The Ultimate Amazon Bone Broth Comparison Chart

Before this, there was no honest way to compare amazon bone broth powders. 

Food companies and particularly bone broth powder brands spend piles of money to convince you their products are good for you. 

However, many bone broth powders are still high in ultra-processed ingredients and have mysterious “flavors”, fillers, salt bombs and gums that can disrupt your gut.

The nutrition facts and ingredient panel are the only objective sources of information you have to judge whether the ingredients are “clean” and “healthy” or not.

I hate those two words to describe nutrition and eating, but you get my point. 

I pulled together a spreadsheet that compares 15+ of top Amazon bone broth powders by ingredients, nutrition, cost, and more.

Here’s what it looks like:

Amazon Bone Broth Comparison Chart 

Ultimate Bone Broth Powder Comparison Chart 2021

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Great taste and texture. Will be purchasing this again. Works great on its own for sipping and also in soup!"

Adrienne L