscle cramps
  6. Muscle tissues weakness
  7. Feeling numb
  8. Confusion
  9. Change in blood pressure

It is not the only way to get electrolytes. You can try electrolyte supplements or just add a bit of natural salt to your water.

Just be sure that you are not buying stock that is full of preservatives and added salt.

Glass of water  with electrolytes to help you detox

How Will I Feel When I Start Fasting?

It is perfectly normal to feel like crap when you first start fasting. You’ll likely feel tired, irritable and hungry. However, you should not feel awful and unwell. If you do, then you probably should not be doing it.

It is incredibly difficult to go from a regular diet to eating nothing. Especially if your regular diet is one high in refined carbohydrates. It will feel like restriction.

Fasts require fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. If you are routinely eating a carb-centric diet, your body will have a hard time with it.

This is why some prefer the 16/8 fast approach mentioned above. Many find compliance to longer fasts unbearable. 

Better Glucose Control Through Fasting

Our bodies are conditioned to use carbohydrates for fuel. This is thanks to a lifetime of eating them. It makes sense that withdrawal from intermittent fasts causes issues.  

Carbohydrate withdrawal can be physical, mental and emotional. Physically, our bodies are used to having glucose as its primary source of energy. 

As you fast, there is no glucose, forcing your body to try to process fat for fuel. 

Your body is smart and will adjust to fats for fuel, but it takes time. During the transition (anecdotally 3-6 weeks) you may feel terrible.

It will also affect you mentally and emotionally. Why? Carbs are required for our bodies to release serotonin, the famous ‘good vibes’ neurotransmitter in your body.

It can lead to a temporary eliminating of serotonin, which could alter your mood (4). This is important to keep in mind before you start. Also be wary of combining this with other medications you are taking. Talk to your doctor first.

Looking for bone broth? Read my guide that tells you where to buy bone broth near you and what to look for.

Why Hydration is Important When Keto, Low Carb or Low Calorie

Water is stored with carbohydrates in your body. When you fast you will deplete your carbohydrate stores. You will also excrete water through urine and retain less water because there are no carbs to help store it (5). 

Also, when you’re fasting, less insulin is released. This causes your body to lose sodium because it is released from your kidneys (6).

As you lose sodium, your body tries to balance things out by using potassium and magnesium stores in your body.

Your electrolytes get depleted, and if you’re not replenishing them, you’ll feel awful on a fast.

If you’ve tried keto, it is similar to the ‘Keto Flu.’

How to do a Bone Broth Fast

You can do a bone broth fast by choosing the type, getting your bone broth and starting. I'll explain each of these below.

Step 1: Choose Your Fast Plan Based on Your Health Levels

Decide which type of fast is right for you. Do you want 24 hours, time restricted feeding or try the 16-hr fast and 8-hr eating window?

Step 2: Get Your Bone Broth

You’ll want enough bone broth during your fast to satiate you for a whole day. An approach that works for our ambassadors includes 2 L per 24-hr period. 

If you’re doing 16-hours then 1-2 L is sufficient. You can drink a lot of it with no issues. Many guests report that they have consumed a lot more than 2 L per 24 hours, so don’t worry. There is no upper limit.

Get Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth shipped to your door in the USA or Canada. It is full of unique proteins and electrolytes that supports your fasting needs. And best of all, it is made using real bones. No concentrates.

Step 3: Start Fasting

Best to begin at night after your last meal. Most have success with an early dinner by 6pm. That way you have fully digested your food before you sleep. You also get a head start and can finish your fast earlier the next day. 

You should drink it throughout your fast. You can replace all of your regular meals with a large mug full of bone broth. 

Check the sodium on your product. If it has over 250mg per cup then you probably should not be consuming it.

If you’re bored of having it just plain versions then consider some special low calorie add ins. 

Here are a few to tempt your taste buds without additional vegetables or oil.

Squeezed lemon or lime

Brightens up any broth with the fresh taste of lemon or lime. 

Thai curry spice or paste

Tiny bit (¼ tsp) goes a long way!

Nourishing Pho 

A quick interpretation of pho broth that you can make in 5 minutes. Simmer the following ingredients along with your broth in a pot for 5 minutes, then enjoy.

  1. 1-2 Cups Beef Bone Broth
  2. ¼ Tsp ginger, dried (or 2 tsp fresh grated)
  3. ¼ Tsp coriander, dried
  4. ¼ Tsp cloves, dried
  5. Cilantro or other herbs 
  6. ¼ Tsp cinnamon, dried

2 day bone broth fast

A 2 day bone broth fast is not recommended if you are just getting familiar with this style of eating. You would be best to start with a single day or 16:8 approach. From here, you can incorporate a 2 day fast into your plan.

To do a 2 day fast, simply follow the directions outlined above for a 1 day fast. Be sure you are getting enough of it to hydrate you and reduce electrolyte loss.

You can preserve your muscles and tendons by doing a tiny bit of activity per day, but keep it very limited.

Does bone broth break a fast?

Bone broth does break a fast because it does have calories (20-60 per cup) and true fasts do not allow calorie consumption. That being said, I must note that most people who practice intermittent fasting are not necessarily fasting to consume zero calories.

Most people are fasting for shorter periods to achieve specific health benefits (autophagy, weight loss, ketones etc). While bone broth may break a fast in terms of calorie consumption, it can still provide many of the benefits associated with fasting.

Not only that, it also helps people adhere to fasting because of the electrolytes and satiety benefits.

There are no specific studies addressing this question, as the scientific community has not caught up to the current trends in the alternative health community. While bone broth may break a fast in terms of calorie consumption, it can still be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle along with intermittent fasting.

What to do when you break your bone broth fast

Breaking your bone broth fast requires some finesse. There is research to suggest a larger blood glucose spike in response to carbohydrates post-fast compared to on our regular diet. 

For this reason, you should consider gradually introducing in carbohydrates after your fast. If you typically eat 200 g of carbs per day, then take a few days to work back up to this level. You can do this by gradually adding carbs to each meal to ensure everything functions properly.

Green salads with veggies, chili, cabbage and eggs are great foods to eat post-fast. Take your time eating smaller meals first. Don't go helping yourself to everything in the fridge.

Then gradually titrating up your carb consumption and larger meals. Some people like probiotics while they make others feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Can I eat food on fasting days?

You can eat food when fasting, depending on the type of fast you are doing. If you're doing a fasting mimicking diet, then you can eat some food on fasting days.

However, if you are doing a strict fast, then you should not eat food when fasting.

How do I support for gut and immune system during a fast?

You can support your gut and immune system during a fast by drinking bone broth. This will ensure you are adequately hydrated and getting enough nutrients to nourish your gut and digestive system.

Will I lose weight from bone broth fasting?

You can lose weight from fasting. However, this is usually not a sustainable weight loss method unless you plan on incorporating fasting into your life long-term.

I suggest you learn to love the bod you are in and question exactly why you are looking to lose weight in the first place.

Does the protein and nutrients in bone broth decrease inflammation

The nutrients in bone broth can decrease inflammation. But if you are consuming other inflammatory foods or exposed to toxins throughout your life, then adding foods will not help. You must remove inflammatory foods and environmental toxins to decrease your inflammation.

Will fasting help control my blood sugar and insulin?

Fasting may help stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels. However, there are inherent risks with fasting. If you have diabetes, then I would not recommend fasting unless under the specific care of a doctor.

Is drinking chicken bone broth protein good for lifestyle support?

Chicken bone broth protein is good for general lifestyle support. You are best to drink one that is high protein, from non-GMO sources and is real (not the fake stuff).

The Bottom Line

If you want to try fasting, then make sure you have the hydrating beverages you need to support your immune system. Bone broth helps to satiate you to ward off brutal hunger pangs while providing you amino acids and electrolytes. 

Bluebird Provisions is the best at making bone broth that has all the hydration and gut healing amino acids to make your next fast an easy one. Try some today by using code: FAST at checkout to save 10% and see the difference.

I’m curious, have you tried it? How did you find it? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Fasting is NOT appropriate if pregnant including breastfeeding, if significantly underweight, have autoimmune conditions, have low iron levels or if you have a history of disordered eating. You should only fast if being actively monitored by a nutrition professional or team of specialists.

Disclaimer: this information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA or CFIA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your primary care physician for advice on any of this.


Hi Katrina, based on the research we really don’t know the answers to these questions.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Will autophagy occur with consuming 2-3 quarts a day of bone broth? Also, can I add herbs and spices to it without affecting my autophagy outcome? Such as fresh cilantro, black pepper, turmeric, ginger, miso?

Thank you for your help


Hi Marie, you can certainly eat while on the plan. It really depends what type of fast you are doing.

As for the weight loss, that is a bit beyond my pay grade. I can’t give weight loss guidance or advice because I am not a doctor or RD.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I am a little confused with this plan. I would like to complete a 21 day program. I purchased your bone broth and plan on doing the 16/8 fasting. I am confused if I can eat food the fist day after I have 2 packets of the bone broth during the day. Also, I would like to use this plan to loose weight approx. 50 lbs. How long can I continue with the fasting and the bone broth with that in mind?


Hi Maggie,

Yes you can buy store-bought, but I would review the advice in this article before you consider buying bone broth from a store:

Best of luck with your bone broth fast! Let me know how it goes or if you have any other questions.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I am starting the bone broth fast I am hoping I can go the three weeks I made my bone broth. Is it OK if I buy store bought broth if I run out of broth?

Maggie Liggins

Hi Fabien,

You make a great point. Traditionally made bone broth does have fat. I should have clarified in saying that most store bought bone broth does not have fat as it has been removed.

I will make an edit to the article to reflect this confusion.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

There’s fat in bone broth, unlike what the article states.


Thanks Mario! Glad the bone broth information is helping. If you live in Canada or the USA, you can order directly from our website. However, if you are in any other country then unfortunately we cannot ship to you. Sorry! I wish we could but meat products like organic bone broth are difficult to export.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Thank you for this excellent site, basically all the information I needed I have found here. How can I order chicken bone broth from you?

Mario Human

Here is what I just wrote in this article:

Breaking your bone broth fast requires some finesse. There is research to suggest a larger blood glucose spike in response to carbohydrates post-fast compared to on our regular diet.

For this reason, you should consider gradually adding in carbohydrates after your fast. If you typically eat 200 g of carbs per day, then take a few days to work back up to this level. You can do this by gradually adding carbs to each meal.

Salads, chili and eggs are great foods to eat post fast. Take your time eating smaller meals first. Then gradually titrating up your carb consumption and larger meals.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions

Hi Sally,

Glad to hear you are fasting with bone broth. I hope it helps you clear up the inflammation and get your iron levels back on track.

Thanks for letting me know. I will make some edits and additions to this article about refeeding post-fast.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions

I am
On a bone broth fast to try to reduce inflammation and see if it helps me absorb iron again as I have very low iron. I am on day 17 and feel pretty good all around. I am starting with some food tonight -going to have vegetable soup with broth base. There is no information in the article about ending the fast-what is best to eat and what to avoid. I think it is a critical part of the fast as you have potentially healed a leaky gut so you need to provide it with the right pre and pro biotic and something that you will be able to digest easily after your gut hasn’t had to do much digesting during your fast

Sally Gartside

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