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Article: Bone Broth For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why it May Work

Bone Broth For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why it May Work

Bone Broth For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why it May Work

Guide to Bone Broth For Weight Loss

You want to shed a few pounds, don't we all.

This article outlines why bone broth is used for weight loss, how people just like you slim down using it and how you can get started.

The reason why it helps you trim down is due to the unique protein, amino acids and electrolytes.

We will discuss all of that and more.

If you want the simple answer, Bluebird Provisions makes the highest protein bone broth that has all the nutrients you need for weight loss.

You may see this is me pushing my own product. But I urge you to read the article first before your make any judgments.

Does bone broth help you lose weight?

Bone broth helps you lose weight because of the gelatin protein that gels in your stomach and helps keep you satisfied and full before your next meal. It is also naturally low in calories at 30 calories per cup.

It also has electrolytes to provide energy throughout the day an ensure you do not get low on electrolytes while dieting. This is a big issue if you are keto or intermittent fasting.

One quick note: dieting and diet is a tricky subject. I do not believe in 'diet culture' and the promises all of these diets make to you.

The reality is that diets do not work in the long-term. You might be a few pounds... only to put it on a year later.

What does work is lifestyle change through sustainable habit formation. Before reading this I would ask you to assess what your goal is with dieting.

Are you not happy with the way you look? If this is the case, start with learning to love yourself and your body who what it is now.

Alright, enough disclaimers let's get into it.

What Is Chicken Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a highly nutritious broth made from animal bones, joints, tendons and meat. It is a great source of minerals, amino acids and nutrients for your health and longevity.

The ingredients are simmered in water to create a savory broth that can be enjoyed alone or used as the base for soups and stews.

It is shown to be beneficial for weight loss because it is high in protein and electrolytes while being low in calories.

It has gained popularity in recent years due to its potent health outcomes. Speaking of which...

What Are The Benefits of Bone Broth Powder?

Some of the health benefits of bone broth include: maintaining gut health, improving joint function, boosting brain health and development, controlling blood sugar, helping with sleep, promoting skin health and reducing inflammation.

Learn which of these advantages extend to powder protein products as well.

It is a nutritious and healthy food that aids in all aspects of health and wellness in your body. It can be consumed as a on its own in a mug or added to soups, salads, and other dishes.

And here's why more of it is good for you.

health benefits of bone broth infographic

1. May support weight loss (more below)

Three reasons why:

  1. Nutrients
  2. Electrolytes
  3. Satiety

2. It may protect the joints, reduce skin issues (wrinkles)

The compounds help maintain your skin and joints and they may also help people who already have osteoarthritis.

More specifically, it is a source of gelatin, which breaks down into collagen and individual amino acids like glycine and proline in your body. These are shown to help with tendon health and joint pain.

3. It may help fight arthritis

It is frequently used to help maintain joints and reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis because of the collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin present in the broth.

Here are the top 6 Bone Broths You can Trust.

4. May help reduce inflammation for gut health

Glycine is shown to reduce inflammation in your gut .

Glycine can also help your body to produce glutathione, which is an antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage.

So drinking more of it may be a good way to improve your gut health and reduce inflammation.

5. It may aid sleep

The amino acid glycine is a safe therapeutic option to improve sleep.

Drinking it with a simple dinner may help provide this glycine as properly made bone broth has 3 g per cup.

Studies have shown that glycine reduced daytime sleepiness, improved cognitive functions, improved sleep quality, and shortened the time it took to fall asleep.

organic grass fed beef bone broth on table with notebook

6. The ultimate health and nutrient rich super food

It is a great source of nutrients , including the essential amino acids proline and glycine, which help repair muscle tissue. It's also rich in collagen, a protein that aids digestion and helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

It can help you lose weight because it fills your stomach with a ton of nutrients, making you feel full and stopping you from eating more than the recommended amount.

7. It's packed with the building blocks of collagen protein

Collagen is a building block of skin and bones . It is also found in the gut, joints, muscles and tendons.

Collagen can help improve the appearance of crows feet and lines on the face, as well as age spots.

The primary role of collagen is to provide elasticity and strength to tissues such as skin, hair, and nails.

Why Bone Broth is Good For Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

Bone broth is high in protein and crucial nutrients to set you up for success while trying to lose weight or intermittent fasting.

Equally as important, it is low in calories, making it the perfect food for shedding some weight.

You can easily add fat sources to your beverage to make it keto friendly and more filling, but keep in mind this adds calories.

Hydrating Electrolytes Crucial for Success on Any Diet Plan

You may not know that chicken soup is the ultimate source of hydrating in the form of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are crucial while losing weight or on the keto diet because they help to regulate the fluid balance in your body.

try our bone broth powder

They're important for both physical and mental well-being on any diet because they control the water in your body. If you are not getting enough electrolytes, it will make you feel tired, fatigued and even sick.

These thing will stop your diet success in its tracks.

Chicken has up to 400 mg of potassium per cup (see Bluebird Provisions Instant Chicken Soup Powder package). It also has phosphorous, chloride and magnesium to keep you hydrated while losing weight.

Proper hydration is essential for a weight loss, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Low Calorie Yet Filling For Your Weight Loss Plan

It has 30-50 calories per cup, making it the perfect low calorie, yet filling meal.

It is filling because it contains gelatin, which is a type of protein that your system digests very slowly.

Also, the unique amino acids (glycine, proline, glucosamine and glutamine) can also help you to feel fuller for longer and reduce cravings.

The takeaway is that many guests report that they can eat less food and still feel full after a meal.

It's also great for fasting because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels, which is important if you are trying to slim down.

Read my guide on where to buy bone broth near you so that you can stock up. 

High Protein and Amino Acids

You know that high protein diets are popular for weight loss. Protein is important when you are on a diet because it helps build muscle and maintain it while your frame is shedding pounds.

What is interesting though, is that bone broth protein seems to be even more effective at helping people not only lose it but keep it off.

Perhaps what you do not know is that it satisfies cravings like no other due to its protein and nutrients. In fact, its one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth!

Properly made bone broth has 6-12 g of protein per cup or serving. If your product has less than this, it is not real and should not be consumed as there are no positive health outcomes.

This means that this product can help you lose easier because the satiating protein.

Gelatin From The Bones

It is 90-95% gelatin, assuming you made your beverage correctly.

Gelatin helps with dieting because it is a natural appetite suppressant. Your body requires protein to function properly and when you don't get enough of it, the brain tells you that you are hungry.

Gelatin has the perfect blend of amino acids that help you function properly and feel satiated.

In fact, it has been used for centuries as a weight loss aid because of its ability to reduce cravings and increase metabolism.

Gelatin has many other interesting pros for our bodies, including reducing skin aging, assisting in joint health and gut health.

How do you use bone broth for weight loss?

There are many different ways that you can use bone broth to help with weight loss. You can drink it as a hot or cold beverage, add it to your favorite recipes (soups, stews, rice, sauces) or breakfast staples like smoothies and oatmeal.

Read my comprehensive guide on how to make bone broth taste better.

Here is a Sample Day For Losing Weight Using Bone Broth

weight loss daily plan using bone broth

This is not a meal plan, just an example of how you can get started using it for dieting. Keep in mind you will feel fuller once you add it to your diet.

Add in your meals with the this nutritious beverage as needed. It is best to drink bone broth with or before your meal.

Breakfast Foods

1 cup bone broth mixed with Himalayan salt and a healthy fat source (MCT oil, coconut oil, grass fed ghee, coconut milk).


Collagen rich oatmeal. See the recipe above for the most satisfying and filling bowl of porridge you'll ever eat.


1 cup before your lunch.

Night Time (optional)

1 hour before bed: 1 cup.

The amino acid glycine is shown to help you get more REM sleep.

What is the best time to drink bone broth for weight loss?

The best time of day to drink bone broth for weight loss is before your meals. The gelatin in it helps you feel satiated and full before your meals so that you eat less.

Now there are advantages with specific timing that depend on your goal. Here's where we geek out on the science of nutrition timing.

It is important to note that it is safe to drink anytime because it is simply a natural superfood.

You'll be happy to hear that there are no negative effects associated with drinking bone broth during the day or at any time of day.

  • Drinking bone broth in the morning helps improve your gut health and overall well-being.
  • For joint pain relief and tendon on health, drink it combined with vitamin c (50 mg) 1 hour before you exercise, walk, run or move.
  • Looking for a restful sleep? Drink it 1 hour before bed.
  • For blood sugar control, drink it before your meals.
  • For healthy skin, drink it throughout the day to maximize collagen production.
  • For immune system support and to help prevent colds, drink it throughout the day in steady doses.
  • To aid digestion and reduce bloating, drink it before your meals.

bluebird provisions chicken bone broth in jar on table with thyme

Where to Find Your Beef Bone Broth?

Here is a simple checklist for what to look for when buying bone broth:

  1. Are 'Bones' the second ingredient? Check the ingredients. It should be just chicken bones and water. If there are any other additives, then it is not a real product and should be avoided.
  2. Is it sourced From Non-GMO or Organic sources?
  3. Does it have gums, fillers or artificial sweeteners in it? If so, run for the hills.
  4. Check the sodium content. Anything over 200 mg per serving should be avoided.
  5. Are they stuffing the ingredient list? Random 'healthy' ingredients do not provide any merit because they're in such small quantities. Ex: turmeric.
  6. Is it simmered slowly? Look for 12-24 hours.
  7. What type of packaging do the use? Pouches are the most environmentally friendly. Recyclable pouches are the best!
  8. How much protein does it have? Must be at least 7 g per cup. Anything less is fake and will not help you reach your goals.
  9. How much potassium does it have? For chicken it must have 300 mg or more of potassium. Beef, on the other hand, will not have much potassium.

I recommend you try to make your own following the recipe I link below. Or else you can try my brand of Non GMO and pasture raised Chicken Bone Broth.

I've spent years researching how to make the most delicious and nutritious product. I've finally cracked the code and would love for you to try it by clicking the link above.

How Long Does it Take to see Results From Bone Broth?

For most benefits, it takes about a week to see results from bone broth. You may start noticing energy differences very quickly, during your first day of drinking.

Immediately you will notice that it is helping to keep you full and reduce food cravings. This is especially true if you are following the bone broth diet.

Your skin health gains take a bit longer, 3-6 weeks of regular use for best results.

In general, it is a great way to heal your gut and get enough vitamins and minerals for your long-term health and well-being.

woman making pale friendly smoothie with collagen

How much bone broth is safe to drink?

There is no upper limit to the amount of bone broth you can safely drink. From a practical perspective, I would recommend starting with 1 cup per day for a week.

After a week, take note of how you feel, look and perform. Is your digestion better? From here, you can adjust your intake.

Many of our guests regularly drink 3 cups per day and boast fantastic results.

For individuals who are fasting with bone broth or dieting, they make drink even more per day.

Potential Downsides of Grass Fed Bone Broth

Since it is a new food category, there is limited research on the product specifically, so we have to look at what is in it.

Namely collagen and gelatin. Collagen use is safe in the recommended doses (10-30 g per day or 3-5 cups), but 5% of people have found that it can cause gas or bloating.

How much gelatin can you safely consume ?

Gelatin is safe for most people, as it is very similar to collagen in structure and amino acid profile.

Where can I find dairy free paleo and bone broth diet recipes?

You can find delicious bone broth diet recipes by visiting our blog here. On our blog you will find keto, paleo and every day recipes.

Takeaway: Is Drinking Bone Broth Good For Weight Loss?

Bone broth is low in calories, high in protein and electrolytes, so it's helpful to lose weight if you consume it regularly.

Bluebird Provisions makes the absolute best product for weight loss. Try some today and see what our guests are raving about.

There is no direct research to support the benefits for dieting. But the proteins and minerals found in it do have research to support these claims.

It is a great source of collagen and gelatin. These can help on any diet because they are very filling and help reduce food cravings. They also keep your blood sugar levels stable, which helps with weight loss.

So, if you are trying to shed pounds, it is worth considering. If you have any questions about the benefits for slimming down, feel free to leave a comment.

Read my guide on the total bone broth market size if you want to learn more about the industry. 


Is bone broth good for weight loss?

Bone broth is good for weight loss because it helps you feel full more than any other low calorie food. It also has hydration in the form of potassium, sodium and magnesium for stable energy throughout your day. Finally, it is naturally low calorie.

Does bone broth help you lose belly fat?

Bone broth may help you lose belly fat because it helps you lose weight. However, it is almost impossible to spot reduce fat . Meaning you cannot specifically target the fat in a specific area to lose. Your body will lose it throughout your frame.

What happens if you drink bone broth everyday?

Drinking bone broth every day can offer many benefits including promoting skin, joint, and gut health while providing important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. While it is also versatile, delicious and easy to incorporate in many different recipes, making it a must-have weekly habit.

Does bone broth make you poop?

Bone broth can make help reduce your poops because of the gelatin in the bones. These patients have an exposed intestinal lining, and the broth helps seal that up, which can help ease chronic diarrhea, constipation and even some food allergies.

Is bone broth a meal replacement?

Bone broth is a great meal replacement because of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids. So you can consume it even after a fast or while exercising. Be sure to remember that it is low in calories. So you should add some healthy fats and ingredients to make it a meal.

Disclaimer: this information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA or CFIA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your primary care physician for advise on any of this.


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