The 6 Best Bone Broths For Dogs in 2023: Dry and Wet

Best Bone Broth For Dogs Made With Real Bones

Are you looking for a trustworthy bone broth for your fluffy friend (cats included)? Do they suffer from poor digestion or joint pain?

Consider my list of the best bone broths for dogs in 2023 regardless of breed, including chicken, fish, duck, beef, turkey and more.

Why listen to me? I've made over 250,000L of homemade style bone broth in the last 6 years. I also have two happy and healthy dogs (Nitotem and Atlas) who have tried more bone broth than most humans.

If you want the quick answer, just try Bluebird Provisions brand of bone broth powder. They make the highest quality products or both humans and pets you'll find anywhere.

Other brands are good but not perfect. Let's discuss them below in more detail. But first, a few things to look for in a quality product.

First a quick note: this website is reader-supported. I spend a lot of time personally evaluating, testing and reviewing each product on this list with my two dogs: Atlas and Nitotem. When you buy through links on our site, I may earn an affiliate commission. This helps keep my dogs happy too!

Note: Prices may vary depending on location and retailer. It is always recommended to check with the seller for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Is store-bought bone broth OK for dogs?

Most store-bought bone broth is not acceptable for dogs because of the added fillers, corn, grains and high sodium. This makes it difficult for their delicate systems to digest, especially if they have food allergies like my dogs do.

If you are going that route, make sure the one you are using is of good enough quality not to risk your dog's health. It should be human grade, meaning something that you would eat yourself.

Why Most Dog-Friendly Bone Broth Powder is BAD For Them

Pet food brands put tons of money into marketing their food as healthy for your pup. You see this in the packaging and websites of these companies. Impressive right?

I can help you cut through their lies to see which are actually making food that helps your pet.

The Most Important Step

Check the nutrition facts and ingredient lists. These are what separates junk products full of grains from real ones. Be wary of the slick messaging on the front of the package and flip it right to the back.

Here are 8 things to look for in the best bone broth (powdered or liquid) for pets.

1. Is it Real Liquid or Dehydrated Bone Broth?

Your product should list 'chicken bones' or 'beef bone broth' as the first ingredient. That's it. You'll notice some use just broth, stock, protein or concentrates instead of the real thing.

Some brands even use collagen instead, which is misleading and should be illegal... not what you want. These products are just fake products you need to avoid at all costs.

2. How Much Protein is There?

Any legit brand should have more than 90% protein for powder and more than 5% for liquid. If they do not, it's because they have added filler ingredients that add more carbs and fiber.

This takes away from the nutrition and amino acids you are looking for in the first place. Not benefits for joints, longevity or their hair.

3. Where are the Animals Sourced From?

You'll need to check the brand website to find this info or get in touch with them. Many of these products are sourced from Asia and South America where the animal welfare laws and standards are different.

The result is that you are probably feeding your pet something that was raised under awful, unsanitary conditions and may hav added hormones and antibiotics.

4. Does It Have Cheap Fillers?

Lots of the famous companies don't even use the real thing (see #1). But you also want to scan the back of the package for the following cheap protein sources.

Some of the misleading things have innocent names. Be wary of anything that lists the following:

  1. Maltodextrin
  2. Gelatin
  3. Collagen
  4. Beef - don't confuse this with beef bone broth.
  5. Chicken
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Turmeric

You don't need fancy probiotics or superfoods in them either. These are often used to create the healthy halo effect for a food product, but in reality, they are in such small amounts that there is no benefit.

5. Is There Nasty Preservatives?

Here are a few preservatives you need to avoid.

Yeast Extract - An enhancer used in many ultra processed foods and meat products because of its ability to gives foods that umami meaty taste. It's made using GMO yeast and some people have gluten type allergic reactions to it.

Natural Flavors - A confusing ingredient that is a collection of flavors used to make processed foods taste better. You see it in a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages and sports drinks. There is nothing natural about them.

Beef Flavor - Made by taking individual amino acids found in beef, adding common sugars and starch hydrolysate to a pot with citric acid and heated. These are used because real beef is too expensive to flavor many foods.

Salt - Not needed in dog food products. Likely used as a preservative.

6. How Much Salt / Sodium Is There in Dog Food Broth?

Here’s a shady truth about many of these supposed best dog food broths: many are salt bombs that are bad for puppies blood pressure.

Make sure there is no salt added and check the brand website to see how much is in it. They do not need to disclose on the package, so you need to dig deeper.

Look for no more than 80 mg of sodium per tbsp of powder.

7. Is There Carbs In Your Low Calorie Bone Broth?

You want a low calorie bone broth with zero carbs. If there are, then it's because he company has added some filler ingredients to cut costs. 

Dogs are carnivores and need lots of protein and fat, carbs are not necessary in a meal topper like this.

8. What Packaging Do They Use?

Nowadays, we need to invest in companies with light, minimal packaging from recyclable materials. Look for pouches instead of canisters for this reason.

Bluebird Provisions Instant Bone Broth Powder is the only one that uses a 100% recyclable standup pouch.

The lightest package is the most eco friendly when you account for the energy used throughout the entire production, transport and final disposal of it.

Most Reviews You Read are 100% Fake

Most reviews you see are manipulated by the companies who make the products. They can easily remove bad customer reviews from their websites and can even pay for Amazon reviews.

This leave you and me scratching our heads and trying to figure out what to do as a conscious consumer.

Cooking blog and review websites cannot be trusted either anymore. Why? Because these articles are rife with affiliate links.

This means that all of the brands in a review article are a part of the scheme. They pay to be featured on the article and also give the publisher a percentage or royalty on all sales that result from people clicking the links in the article.

Check the disclaimers below take from two popular cooking blog websites.

This means you are not getting the best product recommended to you but the one who can afford to pay the publisher for clicks.

What are the different types of bone broth for dogs?

There are different types of bone broth for dogs including ones made from chicken, lamb, beef, turkey and pork. In terms of format you'll find liquid and dehydrated or powdered versions.

Dehydrated versions are convenient and easy to store and travel with. Liquid is more difficult to deal with and needs to be stored in the fridge or freezer safe containers.

Read this detailed article on bone broth powder to learn exactly how it's made.

Top 6 Tastiest Bone Broth for Regular, Puppy and Senior Dogs

The 6 best bone broths for dogs include Bluebird Provisions, Honest Kitchen, Caru, Solid Gold, Brutus and Native Pet. Read below for my specific recommendations.

1. Bluebird Provisions Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth Powder

Best Dehydrated Bone Broth

This dehydrated powder has a delicious, natural chicken taste and is by far the highest protein at 95%.

Why is it so high? Because this product is a single ingredient with no fillers, gums or extra things to mess with it. You are just quality nutrition and nothing else.

Bluebird provisions bone broth powder or dogs

Speaking of nutrition, it's the only one with proper hydration from naturally occurring electrolytes.This helps increase the strength of their immune system.

You pup will absolutely love this grain free option. Start with 1 tsp to 1/2 tbsp plus water mixed into their regular meals (dinner and breakfast) and see how they are over the first week or so.

The price is the lowest at about $0.34 per 1/2 tbsp serving or $48 per pound.

It mixes perfectly into boiling water if you want and also the most environmentally friendly because it uses a lightweight zip pouch. For a limited time, it is on sale on Amazon for $17.99. Follow the link above. 

What I love most:

  1. 94% Protein
  2. Sourced and Made in the USA
  3. Hydrating Electrolytes
  4. Low sodium at 180 mg per cup
  5. Grain Free

Buy from Bluebird Provisions

2. The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Stew Pour Overs

Best Stew Option

Honest Kitchen bone broth pour overs come in three flavors: beef, chicken and turkey/salmon. The last one seems like a strange flavorings combo, but dogs are different from humans after all.

This liquid version has 5% protein, 2.5% fat and 1% fiber. The protein is 5% because because you need to account for the moisture content at 90%.

Honest kitchen bone broth pour over for pets packaging

The price of Honest Kitchen Pour overs is about $0.89 per 1/4 cup serving.

What I love most:

  1. BPA Free
  2. Recyclable Package
  3. Human-grade ingredients

3. Caru Beef Bone Broth

Best Liquid Option

Caru makes a beef bone broth available in a tetra-pak package that. You'll find that it is 3% protein and the quality of ingredients are great.

Caru bone broth for dogs package


Water, Beef Bones, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Peppercorns, Bay Leaves, Thyme.

Looks like similar things you would find in one made for humans. No nasty additives or fillers make this a high quality option for your pet.

Caru is fat free with 1% fiber and 97.5% moisture or liquid. It is also very low calorie at about 36 calories per cup.

Some people may take issue with the cost of this one. It works out to $1.44 USD per serving. In that case a dehydrated version like Bluebird might be best.

What I love most:

  1. Organic Vegetables
  2. Slow Cooking Process
  3. Made From Real Beef Bones

4. Solid Gold Grain Free Chicken Topper

Solid Gold liquid bone broth topper comes in standup pouch with a convenient resealable spout for easy pouring. It is 3% protein. 

It's a great option for picky eaters because of the tasty boost it will give you any food. It mixes well with kibble or dry food and comes with some fun added flavorings from lavender chamomile to turmeric.

solid gold chicken bone broth meal topper pouch

The price of Solid Gold is $1.01 per 1/4 cup serving. Remember that liquid ones are always going to be more expensive per serving compared to powder.

What I like about Solid Gold:

  1. Gut Healing Nutrients
  2. Flavor Options (Salmon, Lamb, Chicken, Beef)
  3. Human Food Facility

5. Brutus Beef Bone Broth

Brutus beef bone broth has 1% protein. It has ingredients including vegetable broth, salt, natural flavors, yeast and natural beef flavor.

brutus bone broth for dogs


Beef Broth, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Vegetable Broth (Sweet Potato, Carrot, Celery), Sea Salt, Beef Flavor, Chondroitin Sulfate, Yeast Extract, Modified Potato Starch, Natural Flavor (Contains Torula Yeast), Turmeric.

The cost of this one online is about $0.70 per 1/4 cup serving.

6. Native Pet Bone Broth Pouches

The best dog food enhancer, Native Pet Bone Broth, is another dehydrated option you can find in beef or chicken. They come in a small pouch, making it convenient for travel and storage at room temperature.

I like that there is a limited ingredient list, relatively high protein and no filler ingredients.

natural beef bone broth for dogs 5 oz pack

It has 89.6% protein, 2.2% fat with 6% moisture. You will be getting some collagen in this product because of the high protein as well. Which is great for your pets joints, fur and teeth.


Beef bone broth, sunflower lecithin.

dehydrated beef bone broth powder for cats ingredients

Sunflower lecithin is a natural emulsifier. It is used to bind ingredients together and make a product that can be sold as powder but once you add water, it turns into broth.

Price: $0.85 per serving or $68 per pound.

Looking for dog food? Read my guide to find the best freeze dried dog food.

A Note on Bone Broth Treats

There are many dog treats made with bone broth. While these are great for picky eaters, they do not have enough amino acids to get your dog any real benefits. I'm sure your pup will absolutely love them, so go ahead and try them. But just know that you need the real stuff to if you want your dog to reap the health benefits.

dog treats

What type of bone broth is best for dogs?

Beef and poultry bone broth are best for dogs because they are lower in many allergens. Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you are unsure. And also note your dogs history. If they are sensitive to poultry products then opt for beef.

It is more important to get a high quality version that is sourced correctly before you nit-pick between flavors. Some are better for maintaining a dog's skin and coat health, while others improve their immune system or digestion.

What about soup / broth bones for dogs?

You can give you dog soup or beef broth bones instead. But be careful with them chewing through the bones which can break into sharp shards.

Check with your vet before using these marrow bones for this reason and watch them while they eat it to make sure no issues. Avoid poultry bones as they're too small and can easily get caught in their throat.

beef soup bones

Can dogs eat bone broth everyday?

Yes, dogs can eat bone broth every day. It should be used as a healthy dog food topper with their regular meals. However, it is not recommended to feed it as a replacement for your dog's regular meals. It does not have the full amino acid profile for your pet to live on.

Are there any side effects of giving my dog bone broth?

Side effects of giving your dog bone broth include diarrhea and upset stomachs. There are some dogs that might react poorly to certain ingredients found in a given recipe so you need to be diligent with your research.

Upset stomaches and poop issues are because most people do not transition their dogs to it properly. They have sensitive digestive systems, after all.

You need to be very gradual to build up their tolerance to it. Follow the serving directions carefully to avoid any issues and learn exactly why bone broth makes them poop.

Speak with your vet if you are unsure if it is right for your pet.

Closing Thoughts

If you find yourself wanting the highest quality nutrition for your pet, then my checklist for finding the best bone broth for your dog in 2023 is easy:

  1. Find one with without nasty ingredients that you haven't heard of (natural flavors, yeast, beef flavor, salt) made in a human-grade facility.
  2. Look for at least 5% protein for liquid and 90% protein for dehydrated versions. If you go any lower, your pup won't get enough of the healing nutrients.

Here's my honest recommendation, if you are set on a liquid product, then Bluebird Provisions is not for you.

But if you are looking for dehydrated, then you won't find a higher quality product that Bluebird Provisions Beef Bone Broth. It's made using 100% grass fed, non-GMO and pasture raised beef sourced in the USA.

Don't forget that the bone broth is on sale on Amazon Prime for a limited time only. 

Do you want my thoughts on a different brand? Leave a comment and let me know. Or have you tried any of the ones above? Did you pet like it?

Bluebird Provisions is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


Hi Amy,

It looks like a decent product in terms of ingredients. It is hard for me to fully weigh in because I can’t find where the bones are sourced from on their website.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions September 06, 2023

hi! I recently found Rolling Roti’s Butcher bone broth at Costco. It only has 3 ingredients; chicken, water and carrot. I’m wondering if you know this product or have thoughts. It’s a great price.

Amy September 06, 2023

Hi Sid, that is great that you make your own. If your dog is doing well on the amount you are giving it then you should be fine. If in doubt you can always ask your vet.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions May 26, 2023

Hi Dana, sorry to hear about your pup :(

I would consult a vet on this.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions May 26, 2023

I make my own chicken broth by boiling a whole chicken

Sid May 26, 2023

I feed my dog human grade raw food diet and I add my own chicken broth. I’m wondering how much broth is too much I add enough to make it more wet than just the ground up food that I feed her.

Sid May 26, 2023

Which is the best bone broth to give to a dog who is recovering from a Pancreatitis episode?

Dana Danson May 26, 2023

Hi Robert, I would try the Bluebird Provisions one. It’s the lowest sodium on the list by far.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions March 02, 2023

Hi..great article. Perhaps you could address a common plight ? I require a tastey broth, low in protein and sodium for a senior kidney diet. Not so much for nutrition but to stimulate appetite. Canine kidney diets by design restrict all the good stuff, therefore, proper taste is coveted, where it can be found. The broth softens the kibble and with cardio issues as well, teeth cleaning is off the table. I’m using “Brutus” for its low salt. “Wholehearted,” (low protein)as well that suspiciously, as you said, doesen’t list salt percentage. Low protein, low salt, broth for taste has a huge use. Any suggestions ?

Robert March 02, 2023

You’re welcome Jas!

Connor at Bluebird Provisions January 27, 2023


Thank you for your thorough review. I have never commented on a review site before, but your article was extremely easy to read and I respect/trust your opinions!!

Jas January 27, 2023

Thanks for clarifying JLynn. I’ll do a review of both of those brands in the future.

Connor at Bluebird Provisions December 15, 2022

It is interesting that rhere are not many Primal Bone Broth reviews except I did find one comparing it to Merrick Bone Broth, (Primal isn’t human grade). Primal has maybe 2% protein. Merrick has 3%.

JLynn December 15, 2022

Hi Chri ,

That is amazing news! You are the best dog parent ever.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions December 01, 2022

I have 3 Newfoundlands and make my own bone broth in the insta pot. My dogs love it and I know what’s in it.

Chri December 01, 2022

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your recommendation. I agree with you and my bad for missing them. I will add them to the list in the next couple of weeks when I update it.


Connor at Bluebird Provisions November 03, 2022

just fyi, Primal Pet bone broth is the best, even though it’s really expensive. I was hoping this had better options, but nothing on this list comes close. Paying for the ton of organic vegetables in the formula, but you get a quality product

Laura November 03, 2022

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L