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Help Your Pet Feel Better With Bone Broth

Say goodbye to picky eaters, digestive issues, creaky joints, skin and coat issues with our collagen rich, high protein bone broth.

This daily meal topper is made for dogs and cats of all ages.

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Choose 1-8 Pouches

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Say Goodbye to Picky Eaters With Dog Bone Broth

Sick of your dog or cat staring at their bowl at mealtime? No more! This bone broth meal topper is guaranteed to get picky eaters eating again. Pets can tell that it is pure protein with no added fillers, junk or fluff ingredients.

You are getting a single ingredient bone broth powder that works as a high protein meal topper. Simply sprinkle some ontop of their regular food and stir a bit of water for moisture. Your pet will love it, or we'll give you your money back.

Unlock Their Luscious Coat and Happy Skin

As your pet gets older, it gets hard to maintain that silky coat and clear skin they once had. That is because their collagen levels are declining. Bone broth is the ultimate source of collagen and amino acids to restore their fur and skin.

This works by building new connective tissue around their fur and skin, hydrating it and giving them that shiny coat they deserve.

Restore Proper Digestion and Gut Health

Gut health is the main health benefit you will notice when feeding bone broth powder to your pet regularly. Your dog's digestive system gets out of whack from eating inflammatory foods (table scraps, kibble they are sensitive to).

Gradually, their gut lining breaks down, which leads to skin and coat issues, joint pain and the obvious other signs like diarrhea or vomitting. Dog bone broth is full of gut healing amino acids: glycine, proline, glutamine and arginine. 

These proteins stop inflammation by helping to form new connective tissue in their digestive tract. This means your dog or cat can actually digest their meals properly.

Rebuild & Protect Sore & Creaky Joints

The proteins in bone broth for dogs and cats helps to lubricate and cushion joints, tendons and ligaments. This helps with active or aging dogs who are starting to slow down or struggle with movement.

Bone broth is also natural source of glutcosamine and chondroitin: two of the most potent joint health supplements for humans and pets.

What Make Our Bone Broth Meal Topper Different?

  1. Quality Sourcing and Manufacturing: We take tremendous pride is offering you a USA sourced and made, 100% human grade, single ingredient meal topper with just bone broth and no other fillers.

You will notice many other brands add things like vegetables, starches or other fillers that don't belong in bone broth. They also make their products using concentrates and not real bones.

Any extra ingredients takes away from the important healing benefits. Not to mention, some products are sourced from overseas.

2. Protein and Nutrients: You'll also notice the protein levels in our bone broth is 50% higher than others. All of our pet bone broth has at least 90% crude protein. Our chicken bone broth also has 300mg potassium per serving, which is great for hydration if your pup is recovering.

What is Possible When Feeding Bone Broth to My Dog?

We've helped change the lives of both pets and pet owners around the world with these healing chicken and beef bone broths. You can rest assured that your pet will devour their meals again -- we really mean it! Here three main reasons why you'll find us in the homes of pet owners everywhere:

  • Shiner Coats and Skin: bone broth enhances hair follicle thickness, keeping it happy and healthy.
  • Restore Proper Digestion: with these meal toppers, your pup will finally restore proper digestion, without misshaps and issues.
  • Joint Health: pets get their energy and zest for life back after 3-6 months of regular use.

When does it ship? When will I receive it?

USA orders ship in 1 business day. Ship transit time is between 2-4 days.

What size is your packaging?

One pouch makes 62 x 1/2 tbsp servings. Pouch is 6x8 inches.

How long does shipping take?

Your order will ship on e business day. Transit time is 1-4 business days. You will receive a tracking number so that you can keep track of when it will arrive.

What is the shelf life?

We recommend storing in your pantry at 21 degrees celsius. You can find the best before date on the back of your pouch. Most of the time, you will receive your dog bone broth with at least one year of shelf life left.

What ingredients are in your bone broth

Water and bones, that is all we use!

Where are your bones sourced from?

Our beef and chicken bones come from small scale, regenerative farms in the USA. These cows are raised in a naturally low stress environment where they’re able to explore boundless pasture, eat grass and graze to their hearts’ content.

What's your shipping cost?

Order 1 to 3 pouches: $5.99
Order 4 pouches or more: FREE

What if I'm not satisfied with your bone broth?

There’s no risk to you. That is how confident we are that your dog or cat will enjoy our bone broth powder. If you're not happy with your experience after 60 days, we will refund your order. Please refer to our 60 day dog happiness guarantee for full details and instructions.

How long does the prepared (liquid) bone broth last?

The best before date for the powder is located on the back of the pouch. You will receive dog bone broth with at least one year of shelf life remaining.

If you prepare liquid bone broth via the instructions on the back of the pouch, you must store it in the fridge for up to 3 days. This way you can conveniently serve a bit to your dog or cat at a time.

When will this product be available in Canada?

If you'd like to see this dog bone broth in Canada, please email info(at)

Bone Broth for Dogs: Single Ingredient, High Protein, No Fillers

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