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Article: 10 Best Dog Food for Corgis: Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients They Need

10 Best Dog Food for Corgis: Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients They Need

10 Best Dog Food for Corgis: Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients They Need

Best Corgi Dog Food

It can be tough to find the best dog food for your Corgi. With so many brands and products on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for your pup.

Some brands use low-quality ingredients that can actually be harmful to your Corgi's health. So how do you know if you're feeding your pup the best possible food?

This guide provides 9 of the best dog foods for Corgis, as well as what to look for in a food based on the unique needs of puppies, mature dogs and seniors.

First a quick note: this website is reader-supported. I spend a lot of time personally evaluating, testing and reviewing each product on this list (along with the help of my two dogs).

When you buy through links on our site, I may earn an affiliate commission. This also keeps my dogs happy.

9 Best Dog Food for Corgis

1. Best Overall: Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed

Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed rises above the competition as an excellent choice for your Corgi! Why? It not only provides top-notch nutrition but it's also customized for small breeds like your Corgi. Let's take a closer look why its the top of my list.

This top-rated dog food uses real meat as its primary ingredient, guaranteeing top-notch protein.

Not only that, but its LifeSource Bits are packed with vital vitamins and minerals, giving a significant boost to your Corgi's overall health. You'll also appreciate the meal's small kibble size, perfectly tailored for your Corgi's bite. 

Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed

Key Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley

What sets this food apart is its unique blend of antioxidants, ensuring robust immune system support. And for your peace of mind, you won't find any corn, wheat, soy or chicken by-products in the mix. Truly a top choice for your Corgi's nutritional needs!

My dog seems to love the lifebits addition. He actually eats those first before going back for the rest. Might just be a quirk though.

So, if you're a proud Corgi owner seeking a nutritious diet for your pup, this is your go-to dog food!


2. Best Meal Topper: Bluebird Provisions Beef Bone Broth for Dogs

If you adore your Corgi, you'll love Bluebird Provisions Beef Bone Broth for Dogs! It's the undisputed champion meal topper, topping the list for some very solid reasons.

This bone broth is a game-changer. Packed with nutrients like collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, it's the perfect aid for supporting your Corgi's joint health.

Bluebird provisions dog bone broth

The unique amino acid content (glycine and proline) builds a strong immune system, and it's an excellent hydrating treat that mixes seamlessly with dry food.

Its nutrient-rich profile is a proven digestion booster, and with grass fed beef bones as the primary ingredient, it promotes healthy muscle maintenance. 

My older Corgi can't get enough of it! Ever since introducing this bone broth to his meals, he eagerly devours his food and won't eat without it. Plus, I've noticed a significant improvement in his digestion. 

Mixing it with a bit of water makes it easy to pour over kibble. The beefy aroma is genuinely appetizing. Say goodbye to those highly processed, smelly meal toppers and embrace this wholesome, easy-to-use option. Your Corgi will thank you!

You can purchase this directly from Bluebird Provisions or on Amazon.


3. Best Dog Food For Corgi Puppy: Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Puppies

You've found the best with Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Puppy food for your Corgi pup! Here's why:

  1. This premium puppy food boasts real chicken, lentils, peas and whole eggs, ensuring your young Corgi gets the best nutrition possible.
  2. It's sourced from farms that prioritize regenerative sourcing, so you're not only nourishing your pup but also caring for the planet. 

Designed with sensitive puppies in mind, this food zeroes in on skin and stomach concerns, providing the gentle care your Corgi pup deserves. And that's not all! It's enriched with probiotics and antioxidants, fortifying your little one's digestion and immune system.

Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Puppies

Key Ingredients: Chicken, menhaden fish meal, lentils, peas, potatoes, dried whole egg

And with the inclusion of Omega 3 fatty acids (0.73%), you can look forward to your pup's optimal eye and brain development, not to mention a lustrous coat.

Truly, Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Puppy food is the best choice for your Corgi's early growth and well-being! If you're not into beans or chicken, they have a great salmon and oatmeal puppy food to try.

This food is perfect for Corgi puppies prone to sensitivities, ensuring rich nutrition while promoting and supporting overall health. Smaller kibble size also makes eating and digestion easier for your little buddy.


4. Best for Seniors: Hill's Science Diet Small Paws 11+ years

Are you searching for the prime dog food for your senior Corgi? Look no further, Hill's Science Diet Small Paws surpasses others on the shortlist. 

My older corgi thrives on Hill's Science Diet for Senior Dogs, especially when I add a splash of bone broth. Got to keep the joints limber, after all.

This diet is rich in Omega-3 from fish oil (0.8%), ensuring his skin stays nourished and his mobility remains top-notch. The balanced minerals in the formula are essential, supporting his heart, kidney and bladder health seamlessly.

Hill's Science Diet Small Paws 11+ years

Key Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Sorghum

The high antioxidant content fortifies his immune system as he moves through his senior years. But it's not just about health; taste matters too. The delightful blend of chicken, chicken liver, carrots and peas, all in a savory gravy, becomes even more irresistible with the addition of bone broth.

And I take solace in knowing that the quality ingredients in Hill's Science Diet promote healthy digestion for my beloved pet. If you're aiming for both health and taste for your senior dog, this combination is unbeatable!

So, if you have a senior Corgi needing high-quality, nutrient-rich food, this scrumptious pick from Hill’s Science Diet is the way to go.


5. Best Wet Food for Corgis: Instinct Original Small Breed Canned Dog Food

Choosing the Instinct Original wet canned food is a great way to benefit your Corgi. This high-quality wet food meets all the necessary requirements. There are five aspects of Instinct that I find appealing:

  1. Taste: When my older corgi's appetite wanes, I turn to Instinct. Its loaf-like texture, combined with chicken and cod, (there's also a beef flavor) is a hit, especially during his picky eating days. 
  2. 8.5% protein from cage-free chicken ensures he stays strong and active.
  3. The blend, featuring cod, eggs and flaxseeds, offers comprehensive nutrition.
  4. I don’t have to worry about potentially harmful additives like corn or soy. 
  5. Many dog owners, and even some vets, vouch for its quality and benefits, especially for sensitive stomachs. I don’t have time to mess around with different diets with an elderly Corgi, so positive word of mouth matters to me. 
Instinct Original Small Breed Canned Dog Food

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Cod, Peas

If you're seeking a nutritious and appetizing solution for your dog's low-appetite days, this product is a top choice.

This particular option is suitable for Corgis of all ages who enjoy the taste of chicken and prefer smooth textures.


6. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is your top pick for Corgis! Made in the USA, here's what makes it exceptional:

Firstly, its rich content of high-quality proteins, sourced from turkey and chicken meal, ensures your Corgi's bones and muscles remain robust and healthy.

The inclusion of omega 3 fatty acids from salmon oil (0.5%) guarantees a shiny coat and vibrant skin, reflecting your pet's inner health.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

By being grain and gluten-free, it significantly reduces the chances of allergies in some dogs, ensuring your Corgi's well-being. The added probiotics enhance its digestibility, ensuring your pet absorbs every bit of the nourishment it offers. And with the infusion of glucosamine (1200 mg/ kg), chondroitin (1200 mg/kg) and taurine, your Corgi receives a holistic diet that builds strong joints.

Key Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Peas, Dried Ground Potatoes

In essence, if you're seeking a food that encapsulates comprehensive health benefits for your Corgi, Wellness CORE is the top contender. If you're not crazy about turkey and chicken, they have other flavors including fish and wild game!

In a nutshell, this premium, balanced, and easily digestible dog food is perfect for Corgis prone to food sensitivities or allergies!


7. Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Beef and Rice

Your Corgi deserves the best; that's where Purina Pro Plan Small Breed steps in! It's one of the my favorites and here's why.

With Purina, there's real chicken or beef options, it's a yummy treat that keeps Corgi tails wagging with anticipation.

Their known for high-quality nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. The high-protein content (29%) in this formula offers a fantastic alternative to raw food diets, ensuring your Corgi remains active and robust.

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Beef and Rice

Key Ingredients: Beef, rice, chicken meal, beef fat

With the addition of live probiotics, Purina not only ensures optimal nutrient absorption but also supports your Corgi's immune and digestive systems. A healthy tummy makes a happy Corgi.

I especially appreciate the specialized kibble size that is tailored for small breeds, ensuring that every bite is easy, enjoyable and just right. 

If you find the price of other brands on the list a bit much, Purina is a bit more cost effective without sacrificing quality. balancing quality. Whether you're on a budget or simply seeking the best for your furry friend, this formula promises comprehensive benefits that both you and your Corgi will appreciate.


8. Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Beef

Looking for the best dog food for your energetic corgi? Look no further than Victor's Hi Pro line. There's a few things I like in particular.

First, it’s tailored for every Corgi life stage, perfect for both playful puppies and dignified seniors. 

Second, it’s designed for high-energy, small-to-medium dogs, it's a match for the spirited Corgi. Third, the blend boasts 30% protein from quality sources like beef, pork, chicken and fish. 

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Beef

Key Ingredients: Beef meal, grain sorghum, chicken fat, pork meal

Fourth, beyond protein, it's enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids, fortifying your Corgi's immune system. Fifth, it includes healthy grains for heart health.

What I love most is that they make it in the USA in their own facility. Most brands outsource manufacturing, so this is a breath of fresh air.

In essence, it's a top choice for corgis of any age with a non-picky palate and high-energy lifestyle!


9. Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult

Wellness Complete Small Breed stands out as a top-tier choice for Corgi owners. This formula is uses premium and natural proteins (turkey and chicken), ensuring robust muscle development and an active lifestyle for your Corgi. 

With a rich blend of antioxidants and nutrients (tomato, flaxseed, carrots, spinach), it guarantees a fortified immune system and sustained energy levels.

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult

Key Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, Ground Brown Rice

The inclusion of high-quality turkey (28% protein) ensures a protein source that not only nourishes but is also palatable for your Corgi. To complement this, the addition of fish oil, a powerhouse of Omega-3 (2%), ensures your Corgi's skin remains radiant and healthy. 

In fact, this has the highest omega 3 percentage on the whole list! If your pup is struggling with coat, skin or mood issues, I would give this a go. Omega 3s are so powerful for so many things.

It's the perfect fit for the active adult Corgi looking for a complete, balanced diet!


10. Cost Effective: Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks Dog Food

Choosing the ideal dog meal for your Corgi has been made simpler with the standout Iams.

It's the go-to food at my local dog rescue, and if I were looking for a cost-effective option for my Corgi, this would be my pick. 

The formula boasts a balanced protein and fat ratio, with a minimum of 25% protein and 14% fat, catering perfectly to the energetic nature of Corgis. Digestive health is a priority, and this product delivers with a unique blend of specific fibers and probiotics. 

Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks Dog Food

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum

Additionally, its antioxidant-rich composition ensures a robust immune system for your pet.

One of the standout features my rescue shelter manager raves about is the specially designed, bite-sized kibbles, making it easy for your pup to enjoy every meal. 

While it might not match some premium brands in pricey ingredient, the Iams ProActive Health offers an unbeatable value, ensuring your Corgi gets good nutrition without breaking the bank.

This dog food is ideally recommended for owners seeking a cost-effective yet nutritionally balanced option for their Corgi.


What to Consider in Corgi Dog Food

A few crucial things to consider in Corgi food are the age, activity level, health concerns, vitamins, minerals and allergies. Let's quickly outline what you need to know.

1. The Age of Your Corgi

Knowing your Corgi's age can spell the difference between a healthy pup and a struggling one. As your Corgi matures, its dietary needs shift dramatically. Stick to puppy formula, and you risk downplaying their adulthood with nutritional deficiencies and obesity.

The solution? Transition your Corgi to adult food around their first birthday. For worker Corgis, opt for high-protein, high-calorie kibble to maintain their energy. Always aim for a balanced diet teeming with quality meats, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and fiber. Remember, healthy is happy for your beloved Corgi!

corgi puppy in a basket

2. Activity Level

A balanced diet, with the right amount of calories and nutrients can help keep your Corgi’s weight in check and foster an active lifestyle. To find the perfect balance, consider their activity level, avoid overfeeding and ensure meals are timed properly.

Remember, an active Corgi will need more calories and proteins - the key to their endless energy! A properly balanced diet not only fuels your Corgi’s activities but also sustains their mental stimulation.

3. Corgi Health Concerns

Choosing the best dog food for your Corgi means considering its health.

Due to their unique physique characterized by short limbs, Corgis are predisposed to certain health challenges, including:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)
  • Obesity

These conditions can not only cause discomfort and mobility challenges but, if left unchecked, can even reduce their lifespan.

Diet plays a pivotal role in the health and well-being of Corgis. A subpar diet can aggravate these existing conditions, making it crucial for owners to be discerning in their food choices. Fortunately, with the right nutritional approach, many of these symptoms can be managed effectively. 

Prioritizing dog food that is nutrient-dense, especially those that bolster joint health and aid in weight management, can make a world of difference. When shopping for your Corgi's meals, look for animal proteins, omega 3s, glucosamine, chondroitin and bone broth.

By making informed dietary choices, you can ensure that your beloved Corgi remains active, healthy, and by your side for many years to come.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in your Corgi's diet. They aid in body functions, cell development and overall health. Here are five essential elements:

Calcium and phosphorus are paramount, ensuring robust bone development and averting potential growth complications. 

For Corgis, the optimal ratio of these minerals should range between 1.2:1 and 1.4:1. Additionally, given their active disposition, joint health is crucial. I mentioned this above, but supplements like glucosamine, dog bone broth and chondroitin are vital in supporting joint integrity and mobility.

Also, antioxidants play a significant role in a Corgi's diet. They not only bolster the immune system but also combat free radicals, fostering overall well-being and vitality for these beloved canines.

This nutritional information is helpful for Corgi owners, ensuring their canine companion lives a healthy and comfortable life.

5. Allergies

If you're a Corgi parent, it's crucial to understand the importance of choosing allergy-friendly food for your furry friend. Allergies in dogs, particularly Corgis, are a common issue that can cause discomfort like itchy skin, hot spots and incessant paw licking. Thankfully, there are specially formulated dog foods designed to help alleviate these symptoms.

Common food allergens for Corgis include grains, gluten, certain proteins like poultry, eggs, animal by-products and artificial additives. These can trigger adverse reactions ranging from skin irritations to digestive issues, severely impacting your Corgi's health and quality of life.

Choosing the right diet is essential to keep your Corgi happy and playful!

6. Essential nutrients

Feeding your charming Corgi the right nutrients not only guarantees a shiny coat and bright eyes but also ensures lifelong health! Let's discover the top 4 essential nutrients for your furry friend.

Corgi breed dog on a skateboard
  1. Protein: This nutrient aids in building robust muscles and acts as a secondary energy source. When selecting dog food, it's crucial to opt for those containing high-quality protein sources, such as beef and fish.
  2. Fat: Beyond just providing energy, fats play a multifaceted role in a Corgi's diet. Omega 3 fatty acids, in particular, are indispensable. They not only give your Corgi a shiny, healthy coat but also support optimal brain function, ensuring your pup remains sharp and alert.
  3. Gut Health Nutrients: Probiotics and bone broth play a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced gut flora, aiding digestion and ensuring nutrient absorption is optimal.
  4. Fibre: Sourced primarily from whole grains, fibre not only facilitates smooth digestion but also plays a role in weight management, ensuring your Corgi maintains a healthy weight and stays agile.

What is the best dry dog food for Corgi?

The best dry dog food for Corgis is Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural adult small breed because it prioritizes the health and well-being of this unique breed at a fair price.

It provides high-quality animal protein, omega 3 fats (fish oil) and is low in potential allergens like corn, animal by-products and soy. This fantastic product is especially suited to Corgis with specific dietary needs and those prone to food sensitivities.

Is Grain Free good for Corgis?

Grain free is good for Corgis who have have a true allergy to grains. If your Corgi does not have an allergy, then grain free is not the best option because some grain free products are causing increased risk of heart disease in dogs (1).

Researchers claim that it is not necessarily the absence of grains causing the heart issues, but the beans and legumes that these products use in place of other grain-based carbohydrate sources.

So if you are going grain free, I recommend you find a food that uses potatoes or sweet potatoes as the main carb source instead of beans and legumes.

How much dog food should a Corgi eat?

Generally, an adult Corgi needs around 780 calories per day, which equates to roughly two meals. However, remember the intake varies depending on factors like weight and activity level.

For instance, if your energetic Corgi weighs 25 pounds, aim for high-quality dry food formulated for small-breed dogs to meet its daily 34 calories-per-pound energy need. If you are not sure or need help then be sure to consult your vet for the most accurate guidance.

How do you keep corgis from getting overweight?

Here's my top 5 tips to keep your Corgi at a healthy weight for health and longevity.

  1. Choose Quality Over Quantity: Opt for high-quality, weight management food that prioritizes protein over fillers. Ditch the junk!
  2. Stay Active: Ensure your Corgi gets regular exercise to keep those adorable stubby legs in motion.
  3. Watch the Portions: While they might love their food, it's essential to monitor and control their portions to prevent overeating.
  4. Resist the Puppy Eyes: Those pleading eyes can be persuasive, but it's crucial to limit treat intake for their health.
  5. Seek Expert Advice: Regularly consult with your veterinarian. Each Corgi is unique, and their dietary needs might vary.

How much exercise do corgis need?

Active by nature, Corgis thrive on a moderate daily exercise regime and mentally stimulating diversions such as tracking and ball games. Be aware though, due to their short legs they are not sprinters but they are fantastic at keeping pace with moderate exercise.

An interesting example of Corgi's activity is herding cattle, a task they were bred for. But remember - avoid having them jump or climb stairs as it could cause back injuries. Undeniably, matching their energetic lifestyle with appropriate activities keeps them happy and healthy.

What is the best wet dog food for corgis?

The best wet food for a corgi is Instinct Original Small Breed. This premium choice is full of omega 3 fats (for joint and brain health), natural antioxidants and meat based proteins (chicken and cod or beef and cod) that aids in maintaining strong muscles for the active nature of Corgis. 

One of its standout features is its rich content of Omega 3 fatty acids, which play a pivotal role in supporting joint mobility, ensuring your Corgi remains agile and spry. Real chicken takes center stage as the primary ingredient, ensuring a protein-rich diet that Corgis love. 

Additionally, the inclusion of natural antioxidants not only enhances the flavor but also fortifies your Corgi's immune system, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant.

What kind of vegetables is good for my corgi?

The best vegetables for Corgis are carrots, beets and sweet potatoes. Let's take a look into each of these superfoods.

Carrots are my personal favorite because my dogs love them! They are full of beta-carotene, which not only support eye health but their crunchiness also aids in dental hygiene.

Beets are great because they're high in fibre and prebiotics to support proper digestion.

Sweet potatoes are excellent for Corgis as they are a rich source of dietary fibre, vital for maintaining gastrointestinal health, and are packed with micronutrients and carbs to fuel activity.

You can look for these in your dog food for best results. Remember to start gradually introducing these veggies gradually into your Corgi's diet can lead to a healthier and more vibrant pet.

Which health concerns do Corgis have?

Corgis have unique health concerns due to their genetic make-up. Hip dysplasia, cancer, epilepsy, obesity and intervertebral disc disease are just a few issues these pups may face.

Also, their distinctive short legs and long bodies make them susceptible to spinal disorders and joint injuries.

What is the best food for Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural adult small breed is the top choice of food for Pembroke Welsh Corgis due to its focus on promoting the health and overall wellness of this particular breed at a reasonable cost.

This brand offers excellent animal protein, omega 3 fats derived from fish oil, and has limited allergens such as corn, animal by-products, and soy. It is particularly beneficial for Corgis with specific dietary requirements or those who are susceptible to food sensitivities.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best dog food for Corgis, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, consider the life stage of your dog.

Puppies, adults and seniors all have different nutritional needs.

For adults, my favorite is the Buffalo Life Protection Formula. Or if you are looking for a meal topper, try Bluebird Provisions bone broth for dogs.

If you have any questions about these brands or other ones on the list, leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

Bluebird Provisions is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used to treat or supplement any pet's diet. Consult your veterinarian or animal health specialist if you have questions about anything related to their food, consumption or health. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, USDA or CFIA.



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