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Article: Recipes Using Bone Broth: 8 Easy Summer Recipes

8 Quick & Easy Summer Recipes Using Bone Broth

Recipes Using Bone Broth: 8 Easy Summer Recipes

Recipes Using Bone Broth

Do you find yourself wanting to get the health benefits of bone broth into simple, easy summer recipes? 

Or perhaps you’re not interested in hot cups of bone broth amidst the heat of the summer.

I get it. As the weather gets warm, bone broth consumption goes down. I see it every year in our sales. I have some ideas. Eight to be exact. 

From quinoa salad and keto bbq sauce to creamy gazpacho and lemon tahini dressing, I’ve got your summer recipe fix.

These are simple and refreshing ways to get bone broth into your diet. All of these can be batch cooked ahead of time and are the perfect complement to your summer bbq, picnic or cookout. 

Bone broth powder from Bluebird Provisions

Bone broth is the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen. It adds collagen protein, hydrating electrolytes and nutrition to any summer recipe.

Bone broth is great for your skin, hair, teeth and nails. It also helps rebuild your damaged joints and tendons and assists in digestion.  

Here are 8 summer recipe ideas you can try today.

1. Anti-inflammatory Smoothie Bowl

Sick of the same old boring breakfast? Look no further than this smoothie bowl recipe packed with healthy fats, anti-inflammatory superfoods and protein that’ll fuel your morning.

I know what you’re thinking. Bone broth does not belong anywhere near my smoothie bowl. Take my word for it, much like oatmealyou won’t taste the bone broth in your smoothie bowl. Chicken bone broth is your go-to here. 

keto smoothie bowl with bone broth

2. Keto BBQ Sauce 

Smokey, sweet and tangy, all in one homemade bbq sauce. This keto BBQ sauce will blow your mind. Best of all, it is sugar free and keto friendly. 

Perfect for your next bbq or dinner, you’ll be shocked at how quick (5 minutes) and easy keto BBQ sauce is to make. 

Keto BBQ Sauce Recipe

3. Vibrant Summer Quinoa Salad

Remember when your friend or family member made you eat quinoa salad? You poked at it and didn’t eat any of it? Yea, this is NOT that salad.

And certainly not a side dish anymore. My summer quinoa salad deserves its place as a main dish for any meal. Summer is about eating colourful meals that are in season.

This fresh and colourful salad is full of protein and fiber to satisfy you like no other. 

Summer quinoa salad with bone broth

4. Lemon Tahini Dressing (Dairy Free)

Tahini dressing is versatile, delicious and so easy to make! I typically make it 1L at a time in a blender, then have it on hand to drizzle over salads, bowls, roasted / raw vegetables, rice or pasta sauce. 

Best yet, this dressing is a hassle free way to get some garlic and ginger into your meals.

lemon tahini dressing with bone broth

5. Creamy Gazpacho That You’ll Actually Like

I can't think of an easier way to make a tasty, high protein, vegetable centric meal. This gazpacho travels well and packs some serious zesty flavour. Trust me.

Gazpacho on it's own is boring. That's why I recommend adding bone broth to your gazpacho. This recipe is dead simple and quick to make.

gazpacho recipe using bone broth

6. Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Why let the kids have all the fun? If you think sugar free gummy bears will not satisfy your sweet tooth, think again. These sugar free gummy bears satisfy your cravings and are made in 15 minutes. 

These gummy bears are simple, taste amazing and are full of collagen protein from bone broth and gelatin. Feels like you’re cheating but you’re not. 

Sugar free gummy bears with bone broth

7. Thick and Creamy Overnight Oats

You’ve heard the hype about overnight oats for years. Perhaps your smug colleague showed up to work one time eating cold porridge out of a mason jar, much to the chagrin of everyone else eating muffins and breakfast burritos.

The reality is that overnight oats are a nutritious grab n’ go breakfast that’s easy on your wallet. With a few healthy swaps on the traditional overnight oats, you can feel satiated and energized for your day.

Overnight oats recipe with bone broth

8. High Protein Chia Pudding

The taste is well disguised if you prefer sweeter chia pudding. And if savoury is your tune, then chicken broth is the perfect complement. 

Like with overnight oats, you can prepare chia pudding the night before you need it. Simply mix, pop in the fridge, and you’re good to go!

Chia pudding recipe with bone broth

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